Kindle vs Nook Review 2010 – Nook Upgrade 3

It’s been exactly 6 months since my first Kindle vs Nook review and now that we have Nook Upgrade 3 out it’s time to review Kindle vs Nook one more time.

August 3rd Update: Please check out the Kindle 3 vs Nook review for a more up to date comparison.

The Kindle is $189 and available from Amazon and Target (most stores).

The Nook is $199 and available from Barnes & Noble and Best Buy.

Kindle vs Nook Review 2010 – Nook Upgrade 3 and Areas Nook Wins

The addition of the browser in Nook’s 3rd upgrade is a huge win for B&N . Areas Nook wins include –

  1. LendMe – For certain books B&N lets you lend them out once, for 14 days, to one friend. This feature got a lot of buzz – Keep in mind that it’s only allowed when publishers allow it though there seem to be some bestsellers that allow it.
  2. Nook Browser – The new nook browser is very good. It’s very usable for news, surfing, and supports Yahoo Mail Classic version. It only works over WiFi. 
  3. Internet is faster since it’s over WiFi. While you must have WiFi to use the browser it’s much faster than the Kindle’s 3G Internet.
  4. Library eBooks – Nook lets you read Adobe DRM protected ePub books from your library (if your Library uses OverDrive).
  5. 3.5″ color touchscreen – This supplements the 6″ eInk screen very well.   
  6. WiFi Support – Nook has 3G for the ebook store connection and WiFi for browsing (also for the ebook store when 3G isn’t available). 
  7. MicroSD card slot – This is a significant advantage if the 2 GB memory that comes with Kindle and the Nook isn’t enough for you.  
  8. ePub Support – In addition to Library ebooks this lets you read unprotected ePub books and protected ePub books from ebook stores that support Adobe DRM. 
  9. Custom Screensavers – Add your own photos as screensavers.
  10. Replaceable battery – The nook’s battery is replaceable although there are hardly ever reports of Kindle battery failures and Amazon replaces batteries for $80.  
  11. Better Screen contrast – A combination of slightly better screen contrast and the thin black border around the eInk screen make the Nook more readable. Amazon has improved the screen contrast since the Nook first came out and my new Kindle 2 International has almost as good screen contrast.
  12. 3 Available Fonts. The fonts are Amasis, Helvetica Neue, and Light Classic. Kindle has just one – Caecilia.

There are some additional features that you might consider advantages –

  1. Browse in Store – When in B&N stores you can read some books for free for up to an hour in a 24 hour time period. Don’t find this to be a significant advantage – if you’re in a store you can read any paper book for as long as you like.
  2. Lend Me – Listing this again as it might not be as big an advantage as B&N paint it to be. You can only lend a book one single time and to one friend only. 
  3. Support for Sony Store Books.  
  4. Retail Presence – You can go into a B&N or a Best Buy and try out the Nook. Strongly recommend trying out the usability and the weight before buying the Nook.
  5. Sudoku and Chess – Two free games that are good for passing the time.
  6. Nook Cover Flow – When looking at books you’ve purchased or browsing the Nook store you can browse books by their covers.
  7. Support for PDB  (it’s a format used by and ebook stores – both are owned by B&N).
  8. Free WiFi in B&N stores.

B&N have done a good job and the addition of the Browser makes the Nook very compelling. Have to wait to confirm the supposed fixes – it will take a few weeks to see how much better the Nook is behaving.

Kindle vs Nook Review 2010 – Areas Kindle and Nook are in a tie

Amazon and Barnes & Noble are both improving fast and that means they tie in several important areas –

  1. eInk Screen. Both have the same screen.
  2. PDF Support. Similar, poor PDF support – Note that the 6″ screens mean that PDFs must have larger font sizes to be readable.
  3. Agency Model Prices – Books from Agency Model Publishers are at the same price.
  4. $199 and $189 Price.
  5. Support across devices – both support a rich variety of devices. B&N eReader has apps for iPhone, Blackberry, PC, and Mac. Their app for iPad is arriving in May. Kindle supports PC, Mac, Blackberry, iPhone, and iPad.
  6. Multiple devices on one account – Amazon allows 6 devices on one account and you can read a book on up to 5 devices at the same time (6 for some books). B&N allows multiple devices and reading in parallel – not sure of exact numbers.
  7. One Handed Use – they’re both usable with one hand though the Kindle’s lighter weight and thinness make it easier to use.
  8. Size – The Kindle is thinner (0.36″ vs 0.5″ for the Nook) while the Nook is more compact (7.7″ by 4.9″ vs 8″ by 5.3″ for the Kindle). 
  9. Designer Covers. Kindle now has Cole Haan and Diane Von Furstenberg. Nook has Kate Spade and Jonathan Adler.

Probably missing some other areas they are both good at (eInk is good for reading in sunlight, etc.) – Luckily we’re contrasting the two and their differences are what we’re primarily interested in.

Kindle vs Nook Review 2010 – Areas the Kindle wins

Amazon has added a lot to the Kindle since the Nook was first announced – PDF Support, Kindle apps for PC and Mac, announcement of Kindle App Store, and more. The Kindle wins in lots of areas including –

  1. Ease of Use – The Kindle wins this hands down. It’s easy to use and lets you focus on the reading.
  2. Read to Me Text to Speech feature. Publishers have the option to turn this off but a lot keep it in. It’s also available for all your personal documents and all converted files (which means public domain books can be read out).
  3. Support for Audible audiobooks – Nook only supports MP3 audiobooks.
  4. Cheaper Prices for books from non Agency Model Publishers – Amazon has cheaper prices for ebooks that don’t fall under the Agency Model.
  5. Wider range of books – If you leave out public domain books the Kindle Store has far more books. All public domain books are available for the Kindle (and for nook) – Internet Archive and Gutenberg without conversion, Google Books you have to convert for the Kindle.
  6. Faster Page Refresh Speed – Page refreshes are still faster on the Kindle though Nook has cut the gap.
  7. Speed – The Kindle responds faster in general and having a keyboard makes a lot of things like adding notes faster on the Kindle.
  8. Lower Weight – The Kindle is noticeably lighter at 10.1 ounces. B&N lied about the Nook’s weight – it’s actually 12.1 ounces. 
  9. Battery Life – The Kindle has better battery life and lasts 2 weeks with wireless off and 1 week with wireless on. Nook lasts 10 days with wireless off.
  10. Free Internet over 3G connection – It’s very convenient to have free Internet. However, the connection is much slower than WiFi and Kindle’s browser is very basic.
  11. International Availability and International Usability – Kindle WhisperNet is in 100 plus countries and when you travel you’ll still have your connection to the store and for US owners free Internet too.
  12. Free Wikipedia Access all over the world. 
  13. Physical keyboard – This is surprisingly useful when taking notes and using shortcuts. Note that the keys are tiny and awkward – It is however easier to use than the Nook’s awkward touchscreen keyboard.
  14. More newspapers and magazines – Kindle Store has far more newspapers and magazines (a couple of months ago it was 100 newspapers to 20 newspapers).
  15. Screen rotation.

Open item to be updated after some more time with upgraded Nook –

  1. Kindle has very few bugs. Nook had a lot of bugs that are supposedly fixed in Nook Upgrade 3. Will only know after a few weeks.

Some other things you’d consider potential advantages –

  1. Longer return period. B&N only give 14 days for returns. Amazon give 30 days.
  2. More Font Sizes, Larger Maximum Font Size – The Kindle has 6 font sizes (1 more than the Nook) and the largest font size is larger on Kindle than on the Nook. Amazon have also said that in the middle of the year they’ll introduce a super size font which is double the size of the current largest font size.
  3. Option to change line spacing and number of words per line (width of each line).
  4. Forthcoming folders feature – Amazon have said that mid 2010 will see the introduction of a Folders feature.
  5. Support for .txt files and support for .doc files after conversion. Nook doesn’t support .txt which is strange.
  6. Stereo speakers – Better than the Nook which only has a mono speaker.

