BeBook demos Color ereader using Liquavista

Just a day after we speculated about a color Kindle using Mirasol displays and contrasted Mirasol and Liquavista color displays we have HUGE news – a color eReader prototype from BeBook that uses Liquavista screen technology.

The image is courtesy OpenRoadMedia at tweetPhoto

BeBook Color eReader
It's fuzzy but it's a color and video capable eReader screen

This was yesterday and it’s suprising that no one except The BookSeller (in a random feed) have written about this. OpenRoad claim they were just the 5th person to see the prototype.

Liquavista is the second most exciting screen technology after Mirasol.

  1. If BeBook already has a prototype we can hope an actual release is slated for later in the year. 
  2. Mirasol gets some competition for their ‘releasing in the fall’ color eReader. 
  3. eInk’s dominance of the ePaper market suddenly looks really shaky.

Predicting a Color eReader Release Date

The possibilities are –

  1. Notion Ink’s Adam tablet powered by Pixel Qi in summer 2010. 
  2. Kindle 3 powered by Mirasol in Fall 2010. There’s always the possibility that this arrives in summer.
  3. BeBook’s Color eReader powered by Liquavista in summer 2010.  
  4. eInk develops a color eInk screen by end 2010.

It really does seem that a color ereader release in Fall 2010 is guaranteed. We might even get our first color ereader in summer 2010.  

 BeBook’s site has no sign of the color model

BeBooks is owned by a Dutch company, Endless Ideas, and the My BeBook site shows no sign that a color eReader is in the works.

They are just promoting the BeBook One and the Bebook Mini.

  1. One interesting thing about the BeBook One is that it supports both Adobe DRM and MobiPocket DRM.
  2. Mobipocket DRM is not the same as the Kindle DRM.
  3. You have to change the firmware to support different DRMs.

Well, BeBook’s site is about to get a lot more exciting. Can’t wait to see some videos of the prototype.

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