Adding on Kindle 3, iPad to the title

The blog is still called the Kindle Review – However, there is a little change. You’ll notice Kindle 3 and iPad in the title of the blog now – instead of Kindle 2 and Books.

Mostly for two reasons –

  1. 2010 seems like it’s no longer The Year of the eReader – It’s morphed into The Year of Kindle Vs iPad and The Year of Dedicated eReaders vs Multi-purpose devices. To me it seems that the two most important releases of this year are the iPad and the Kindle 3 (if it releases in 2010). 
  2. Amazon has started putting up iPad pages – which means that I can get commissions from iPad sales. Given the popularity of certain iPad related posts on the blog that’s not a bad option.

The blog is going to remain a Kindle Blog – 70% or more Kindle. For the record there are multiple Kindle Apps I’m working on and no iPad apps (well, perhaps 1). So there is no shift to the dark side (and by dark side we do mean ‘cool, sexy, looks so enticing, doesn’t care much about reading’ side).  

B&N adds commissions for the Nook

A few days ago Barnes & Noble sent out a missive saying they now give commissions on the Nook. That’s an interesting change and it shows that they feel the need to get websites and blogs writing about the Nook. It probably means that some Nook focused blogs will emerge and that’d be a good thing for eReaders in general.

It also means that now Kindle, iPad, Sony Reader, and Nook all have commissions on sales.  

What side is this blog on?

That’s an interesting question.

It’s on the side of reading and books. It’s on the side of customers and helping them make the best decision. It’s about reviews and decision points and helping people make the right decision for them.

Basically, readers come in to the blog and figure out what eReader is best for them and that’s always the focus – finding the best eReader for the blog’s users. Even if it is not an eReader and is a does-everything, pretends to be an eReader, iPad.

There’s still going to be 70% Kindle coverage and lots of stuff on how to get the most out of the Kindle and there’s a Kindle App or two up my sleeve that will also help with that. Do let me know your thoughts.

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