The Kindle has been evolving fast – adding support for a lot of devices, making the service better, making the software better.

Perhaps the biggest potential Kindle advantage is the Kindle App Store which is in Beta and might release sometime this year.

The Conclusion for 2010 – Kindle and Nook are almost in a tie

Kindle and Nook are very close – though the Kindle is a bit better in my opinion, Kindle vs Nook comes down to what particular features you’re looking for in an eReader.

The Nook is better in –

  1. 2 crucial areas – Browser, Library eBooks.
  2. 7 important areas – Screen contrast, LendMe feature, 3.5″ color youchscreen, WiFi support, MicroSD card slot, ePub support, 3 available fonts.
  3. 8 other areas – custom screensavers, replaceable battery, browse in store, support for Sony Store, retail presence, games, cover flow, free WiFi in B&N stores. 

The Kindle is better in –

  1. 3 crucial areas – ease of use, wider range of books, International availability/usability.  
  2. 7 important areas – lower prices on Non Agency Model books, free Internet and Wikipedia, text to speech, speed including faster page refresh speed, lower weight, more and larger font sizes, physical keyboard.
  3. 6 other areas – line spacing and words per line options, battery life, stereo speakers, support for audible audiobooks, wider range of newspapers and magazines, screen rotation.

Cheaper eBook prices was the #1 critical Amazon advantage and the Agency Model has reduced it to just an important advantage.

Two potentially crucial Kindle advantages are – the promised addition of Folders in mid 2010, (perhaps biggest of all) the Kindle App Store. However, these aren’t yet available so are not factored into this Kindle vs Nook review.

Kindle vs Nook comes down to what’s important to you – Consider the features from the above lists that matter to you and pick the eReader that’s better on those. At this point Kindle vs Nook is almost a tie and you have the deciding vote.

349 thoughts on “Kindle vs Nook Review 2010 – Nook Upgrade 3”

      1. Page numbers aren’t consistent either. You can’t just say page# X of book Y. Which edition of the book? What format? Paperpback? Trade Paperback? Hardcover? All can have different font sizes, page sizes and have completely different page numbers for the same content.
        Just like a nook ‘page number’ won’t necessarily correspond to the corresponding print book (which one?). If the Kindle was used as a reference, just list its Kindle location number. Whether they like it or not, it’s as legitimate as anything else.

      2. I have a nook and a Kindle.

        With the nook, the page numbers change according to the font size you use. The larger the font, the more pages. The smaller the font, the fewer pages.

        With the Kindle, at least the “location” numbers are consistent across all the devices – whether it’s Kindle, or any of the Kindle apps. I’ve read to say “location 234” on the Kindle and then gone to the same “location” on my iPhone Kindle app and have arrived at the same spot on both devices.

    1. I can’t decide between the kindle and the nook. I would like to share books with my sister, she has a kindle. I would also like to be able to get ebooks from our local libraries. Any suggestions?

      1. In my opinion, being able to share books with your sister will end up being a lot more valuable than library books.
        Plus, there’s a slight chance Amazon adds library book support – However, zero chance it’ll allow you to lend your sister’s Kindle books on a Nook.

  1. I know one can use a Kindle in Sydney. if I were to buy one in the US and gift it to someone in Australia, would they be able to set up an account with Amazon and download books? Obviously they would need to convert the plug configuration to recharge, but is there any reason one cannot use it otherwise?

  2. I have bought the nook and am having trouble with the keypad. When i enter a character on the top line of the keyboard, the nook sends me to the home page, randomly. I was trying to enter my email online at and it took me 4 times after being knocked off line and getting back on the browser. (so annoying) So my question is: is this normal for the nook or do I have a defective item? Would this happen with the kindle? This has also happened when trying to use the “flip page” option that only works occasionally. I am seriously thinking about switching. Let me know what you think! Thanks

    1. Tiffany, the touchscreen keyboard takes a little getting used to.
      Basically, for the problem you’re talking about that’s because a lot of the middle section of the Nook (in between the two screens) is a button. It’s not just the ‘n’ part. So it’s easy to press it by mistake.
      When using the uppermost line just be careful to hit it from the lower side. It’s a bit tough.

      Just made the same mistake myself when testing it out.

      The kindle has a physical keyboard so taking notes is easier.

      For page turns make the page turn motion on the touchscreen very quickly. Then it almost always works right.

  3. Thank you for the very information and easy-to-understand explanations of the relative benefits. It is by far the most useful review I’ve found!

  4. Wow guys, this is some great information! I think you’ve really hit the nail on the head on the issues/features you addressed. I would like to see some talk about the available accessories for the nook and the kindle in future updates (e.g. carrying cases). Thanks again for the help!

  5. Is it possible to access Google Docs via Nook? Also, downloaded PDFs lose formatting on the screen when font size is enlarged to Medium in Nook. Can this be corrected?

    1. Not sure if Google Docs can be accessed via Nook. Will try it out and update.
      Alos not sure on the ‘correcting’ of PDFs losing formatting when font is enlarged.

  6. Have not decided on which ereader yet. A toss-up still between the Kindle, Nook and Sony…dont travel abroad so that feature is moot. Not sure if wifi is that important to me or not. Like the features of the Sony but my “allthings-techie guru” (son in law) says I’ll be sorry if I have to hard wire it to DL media. Need a real selling point I suppose…but thanks for the 411 anyway.

  7. Thank you for an very informative review. I have yet to make up my mind. I thought I was buying a nook but I am not going to look at the Kindle more closely. I am just wanting an e-reader don’t care about the rest. The selection of books, price of the books, refresh rate and the ease or comfortable factor are important to me. Thank you again.

  8. you state, ” Nook has 3G for the ebook store connection and WiFi for browsing”…what does this mean when I’m nowhere near a B&N? What are the current browsing restrictions, if any? Can I freely surf the net, pick up email, etc when near any wifi connection? Is there an additional charge? Still in deliberation.

    1. Yes, as long as you are near a wifi connection you can access i.e. your own or a free one (like some coffee shops do) or a WiFi network you have access to.
      If you have WiFi access then everything is free.

  9. Great review but too many features to analyze for a 9 year old boy (who will be getting this as a gift). Considering comparative free e-book access and all other features that might appeal to or be beneficial to a 9 year old reader, do you think that either of the two is a clear preference over the other?

    1. The Kindle as it’s simpler to use – the Nook has a lot of annoying steps for actions.
      Also, the Kindle is going to get a Kindle App Store sometime (don’t know when) and then there might be things a 9 year old boy would like on his Kindle.

  10. Just one issue: The Kindle doesn’t do page numbers. This is one of the most annoying niggles in an otherwise fun device. If anyone plans on using these devices in a reference format, they need to keep in mind that page numbers are extremely useful when talking about a text with people who own a physical book.

    1. Hi Mike,

      Does the Nook do page numbers? I know Amazon has this weird belief in some sort of bubble system to tell where you are in the book…



  11. I am leaning towards the Kindle… but you brought up the cover flow of the nook… how do you browse titles on the Kindle? I read so many books I think an ereader is just what I need to save space and save some $ in the long run on buying books. If I’m reading it correctly, most books cost the same on both devices, but there are many books that are cheaper for the Kindle, correct?

    1. Titles on the Kindle appear as a list. It’s pretty easy to browse them – not all fancy like cover flow. However, very usable.
      Yes. However, the Agency Model Publishers are forcing fixed prices across the board. So for those publishers (Hachette, Simon & Schuster, Penguin, Harper Collins, MacMillan) prices ought to (in theory) be the same across all ebook stores.
      Amazon has cheaper prices for the rest – for the most part. It also has a lot of free book offers (2 yesterday, 4 today – usually 20-30 a month).

  12. Trying to decide which to buy. I live 30 min away from B & N. My library though has good selection of e books. But the apps coming for Kindle sound cool. How to choose?

