Color Kindle with Mirasol display – Fall 2010?

Clayton Morris at Fox News is very impressed by Mirasol Displays and thinks that a color Kindle will be arriving in Fall 2010.  

Quite frankly, Plastic Logic and Samsung’s new eReaders aren’t really revolutionary. Liquavista and Mirasol displays, on the other hand, are amazing – Check out the color eReader comparison post for videos of both. 

Could we really see a Color Kindle based on Mirasol displays?

Here’s what Clayton Morris is basing his color Kindle prediction on –

When pressed about who its partner might be in 2010, a company spokesman asked me, “You know that device that everyone reads books on? Well, it’s going to be a game changer on a device we all know.” 

Like tens of thousands of other people, I read ebooks on a Kindle. What other eReader would someone assume I use?

Actually, the Mirasol representative’s comments could mean Kindle or iPhone.

Do check out the color Kindle post on Fox News as it has a good Mirasol display video.

What are other signs we might see a Mirasol powered color Kindle?

Engadget are saying ‘they’ve heard around’ that Mirasol displays will be coming to the Kindle –

We spoke at length with executives, and they’re currently predicting an ebook reader running Mirasol in Fall of this year.

What we’ve heard “around” is that the device will actually be new Kindle running a Mirasol display — we can’t confirm it, but it sounds logical.

The post has some really impressive video of a color Mirasol display.

A comment from Atom points out that the design of the Mirasol prototype being shown off last year is identical to that of the Kindle –

The Mirasol is definitely the new Kindle. It’’s obvious if you look at this photo: .

The design is nearly identical, just tweaked. For instance, there’s similarly situated navigation buttons on the left and right, similarly situated “menu” buttons on the right side, and the joystick has been updated to a directional key (but kept in the same general area).

The only change is that the 5-way controller has been moved to the keyboard area – which actually makes design sense as you can have your thumb on it all the time.

It’s a pretty big coincidence that the Mirasol prototype’s design is almost identical to the Kindle’s design.

The biggest clue a color Kindle powered by Mirasol is due – It makes a ton of sense.

Perhaps the biggest reason Mirasol might make its way to a Kindle is that no other screen technology (other than LiquaVista) compares –

  1. You get full color.  
  2. You get fast refreshes.  
  3. You get video support.

Two of the biggest strikes against the Kindle have been the screen refresh rate and the lack of color. If Mirasol displays are ready by Fall 2010, it’d be criminal for Amazon (or any other eReader company) to not use them.

Here’s to hoping we see a color Kindle by Fall 2010 or earlier.