What's in Kindle Update 2.3.3?

Amazon have sent out a new update for both Kindle 2 and Kindle DX.

There’s discussion at the kindle forum and at Kindle World about what’s in the update.

What’s in Update 2.3.3?

Andrys at Kindle World describes it as a maintenance update –

The “v2.3.2” and “v2.3.3” updates would be “maintenance” updates or refinements to make the recent v2.3 update work a bit better, after feedback from customers and what they find themselves …

All right, having downloaded the file, I see that the awake-process takes less time with less of that spinning thing at the top left.  It seems more responsive again when starting out and in general.

At the Kindle Forum there are varying reports on what improvements and fixes there are (remember this is all guess-work and not official) –

  1. Fixes for the Kindle DX. 
  2. Faster deletes.
  3. Faster going in and out of sleep mode. 
  4. More precise moves of the 5-way cursor.
  5. 3 separate people find the font is Darker.

What improved on my Kindle

The font is definitely darker – think they bolded it by default.

It’s quicker to jump into a book and jump out. It’s quicker to go into and get out of sleep mode. The cursor seems to move a bit faster.

Measuring with a stop watch (Black Powder War by Naomi Novik) my Kindle clocked 11 page turns in 6.6 seconds – Unfortunately haven’t measured page turns in the past so don’t know if there’s an improvement and to what extent.

Overall a very useful little update.

How can you update your Kindle?

If you don’t want to wait for the wireless update you can just head over to the Kindle Update page at Amazon, get the update,and manually update your kindle.

  1. Choose the right file from that page – there are 4 different files, 1 each for Kindle US, Kindle International, Kindle DX US, Kindle DX International.   
  2. Download the file.
  3. Plug in your Kindle.
  4. Transfer the file to the main folder of the kindle – the one that has ‘Documents’ folder in it (along with other folders). 
  5. Unplug your kindle after the file is transferred.
  6. Go to your Kindle’s Home Screen. Then press Menu, choose Settings, press Menu again, and choose Update Your Kindle.
  7. Let the update happen. Remember not to switch off your kindle while the update is going on.

Your Kindle will show a progress bar for the update and then will restart. Then you can try it out and see if things are faster and better.

15 thoughts on “What's in Kindle Update 2.3.3?”

  1. Key Piece of download information… when dragging to the main folder of your Kindle…. Keep the folder closed & drop the file into the Kindle icon showing as an external disc on your desktop….then disconnect the Kindle & go into the menus. Do not open the Kindle File and drag to the Kindle file in your directory.

    1. I used the manual installation as outlined in the official instructions, which means that I did open the Kindle file and dropped the update into the directory. I had no problems whatsoever. I’m not sure why you are recommended to drag the file to the Kindle icon instead — that shouldn’t make any difference. Perhaps whatever problem you experienced was unique to your device or computer.

  2. To confirm with you — this update is for the Kindle 2 and not the 1st generation Kindle, correct? Was there ever any updates for the Kindle 1, as I have never updated mine.

    BTW, i loved Naomi Novik’s books and am glad she gave us the 1st ebook free. I would never have selected her book(s) or purchased hard copies for family otherwise!

    1. This is for Kindle 2. Don’t know if there have ever been any Kindle 1 updates – not to my knowledge.
      Naomi Novik is awesome. Found her through the free book offer myself.

  3. I attempted to upgrade this morning using the manual method. Now I’ve got a dead Kindle and a new one on the way. The update seem to install just fine, but when it rebooted and I got the “Your Kindle is starting up.” screen that’s the last activity I’ve had. I did the on switch reset dozens of times including while on the phone with Amazon support.

      1. I don’t know that it was the manual process at fault. The update installed fine and it was only on the first boot after the update that it froze on me.

  4. This is all very good, but when is Amazon going to give us folders to organize our books on the Kindle. We have been asking for a year. Come on Amazon, listen to us. Forget about apps, make what we have better before you give us something new!

  5. I had the screensaver hack installed, which allowed me to use custom screensaver pictures. I had to uninstall it before the 2.3.3 update would install. I haven’t reinstalled the hack to see if it still works yet.

  6. I installed the update but haven’t noticed any differences at all. The contrast looks the same to me and font doesn’t appear to be any bolder. I do use the smallest font, so maybe that’s why I’m not getting the benefit. Doesn’t seem to be any faster to me either.

  7. According to and Amazon Kindle tech support person, the users who reported differences between 2.3 and 2.3.3 on the K2 Global are hallucinating. The tech said the only difference was a fix for a problem with the ‘back’ button on a certain subset of Kindles, and those were the only kindles that got 2.3.3 automatically. There are no feature or performance improvements of any kind.
    Now, he could certainly be wrong. In fact, I wouldn’t bet against that, but in the event he knows what he’s talking about, any performance improvement seen by users could possible be the result of a clean up after the upgrade’s restart, like perhaps a refresh of the Kindle’s index.

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