  13. I will be given my choice of e-readers for a belated birthday gift. Because I travel in Europe & Mid East, Kindle has had an edge–allowing me to subscribe to US newspapers. I also spend time in a US home w/ no wifi. Would the Kindle allow me to access g-mail and the web the same way my i-phone does? Would the nook? The B&N $50 gift card offer is inviting…and I like the idea of the games on nook. But maybe Kindle will get an app for that! (I go back and forth a lot!!! ) Also, do you have any idea of the cost to replace a nook battery? I think you said Amazon replaces the battery on the Kindle for around $80. Thanks for all your help! You’re a godsend!

    1. The Kindle has a big edge internationally – you can browse the store and buy books and get newspapers in the 100+ countries that get WhisperNet.
      Access of gmail is through the mobile site – Internet access is on the slow side. It is, however, present and free. Some european countries won’t have free Internet – only the store. Check on the Kindle product page in the dropdown for the countries you visit.

      The Kindle App Store when it opens will definitely have a lot of apps – companies like EA and lots of other people (including me) are developing apps for it.
      No idea of the cost to replace a Nook battery.

  14. My biggest question is about the kindle update. Is this going to mean having to buy a new kindle, like the version 1 or 2? It seems (although I could be wrong) like the nook is updateable without buying a new one. Is that correct?

    1. Do you mean Kindle 2.5? That’s a free upgrade. Let me know if you meant something else.

      If a new Kindle comes out i.e. a completely new device – then you have to pay to buy it.

      Both Kindle and Nook offer periodic software upgrades for free. Nook added a browser and Chess and sudoku and fixes for bugs in their last release. Amazon are going to offer Folders, 2 large size fonts, sharper fonts, PDF pan and zoom and some other functions in the upcoming 2.5 release which is free for Kindle 2 owners and only applies to Kindle 2.

    1. Kindle offers minesweeper and GoMoKu. Alt+Shift+M to bring up Minesweeper – then press G to get GoMoKu.
      There will be a Kindle App Store at some point of time and there will be more games.

  15. What exactly does “Free Internet over 3G connection” under Kindle mean? Does this mean you can access -any- website through 3g for free anywhere at&t has service? Or any mobile website? Or is there a fee/data charge for most sites?

    1. To clarify (because it sounds stupid to ask if you have to pay for free internet) are only book downloads and a few other sites (gmail, wikipedia) completely free through the unlimited internet?

      I thought someone told me that once about kindle, but maybe they were wrong?

      1. Rebecca, the whole Internet is free. Mobile sites like work much better though.

        This is in the US and a few other countries. Not all.

  16. My kindle dropped about 2 feet to a laminate floor–which has never even broken a dropped glass–and is now useless. (Yes, I’m a tad klutzy). I owned it less than a year. Does anyone know if the Nook is sturdier? I totally loved my kindle, but hate to essentially buy a new one since they don’t really repair them–you have to buy a refurbished one at 200. Any ideas?

    1. Get in touch with Amazon Customer Service and ask them if they’ll send you a replacement for $100. Tell them it’s less than a year and you’re wondering whether to get another eReader.

  17. Other than the fact that carrying around a kindle or noon is much more practical than books what is the advantage if you hae to buy the books when a library is so close by. Is there something here I am missing? The cost of the kindle or nook plus buying the books seems a little expensive. Please let me know of the unseen advantages that I am missing.

    1. My library doesn’t carry the wonderful books I’m interested in. Unless you’re a heavy duty reader, it’s certainly not for you. I love reading the book reviews in the Sunday Times and then having the book in my hand a moment later. Of course, that was before my Kindle broke!

    2. I own between 600 and 700 books and will probably buy plenty more before I die (age 25). Personally, I have read 75% of these books at least twice and some up to 10 times. If I happen to remember a story line and want to reread the book, it’s there for me to read. Not so with library books. I would have to go back to the library to re-check it out. And if I have moved and my current library does not carry the book, I’m out of luck. To me that’s the biggest advantage of an ereader: to have all of my books at my disposal anytime I want and anywhere I go, not taking up a lot of space especially when I have so many books and many more to come.

  18. The reasons that I am considering a Kindle or a Nook are:
    1. When traveling, I don’t have to bring 3-4 books – just one little device.
    2. I love to read but have a very busy life. I hate it when I all of a sudden have some free time at night or on a weekend and I don’t have a good book around! This would make that a non-issue.
    3. I don’t have a library close by so I have to rely on either loaners from friends or purchasing my books. I hate to shop so do most of my shopping on-line. With one of these I won’t have to wait 3-10 days to get the books I buy – I’d have it immediately.
    But as Elizabeth said above – if you’re not an avid reader, I don’t see any reason to buy one of these.

  19. I have a question about international access. When it says that the Kindle has international access and the Nook does not, does that mean the Nook isn’t able to be used at all when traveling out of the country or just that you can not access the “store” to buy more material? I am leaning towards the Nook, however, I travel to Mexico quite abit, and need to know if the Nook will work there.

  20. I was wondering does the BN membership discount also apply to ebooks that you purchase? I am also debating between Kindle and Nook, this is one of my deciding factors.

    1. Becy – Don’t think it does. Please check at B&N. They have a link to their blog for Nook and eBooks and that has a link to a forum where you can ask questions.

  21. These reviews are so helpful! So now what is the difference between a Kindle and a Kindle DX, besides price and size?

    1. Tricia – haven’t updated by Kindle, Kindle DX comparison for a while. What type of reading device are you looking for?
      Will you be reading mostly books or mostly PDFs or magazines/newspapers?
      What are the relative priorities?

      Will you be carrying your Kindle around or using it only at home?

      Just provide as much information about what you’re looking for and I’ll let you know which one is a better fit.

  22. I have to say thank you for so much insight! I have had a Kindle2 forabout 15 months and have over 250 books that I have read archived. I liked the look of the Nook and my 12 year old daughter wanted one. After reading your reviews, I will stick with the Kindle. But I do have a question (I am an older Mom and do not have much computer expertise). How do you access the internet on your Kindle and how do I subscribe to your blog so I will be kept abreast of new free books. AGAIN, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

    1. To access Internet on Kindle –
      1) on the Home Page of your Kindle press Menu and in the Menu choose Experimental.
      The first item will be Basic Web and there will be a link next to it called ‘launch browser’. Just click on that to start the Browser and access the Internet.

      2) The subscription costs $1 – Instead you could just type in and the Kindle’s browser would automatically take you to the mobile version of the site. It’ll show all post titles and you can click on the ones that are regarding free books. Then just buy those in the Kindle Store (buy = $0).
      If you do want the blog delivered you can go to Amazon and find the subscription – think it’ll be under a search for ‘kindle review blog’.

  23. Sorry to keep asking questions but realized I have another one. I will be visiting the Bahamas soon. Will I be able to download books there or do I need to go ahead and buy my 10 vacation books before I go? Also, will I be able to charge my Kindle there? Again, thank you for responding to my ignorance!

    1. Bahamas does have WhisperNet. If you’ve had your Kindle for 15 months it’s probably a US Kindle. Just flip it around and under the FCC sign check the serial number
      Starts with B002 -> Kindle US
      Starts with B003 -> Kindle Global.

      If it’s Kindle US you’ll need to download books before you head out.

      Bahamas use 120V 60 HZ which is identical to the US. The Kindle’s plug ought to work. In the rare case that it doesn’t you can get adapters. It’d be best to charge the Kindle right before, keep wireless off when not buying books. Also your hotel will usually have adapters if they are needed.

  24. Hi,

    Thanks for your review, it addresses many important aspects and I think covers the most important issues between the two(if not all). However, I believe you should also mention the extra charges Kindle users are exposed to when traveling abroad. You mentioned :
    “International Availability and International Usability – Kindle WhisperNet is in 100 plus countries and when you travel you’ll still have your connection to the store and for US owners free Internet too.” – yes internet is free, but only in the US. I believe there is a 2$ charge for every book downloaded outside of the US, and 1$ /1MB of personal data, that is if you were to check your mail, had an attachment or two and you would find yourself paying quite a bit extra.

  25. I played around with the nook I bought my hubby,… I like it.. and I loved searching the library for books to check out to put on it.. But the one thing I noticed the speaker on the nook, is horrible compared to the kindle speakers… so I can d/l mp3 books and place them on the nook or the Kindle DX.. but I love the ePub books to put on the nook… might just have to borrow it from him:) 🙂

  26. B&N now offers a wifi nook for $149…and its wifi/3g nook for $199. This follows its offer a few weeks ago, taking $50 off the $249 nook. Amazon seems in no hurry to match the offer. Are Amazon’s sales so strong that there’s no need to compete?

  27. ooops…my bad. amazon now offers the kindle for $189 with free 2 day shipping…should have checked first…worked for me…placed my order!

  28. Okay, so are there any e-readers’ coming soon? I don’t mean ipad, not interested because I’m looking for a reasonably priced e-reader, not an over-priced Apple. Are Sony, Kindle or Nook coming out with a new device or an upgrade? I wish kindle would incorporate Nook’s SD card and wifi. Then I’d know which one to buy.

    1. There is nothing known for sure.

      A $149 Nook WiFi is out in 2 days. Nook is now $199 and Kindle is $189.

      There are rumors of a Nook 2 at the end of the year and a Kindle 3 in August. All rumors though.

    1. Not sure what Nook 2 would do.

      The rumors about Kindle 3 are that it’ll be thinner, faster (more responsive, faster screen refreshes), and have better screen contrast. Of course, these are all rumors. Amazon’s approach in the past suggests (just suggests) that they’ll once again favor incremental improvements over some huge big leap.

      Of course, we’re all hoping there’s some big, huge leap.

  29. Went to Best Buy to try out the Nook, could not figure out how to work it properly and got frustrated fast. Going with the Kindle, but now am wondering should I wait until August for the Kindle 3? Leaving for a month long vacation on July 2 and didn’t want to have to drag around a bunch of books. Also, on Amazon, it doesn’t specify “Kindle 2”, just “Latest Generation Kindle” – should I assume this is the Kindle 2? Finally, if I bought the Kindle now, would there be an upgrade I could buy once the new one comes out to get the new technology?

    1. Casey,
      Kindles have pretty good resale value and $189 is a really good price.

      Latest Generation Kindle = Kindle 2. At the moment.
      Don’t know if there will be an upgrade. Kindle 2.5 might have been the last upgrade or there might be more.
      There may very well be features that are based on hardware changes so some features of Kindle 3 (whenever it comes out) may not be possible.

      It’s a tough decision at this point of time – The $189 price point is really good though. Am waiting for a potential Kindle DX price drop – if not, will buy a Kindle 2 for my Dad even though my mom and him already share a Kindle.

    2. Casey,

      Just reading this.

      You said you couldn’t figure out how to work a nook? It’s not at all difficult.

      Perhaps a regular paper book would’ve been best.

  30. Hi- Thanks for the excellent info, some questions.

    I live mostly in Singapore – and will be using reader for my large collection of ebooks (epub, .lit, . txt. and pdf formats) and audiobooks in mp3 format. minimal browsing is a plus.

    Battery life, usability and readablity are key factors. what would you recommend.

    thanks, dragon

    1. Kindle doesn’t support ePub. Does the ePub have DRM and is it Adobe? If it’s Adobe DRM then nook.
      If there’s no DRM then probably still Nook.

      If ePub is DRM free and you don’t mind converting plus you want Whispernet and free Internet browsing then the Kindle.

      Basically you get to choose between DRM support and International Whispernet and free browsing.
      Converting books from various into Kindle format is easy via Calibre. If you have WiFi access at most places you read then Nook gets the store and an Internet browser working.

  31. To add to the preceding list of comments – a really fantastic article, thank you very much!

    One question I cant seem to get an answer on though; I live in South Africa – if I get the WiFi Nook, will I still be able to connect (through my own wlan) and purchase/download books from B&N?

    I have noticed one comment indicating that the Nook cant do any connectivity outside of the USA, but I cant verify this statement anywhere else… Any info would be appreciated…

    1. Alwyn, Nook connects just fine through WiFi. Am in Canada and it works. It’s the 3G connectivity that only works in the US. To be super safe you could check at the BN Nook forum – there might be South African Nook owners. However, see no reason WiFi store would work in Canada and not South Africa.

      1. Thanks swtch11,

        My gut told me that it should work via WiFi, just want to make sure of the facts before I order.

        I’ll hit the forums as well thanks – sounds like a wealth of info waiting to be explored…

    2. Just as an update for anybody else wondering about this – I found the following on the B&N site after digging around a bit:

      # Does the NOOK wireless work everywhere?
      Your NOOK can connect to B&N Fast & Free Wireless networks in the United States. These networks are AT&T cellular data networks that are widely available. Your NOOK cannot connect to other cellular data networks in the United States. It cannot connect to any international cellular data networks, including those in Canada and Mexico.

      However, Wi-Fi connectivity is possible globally. In areas without B&N Fast & Free Wireless coverage, you can rely on Wi-Fi to connect.

      1. Just a further, and last update to this matter (in case anybody else stumbles upon this)

        I have confirmed that B&N does not sell the Nook internationally, only US & Canada, and you can’t purchase ebooks from B&N without a US (and I would assume Canadian) proxy address.

        Although there are means and ways around this, it adds more of a schlep than what its worth, so from an “outside USA & Canada” perspective Kindle is the winner…

        1. Thanks for adding the update. It’s unfortunate they make it so difficult to use a Nook outside US & Canada. Might have to do with books’ territorial rights.

  32. One big Nook turn-off:
    I wanted to get one for my kid, there is no way to disable or password block the online purchasing feature.
    That, to me was a deal breaker.

  33. I’ve just started looking at e-readers in depth over the last two days and I appreciate your great review. Please help clarify something for me. My understanding is that the Kindle is a closed system, and as such you can only download books that are available through Amazon. Unfortunately, this leaves out not only library books, but also all the books available through Google Books as well as other web sites. Is there any way of formatting Google Books to read them on the Kindle? The Kindle would be great, but it appears it’s versatility (in this regard) is limited. I realize Amazon is in the business of selling books, not giving readers access to freebies at the library or on Google, but often people find ways around this.

    As a side note, I was looking at the Nook today and I almost bought it, except that the touch screen was a major obstacle, always taking me somewhere I didn’t want to go. I haven’t tried a Kindle yet, so I don’t know how easy it is to use.

    Thanks again!

    1. The right way to think of it is –

      Amazon only allows DRMed books from its own store. Any books that don’t have DRM you can get on to the Kindle.

      With the Kindle you can read –
      Google Books that are in PDF straight and those that are in ePub after conversion. Please check my guide for details on converting ePub Google Books for Kindle.
      All 1.8 million titles in The Internet Archive.
      All the free books at Project Gutenberg and Munsey’s and Many Books.

      Pretty much any book that doesn’t have DRM can be converted into Kindle format.

      Kindle is very easy to use – I own both the Kindle and Nook and Nook’s interface makes things difficult due to having so many steps for simple things.

      1. The info that came with the Kindle is very brief. In reading all the comments there is much more to know about it that would maximize ownership.

        Are there books…ie; Dummies Guide to Kindle or websites with info on how to access other sources for books beyond Amazon and downloading from the library.

        All I know is how to turn it on and scroll down to a book! Sounds like I’m missing quite a bit!

        Thanks for all you’re doing!

    2. I purchased a Nook 2 weeks ago for my wife. We purchased the NON-3G version because we have wireless in our home and don’t see a big need for downloading books when we’re away from home.
      We mainly bought it to read books, the other features were not compelling. They had just lowered the instore price to $149 for the non-3G version. We ordered it and it arrived within a week. That same day we had downloaded a book that just came out and had a list price of $24.99. The normal price at Costco for this book (i.e. Danielle Steele) would be around $15.99. The download price was $9.99.
      I agree the touchscreen takes alittle time to get used too but I suggest spending time with it to determine its features. We did not look at the Kindle as we couldn’t find anywhere that we could “look at it” and have someone explain how it works. B&N had a person who took quite some time to explain the Nook, it’s features and how it compared (pro and con) to the Kindle. She owned a Nook. B&N has a Nook display the minute you walk in the door.

    1. No. unfortunately not.

      Amazon only lets you read Kindle Store books on their own devices (Kindle, Kindle DX) and on Kindle Apps (available for Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, and soon for Android).

      Sony Reader Store books will work on Nook as will (probably) Google Edition books when they arrive.

      1. would it be possible to go vise versa? would some of the b&n downloads work on the kindle? I am a student and some of my textbooks were free downloads on the b&n website. They are also offering some of the classics for free. I am looking to get an ereader, since at times I can have almost 20 textbooks, but it is important for me to be able to take notes in the books. Do either the nook or kindle support annotations? Also, my professors upload pdfs to the school website, would there be a way to get those on the ereader?

        1. 1) No way to get B&N books on Kindle.
          2) Classics are available free from Amazon. Amazon – 20,000 free books. Internet Archive (in kindle format, text also works) – 1.8 million books. Gutenberg (kindle format or text) – 40,000 books.
          3) Kindle and Nook both support annotations. Nook- via touchscreen keyboard. Kindle – via physical keyboard.
          4) PDFs are supported on Kindle. It has probably the best PDF support of any eReader. Nook also has decent PDF support.

          Wait a month if possible to see what Nook 2 is like.

      2. You mentioned how the Amazon books won’t work on the nook, but do the b&n books work on the kindle? I got some of my textbooks for free from b&n since they are offering a special on classics. Also, does annotations work on either? Lastly, my professors put the some of the readings online in pdf format. Would I be able to access these on either the kindle or the nook?

  34. Thank you so much for the great reviews! Here’s what would decide it for me between the Kindle and the Nook: I clip newspapers when I read them. Online, I achieve this by printing out the article.

    How does each (the Kindle and the Nook) handle allowing you to “save” or print out newspaper material? Can you save from the e-reader to a memory card? Print from the e-reader?

    Is there a significant difference in how the Nook and Kindle handle this?


    1. That’s a tough question Helen. Don’t have much experience with newspapers. Amazon uses something called the ‘My Clippings’ file that is a text file with all the text you’ve highlighted. There are however, limits on how much of a book you can highlight.

      Then you can transfer the My Clippings file from Kindle to PC. Kindle doesn’t have a memory card. Nook does allow for memory cards. Will have to check on how Nook handles highlights.

      How much of a newspaper do you clip? What percentage of articles and how much of the articles?

      Let me know and I’ll check both Kindle and Nook. Also what are the newspapers you usually read – that might decide the question since Kindle Store has a lot more newspapers.

  35. I’ve been looking at buying an e-reader for quite some time and these price drops finally got me to take the plunge. I bought the WiFi Nook for $150. For that price I think it’s pretty tough to go wrong.

    I do think the internet browser is irrelevant. My Blackberry surfs the web better, and that’s not saying much. I don’t know why anybody with a smartphone would want to surf the web on this thing.

    The touchscreen works OK once you are used to it but is a bit slow to respond. ESome of that slowness is because the e-ink is so slow to respond, especially when typing, that it makes it seem slower than it actually is. Overall, I have already noticed there are some other bugs. Like I could search for books but couldn’t look at the details. A power cycle fixed that. It has not frozen on me yet like reported with earlier versions.

    I don’t understand why they put a glossy finish on the bezel. This creates annoying glare around the edges. But like my TV, I guess I’ll get used to it.

    I am a bit disappointed with the book selection so far. Popular authors (like Steven King) seem to be well represented. Older somewhat lesser authors (like Robert Ludlum) are not. And you can’t organize your searches by price. Which is a bit annoying because a lot of free books have pay versions. I’d also like to be able to organize searches by date released and character/series continuality. And there should be a way to get immediately to the Critic reviews rather than having to page through the Publisher and/or BN overviews first, which often contain excerps over a dozen pages long. Browsing for books is best done on a real computer.

    I haven’t used a Kindle so I don’t know how it compares. I’m satisfied with my purchase and feel that at these new prices some people tend to over-analyze things. Just figured I’d share my initial thoughts as this was a very informative page for me when I was looking.

    1. thanks for your comments Phil. I actually found the Nook’s browser quite usable. The 6″ screen works much better for me than the iPhone’s smaller screen. Of course, that’s assuming you’re primarily reading articles on the Web. For general surfing it’s slow.

    2. Phil, I had the same problem when I bought the nook. It was difficult to use the categories listed. This may be useful for you but my workaround has been to search simply by author once I am in the ebooks category (first one on the list of the main page when shopping). At least in there, the most recent list of books for each author is listed and B&N now have started putting descriptions of the series in parenthesis beside the book title. They still have the issue of the book selection as you pointed out. It seems only the more recent books (say from 3 yrs? maybe) are available in B&N, but none of the older books even from established authors. One other suggestion. It may be easier for you to search using “My B&N” from the B&N website to search for free books. It takes a lot longer going through the nook

  36. I just received a nook and after playing around with I’ve discovered that the dictionary is woefully inadequate when compared to the kindle’s. For nook, you go to an entirely new page when looking up a word, which really makes its slow speed stand out. For Kindle, on the other hand, the dictionary entry appears conveniently at the bottom of the screen.

    Just thought you might want to add this to the list.

    1. You have to sign up by clicking on the ‘Sign up’ button in the ‘Get Email Updates’ section on the right of the Blog. Can’t add you without your permission.

  37. Thank you for the very informative comparison. I do a lot of reading, and is looking into buying an eReader.

    I have an important question.
    I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. When I checked Amazon’s website, Indonesia is not covered yet by their 3G. Kindle does not have any WiFi.
    So, can I use the Kindle at all in Indonesia? I’m thinking about downloading ebooks from my computer, and then transferring it by cable to Kindle. Is that possible? Is there a USB port to connect Kindle to a computer?

    Otherwise, although Kindle has advantages, seems like Nook wins, because I can get my ebooks through WiFi.

    Also, do you have any updates yet about wether the bugs are still there in Nook 3?


    1. Steven, the Kindle comes with a USB cable you can use to transfer books. Any USB to micro-USB cable works.

      The B&N Nook forum would be a good place to check on how many of the bugs are still there with the Nook. Don’t use it enough to have a very good idea if most of the bugs are fixed. The new browser is pretty good though.

      1. I recently reviewed the B&N nook Q&A forum as I have been having problems with my nook and getting a new replacement for it. The current defects that nook are having: 1) 3G connectivity is spotty in some areas where downloading has been problematic to the point that some owners are returning their nooks; 2) The face plate cover for the nooks begin to crack after a few months of normal use (have had mine for 5 months and am having it replaced) 3) B&N replacement policy for the nook is not the best – B&N will only provide you with refurbished products as a replacement for brand new, recently purchased nooks that fall within the 1yr warranty period. There is no way of getting a brand new nook to replace the brand new one you purchased. If you are considering purchasing a gently used nook, beware of the face plate issue. I have seen previous comments and reviews where Amazon seems to be better at this in that there are no issues for getting brand new replacements (like for like replacements).

    2. First of all i thank the writer of this article for such a clear & objective review.
      Like others, i’m looking to buy an ebook reader, and think that Kindle is better than Nook. The text2speech feature is very important thing to me, because this can help my wife reading a book (she’s visually impaired and now she’s reading from her laptop using a software called JAWS)

      By the way, steven, can you tell me where do you have the information on Amazon’s website that Jakarta is not on the list?
      I’m asking you this because i live in Jakarta too.

  38. I trying to decide between a Nook or a Kindle for my daughter that is 11 years old, she owns more than 200 hundred books and provably will own some more,we travel to Europe, also I want to save some money and she estated that she would like the games if available. so can you please help with this. thank so much.

    1. Vilma, when the Kindle App Store opens there will be a lot of games.
      The reasons I feel Kindle is better for young children –

      1) More font size options.
      2) Easier to use.
      3) When the Kindle App Store opens there will be a lot of apps and options for kids.

      Currently, Nook has Chess and Sudoku and Kindle has minesweeper and GoMoKu – When the Kindle App Store opens (provided it opens sometime in the next 3-4 months) the Kindle will have a lot more games and perhaps even some applications tailored at kids.

    1. If your local library has Overdrive you can download to the Nook as Nook supports DRMed ePub and Overdrive provides this.
      Kindle does not have this support.

  39. I purchased a Nook (about a month ago) had to have it replaced within two days because it would freeze and shut off. Also, I’m frustrated that within a series some of the titles are available while others are not (but available through the Kindle). I’m hoping that the book selection will improve but I am considering selling it in-order to purchase the Kindle.

  40. I’m leaning towards the Kindle, mostly for ease of use and longer battery time. But I don’t like the fact that the Kindle doesn’t have an SD card to expand the memory. But couldn’t I just “move” books from the Kindle over to my PC if I am running low on space on the Kindle? Or would I have to DELETE the books from the Kindle to make room for new books?

    1. You can move them over.

      If you delete them they are still in your archive in the Amazon Cloud and available for download any time – it takes 60 seconds and they go right back into any collections you had put them in.

  41. Thank you so much for the information. We are deciding between a Nook and a Kindle and this is the best comparison we have seen. We travel a lot but will generally load up our books before we go, so the international access is not a major factor for us. But according to the B&N rep, the Nook charger only handles 110-120V so we would need a converter to use the 220V common in the rest of the world. Do you know if the Kindle charger has the same limitation or can we plug it into 220 (with the required plug adapter, of course) without blowing it up?

  42. I am trying to decide on the kindle and nook. To me the answer seems pretty obvious (Kindle) but someone mentioned to me that with the Nook you can download from other sites besides the B&N website? Is that true? Sorry if this question has been answered…I tried to read through all the comments before I asked.

    Also, has there been any more updates to that rumor about a Kindle 3 in August? It is almost the end of July I can wait two more weeks if something will be coming out.



    1. Alison, would recommend waiting two weeks.

      Nook can read any book protected by Adobe DRM and in ePub format.
      Kindle can read any book that is not protected by DRM and not in ePub. ePub can be converted.

      It is a definite advantage for Nook – However, it’s worth keeping in mind that at the moment Kindle has the best store. You won’t need to look elsewhere much unless and until Google Editions launches and turns out to be cheaper.

    2. I was very pleasantly surprised when I managed to successfully download the .mobi version of Treasure Island directly from the Project Gutenberg website using my Kindle’s web browser, onto my Kindle.

      Once the file was downloaded it appeared on my home screen and I can read it just as any other book. I really thought that the Kindle’s web browser would not handle this correctly, but I’m really happy it does!

      The Project Gutenberg website doesn’t display properly in the Kindle’s browser, but you can still find the content you’re looking for. Yet another way to get free content onto your Kindle

  43. I’ve been leaning towards purchasing the Nook, but am unable to pull the trigger. With all this talk of a Kindle 3 possibly hitting stores in August, I’m not sure what to do. My mother is coming in from out of town and was planning on purchasing either the Kindle or Nook with me as well. Do you really think that a Kindle 3 is coming? Or is that just another rumor? Overall, it seems like your choice is still the Kindle. Can you tell me why? –This article was fantastic, and I really appreciate the help!

    1. You have to factor in my personal bias – running a Kindle blog does color my opinion a bit.

      A lot depends on what features are invaluable to you and whether they really are big advantages or not.
      You could take library books and that’s a tangible Nook benefit. You could take text to speech and that’s a tangible Kindle benefit.

      Amazon does much better on the software side and in terms of improving the service and software.
      B&N were late to the market and are doing things they wouldn’t otherwise i.e. using ePub and Android and the LendMe feature and really low prices.

      They are both good eReaders. Waiting till August would be a very sound decision. The new eInk pearl screen is noticeably better and worth waiting for.

  44. Thank you very much for this very useful article. If I was still researching e-readers, this would is very helpful. Question for the reviewer though, have you considered conducting an analysis on the hardware defects and the return process for either the nook or the kindle as part of your next review? I am a nook owner and have serious issues with getting a brand new replacement for the 5 month old nook I currently own because of product defects. I’ve been a long time customer of B&N which is part of the reason why I leaned towards the nook, but never did I imagine the customer service issues I am now facing to get an appropriate replacement for my nook. If I were to do it all over again, I might have gone over to Kindle2 because of Amazon’s superb customer service where getting brand new replacements for defective products does not seem to be an issue. I am intensely curious if you have insight into this as I am a huge proponent of purchasing my gadgets from companies that provide excellent customer service.

      1. switch11, thanks for confirming what i am beginning to suspect. will most likely check out Kindle 3 when it comes out but am probably going to wait for your review before purchasing it. i like how you provide us with concise information to help choose the right product for the user. thanks a million.

  45. Hugh fan of reading your review was helpful, but I am still sticking the the Kindle 2, the nook had me looking at it closely but there is a feature i don’t like it all touch screen. I would get the nook if it had both touch screen and keybroad. How sure are you about the Kindle 3 coming out in August or the end of the year. I trying to wait for the Kindle 3 is it worth the wait or should i just go ahead and get the Kindle 2.

      1. Do you think Amazon will provide any upgrade options for those of us that just purchased a Kindle when they release the new version?

  46. switch11, thank you SO much for the very easy to understand and informative comparison of these 2 ereaders! My main purpose in getting an ereader is not having to carry multiple books with me. I don’t usually like to read a book more than once and love to read bestselling fiction primarily. Any idea if the Kindle 3 might have WiFi??? Also, if I am looking for an old book and find it on Amazon, is it automatically available as an ebook?

    1. Charlene, no idea if Kindle 3 will have a WiFi. Amazon does have a project code-named Shasta WiFi and that may or may not be a Kindle 3 WiFi version.

      If you find an old book on Amazon it doesn’t automatically mean it’ll be available as an ebook. While there are 600,000 Kindle books and 1.8 million free public domain books available there are still quite a few books that are not available in kindle format.

      Bestselling fiction is mostly available – perhaps 70% of the time. It’s worth checking out your favorite authors in the Kindle Store and seeing how many are available.

  47. i am an 11 year old and want to get a kindle2 but i am not for sure if there will be a kindle 3 in august and what time in august? i love your reviews and cons and pros of the nook and kindle! i am going to target today to go see the kindle 2. the kindle 2 is in target right?
    thanks so much!

  48. I had the Kindle 2, and I currently have the nook WiFi. I prefer the nook, because the screen seems a bit better, the WiFi is handy, and the ePub format allows me to find books in more places. The PDF support on the nook seems better, too.

    I really like being able to turn pages by swiping my finger on the touch screen. I also like that the nook is a bit more compact.

  49. Can someone explain the “e-pub” feature I keep reading about. I have a Nook and am I understanding correctly that by using the “e-pub” feature I can DL books that are not available via Barnes & Noble? That would be wonderful because my only issue with the Nook is that some of the books I would like to read are not available. Thanks!

    1. ePub is a different format. There are various stores that sell DRM protected ePub books. This includes Sony Reader Store. It also includes Overdrive – which lots of libraries use.

  50. I’m thinking about getting either the kindle or the nook, but can’t decide which to choose. Help! I’ve been reading a bunch of reviews about them and none of them seem to agree. I’m a seriously avid reader, and my family travels a fair amount, but only in the U.S. I don’t want to pay more than 200 for my ebook reader, too. Which do you all think I should get?

    1. they’re both good – what features do you most care about?

      Kindle at $189 is pretty good. Perhaps you should wait a couple weeks and see if something new arrives. A new Nook just got FCC clearance, Sony has new models that might arrive in the next few months, and there have been rumors of a Kindle 3 in August.

      1. I just want something inexpensive (or at least as inexpensive as it can get), easy to use, and has a lot of storage. And I have to be able to get classics on it for school reading.

  51. I am considering buying a Nook. The Kindle might be superior in other areas, but, for me, its lack of an SD slot is a terrible disadvantage. I’m surprised that this doesn’t bother more Kindle owners. I would only buy an e-book reader if it could more or less replace my physical library. I have a couple thousand books in my home at the moment.

  52. Hi, I’m thinking of buying either a Kindle or a Nook. I am going to be living overseas for several years, so I’m leaning towards the Kindle, since you can’t buy ebooks overseas with the Nook. That said, does the Kindle DX have any features the Kindle 2 does not, other than the screen size/type? And is the Kindle 3 going to have enough advantages over the Kindle 2 that it would be worth my time to wait and buy that Kindle rather than running out and buying yesterdays model?

    Great review, by the way. Very succinct and yet still complete.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Do wait a few weeks. Nook 2 just got FCC clearance and might be out soon. There are strong rumors of Kindle 3 and of new Sony Readers. In 2-4 weeks it might be a completely different set of choices.
      In particular all of the new eReaders might have the eInk Perl screen (the one the Kindle DX 2 has) which is much better.

      1. Thanks, I guess I’ll bide my time for now then. I will be moving this week and caught up in that for several weeks, I was hoping to have an eReader for that time but I’d like to have a better item for my money. Honestly, if the Kindle had the elnk Perl screen you mentioned, some expandable memory and Epub support it would be perfect. I’ll keep my fingers crossed…

  53. i have read all the questions submitted and i have a question. I currently have a Kindle 2. I do love it, the ease of use, the screen. But when i am at home, i live out in the country, the whispernet cannot connect to the kindle store. which basically amounts to being unable to download books to my kindle when I am at home. I can download at work, in a coffee shop and not at the house. In looking at the Nook, i see that it has the wifi, so it would , in theory, work at home correct? Also, i want to be able to download from the local library, and i see that it doesn’t support the Overdrive format, being able to download free books from the library without having to go to the library was a main reason for going to an e-reader. Have you heard any rumors about the kindle going in this direction? Also, if i downloaded a book from the library onto my computer would i be able to transfer it to the Kindle at that point or would i have to convert it, and if so, how complicated is that process in your opinion? Thank you so very much for your time! Debbie

    1. Nook WiFi would indeed work from home. Nook does support library ebooks – no idea if/when Kindle will support library ebooks.

      You have to break the library ebook DRM and then transfer it – I’ve never tried it but there are people who say it’s somewhat reasonable.

  54. B&N didn’t really lie about the weight. The Nook Wi-Fi weighs 11.6 oz and there’s the Nook 3G + Wi-Fi that weighs 12.1 oz.. Unless I’m mistaken.

      1. Yeah, I realized that might be the case after I left the comment. Sorry.

        Really good review by the way. It cleared some things up for me.

  55. I just read the new update from AMazon today! a New Kindle with WiFi and 3G. Plus a really nice one that is WiFi only for $139. This is both awesome and annoying as i already own one. I have the Kindle 2. Now i want to get my hands on the Kindle 3 so i can use it at home where the 3G doesnt work but the WiFi would use my wireless internet. I have to sell the old one so i can buy the new one. Now if Amazon would just fix the kindle so we could do library books! also, I noticed they increased the storage to 3500 books. this is so cool!

  56. I ordered the 3G WiFi version in graphite … sometimes travel internationally… I can’t wait to get it … it’s my first e-reader. Also ordered the steel blue lighted cover.

  57. The new one is also lighter, which is pretty amazing, as the kindle 2 is really light. When i put it in my purse, i dont think it really increases the weight all that much. I looked at the nook for the ability to hook to WiFi and also to be able to do library books, but the truth is, i dont get all that many books from the library as it is, and if want one that bad, i will just go and get one. I am ordering one in advance and I dont know what color cover i am getting, but definitely am pre-ordering! this is so exciting. (I am such a nerd!)

  58. The nook is FAR superior to the kindle!
    1) With the nook you can switch out your own battery should you have a problem with it. With kindle, you have to send the whole device in.
    2) The nook has an expansion slot for more memory. Kindle does not.
    3) With nook you can get books from more than just B&N. With kindle, you are locked into books ONLY from Amazon.
    4) A physical store you can go to if you need help or information. Kindle doesn’t have that.
    5) Free book offers from B&N every week. Every Friday there is a new free book, and a new batch of classics (all free).
    6) You can check out books from the library on nook. Kindle can’t do that either.

    The way I see it, the ONLY advantage the kindle has over the nook is that it works internationally.

    1. Well, your points are valid. However, you do have to look at the Kindle’s other strengths.

      Kindle actually has more free books than B&N. Re-releasing public domain classics as free doesn’t really count. All your other arguments are valid except that Kindle can read other books if they aren’t DRM protected (which is a weak argument though).

      Kindle 3 is way better.

    2. 1) The amazon battery is more reliable and last a long time
      2) The Kindle has twice the memory +
      3) Amazon has a huge selection and magnificent customer service
      4) With popularity of eBooks, physical stores will soon be a thing of the past
      5) Amazon has lot’s of free books every week
      6) got nothing that is pretty cool

  59. It looks like the new Kindle addresses many areas that you list the nook as better….

    “2 crucial areas – Browser, Library eBooks.”
    Kindle has a new browser

    “7 important areas – Screen contrast, LendMe feature, 3.5″ color youchscreen, WiFi support, MicroSD card slot, ePub support, 3 available fonts.”
    Kindle should at least match screen contrast, WiFi support, 3 fonts

    “8 other areas – custom screensavers, replaceable battery, browse in store, support for Sony Store, retail presence, games, cover flow, free WiFi in B&N stores. ”
    Kindle will have free WiFi at AT&T hotspots.

  60. This isn’t a technical concern, but the thing Amazon did last year with the deleting of accidentally bootlegged books really soured me on the idea of ever owning a Kindle, though I was pretty hot for one up until then and was waiting for the price to drop.

    Here’s a link, if you didn’t read about it:

    Long story, slightly shorter: A third party sold a couple of copy-protected ebooks through Amazon. When the company realized it, they raided customers libraries and erased the books without notification. (They did refund the money)

    Obviously, people freaked out (one kid says he lost the notes for a book report when they deleted his file) and Amazon swore to never do it again. But the fact that their initial, gut response to a potential crisis was to dig through their customer’s things and start wiping without warning…

    …and seemingly without ethical qualms…

    …It makes a guy wonder what other nasty crap they might do and not realize is screwed up until it’s pointed out to them.

    I’m way too paranoid for that.

    Creepy peepers going through my stuff and snatching things?

    I’ll deal with a couple extra ounces and shorter battery life.

    1. ck, Mr. Bezos apologized for it and said it won’t happen again.

      It’s a new industry – some mistakes are going to be made. The reaction was good enough for me.

      1. I know this is more of a technology type of deal, and not really the place to discuss the morals of digital property and ownership and all that, but I was just giving the heads up to anyone who cares about that sort of thing. Because it does kinda tie into the features of a product, when its proprietor has a history, even if it’s only one incident, of choosing to haphazardly quell its fear to the detriment of the customer.

        This one mistake betrays a mindset.

        Sure, the guy apologized for it, and it most certainly will never happen again, but whoever made that particular decision had to know beforehand that it would twist a knot in a lot of people’s stomachs, so it really wasn’t a mistake at all. It was a bad choice made because it’s simply easier to protect yourself over your customer, then feign regret later. Will the company do something similar in the future? No one can tell. There will always be jerks doing jerky stuff, and companies’ reactions to it, good and bad. This tech is new, but the argument is as old as the internet.

        And truthfully, it’s not so easy to say whether Barnes and Noble or Sony would do the same thing in the same situation. Now, maybe not. (Hopefully not) But before… Who knows?

        But Amazon DID do it. And that’s sad. Because, no matter my yapping about Big Brother screwing over the folks, they have an excellent company that I do still use to this day, to buy physical product from.

        Sorry so long again. I’m not wanting to be a bickering turd or anything. Like I said before, it’s just a heads up to those who this stuff matters to, be it hardline digital ethicists, paranoid nutcases (I’m raising my hand now), or contrary dudes who can’t forgive a single mistake. (Maybe I should here, too.)

        By the way, and on the point, this review here is as solid as they come; it’s exactly the thing people wanna see when they’re looking to buy and are confused as Hell. Feature by feature, This Vs That. Good stuff. I promise you, none of this space I’ve wasted is trying to malign that in any way.

  61. In response to the kindle versus Nook, i have to agree in a few areas,
    the replaceable battery is a big deal, If your battery is dead and you have to ship the whole device in to fix it, this means you are without your books for however long. I have only had my Kindle for a few months, so i need to find out how long the battery is expected to survive. Prepared is far better than being surprised. I really bought an ereader to be able to download books from the library rather than always have to pay for books, but I didnt even know about the Nook until after i got the Kindle. but i already shop from AMazon for so many other things, that it makes sense to just continue from one location. I decided for me, that if i wanted library books, i will just have to get the printed kind. I have talked to people who have Nook and the lend me feature is so un friendly, that they never use it, after that one time, it is unlendable. Plus it occurs to me that no one i know has the same taste in reading material, so its a non issue. I have a Sony reader, and the touch screen is a bear, so i dont think the Nook would have been ideal, plus i know several people who have already had to replace the screen, and reported some really ugly customer service issues. Also, with the new expanded memory of the Kindle, i can live without the mirco card, also, with Kindle once you download a book, they keep it in your “never land” so even if you delete it, you can always retrieve it. So there is no real need to fill up all the memory if you were to get close to that 3500 mark.
    I like the sound quality of the Kindle and being able to load Mp3 so easy is nice. but i do think the Nook color picture ability is better. I think it all boils down to how you use and what you need. If the Kindle hadnt come out with WiFi, i would have had to go to Nook, as the At&t network doesnt work at my home and i couldnt browse for books at home. Oh, and the Amazon site has tons of free books that come out each week. Plus they send you emails with suggestions for books based on your purchase history. I love it.

  62. Just posted the following comment to B&N Customer Service:
    “Why do you force me to add a credit card? I just got a new Nook, registered it and wanted to download the Freebie of the Week. It was refused with Default Credit Card Unavailable… Tell your marketing department that this is the worst possible advertising method employed by many highly suspect web sites. There is no reason whatsoever to require Credit Card for a freebie; it only makes the merchant look bad. You offer the customers the choice of returning the Nook within 30 days. You want them to get a freebie to hook them on the nook (rhyme intended) with as little hassle as possible. Once I decide to buy an e-book, I should even be able to go to B&N store and pay for it there if I don’t want to compromise my card number by using it on Internet. Bad manners, guys!”

    BTW, the touchscreen keyboard sucks, it took me 10 min to register the Nook, as my password has digits and letters and the keyboard has to be switched between the two input modes. The touchscreen responds only to fingers, sometimes it doesn’t respond or it may take seconds to respond and sometimes it types two keys, so that you invariably have to erase keys. The passport field very briefly shows the character then converts it to a bullet – which is completely bogus – while if someone looked over my shoulder, s/he could easily get the password, it prevents me to check whether the password is correct – even Microsoft does a better job and gives me checkbox to choose whether to see the characters!

    But the screen is beautiful!

  63. By the way, I’ve just gotten around to doing some in-depth testing of the Nook and the B&N reader on my iPhone. I was shocked…shocked to discover the books don’t sync (Amazon calls it “Whispersync”) between devices. I wanted to like this device, but it is now headed to the gadget graveyard.

    I just ordered one of the new Kindle WiFi’s, because Whispersync is essential. What I like about eBooks is that I can read them on the dedicated reader (Nook, Kindle, whatever), then read a bit on your iPhone when you’re standing in line or something, then read a bit on your Mac/PC when you’re tired of answering emails.

    Without sync-ability, an ereader is a glorified etch-a-sketch.

  64. Hi, so much of valuable info–thanks! I have a sticky problem. I bought a 3G kindle as a gift for my mother from the US. She lives in Indonesia. Its registered under my name and my US credit card. However after letting her download 8 books, it has now stopped allowing her to download any more. Very frustrating! I contacted kindle support who updated all our info and said it should work. But it doesn’t. Any ideas on how I can help my mom. She LOVES LOVES the kindle! thanks so much!

    1. Karen, what exactly do you mean when you say – It has stopped allowing her to download books.

      How many other Kindles is it shared with? How many other devices have the books been downloaded to?

      Can she use WhisperNet? What about Internet Browsing? I think Amazon doesn’t sell Kindles to Indonesia and WhisperNet might not work there. She would have to download to her PC or you might have to download the books for her Kindle from the Manage my Kindle section and email them to her.

      Update: checked Amazon’s page and that’s the problem. Kindles aren’t sold in Indonesia and Kindle content isn’t available in Indonesia. You’ll have to use the download them yourself (for her Kindle) and email them method.

      1. When we first registered, it immediately let her download 8 books. Thereafter it keeps saying loading or go to manage your kindle. Its not shared with any other device and I have no clue about whispernet
        There is a way to download them and email her? I did not know that-that would be great! and easy. Is that information on the kindle amazon web site? thank you so much.. I was worried there was no way she could use it at all.

        1. Yes – please read this post on the Manage My Kindle section.

          Go to that section and at the bottom is a list of books you’ve bought. Click ‘Download to PC’ (or whatever the name is) button and it’ll ask you which Kindle you want it to download it for. Choose your mom’s kindle and then save those files.

          If she loads them to the Documents folder of her Kindle she’ll be able to read them.

  65. Was curious as to where I could go to look at the Kindle3? Checked it out at Amazon, but want to physically touch and see it before I order one.

    1. Target will have the new Kindle 3 in early September. You might want to call your local store to confirm. Also google ‘see a kindle in your city’ to see if any Kindle owners near where you live will show you the Kindle.

      1. I went to look at the Kindle at Target and all they have on display is a “display only” model that you cannot try anything on. It was very frustrating especially since I’m trying to decide between a Nook and a Kindle.

  66. How do you erase the preloaded books that came with the kindle that you dont want. Rumors have it that there are some are socialist and inapproporate books in there that I do not want my children ages 9-13 to read. Also how do I manage the accounts with my children buying books. I do not want them using my credit card but they will receive gift cards to purchase books. Are there gift cards I can get the children?
    My 9 yr old son wants games on his and is there games on it that he can play on it on top of reading it? I have seen the nook and I would like to visually see the Kindle and see how it works to make my decision. I also dont understand why there is no slot to download onto a SD card or backup. The nook has that and I think that it is an important feature.

    1. There are no pre-loaded books.

      There isn’t really a way to prevent children from buying books. There’s no password or anything.

      Yes, there are a few games available and there is Kindle App Store that should open sometime this year and it will have games.

      You can see the Kindle 3 at Target in early September and at Staples by sometime this Fall. Do check out the videos at the Kindle 3 Videos page.

  67. Does anyone know if the Kindle requires you to have a default credit card to download “free” books? I do not want to use a credit card for the purchase of books.

  68. I bought the Nook 3G wifi and I’ve had nothing but problems with it. The software is totally dysfunctional and I’ve spent countless hours troubleshooting–haven’t even read a book on it. The customer service has been mediocre and it’s by far the worst product I’ve ever purchased.

    1. That’s unfortunate to hear Jane. Are you still within the return period?

      Haven’t had huge problems with my Nook or Nook WiFi but some of the things they do like the strange credit card authorization is a pain.

  69. I’ve been leaning toward the Nook because of the more “open” nature of the standards it embraces, like the ePub etc. However, I’m getting concerned over how serious B&N is going to be with the Nook. What I see is that Amazon is aggressively marketing with a new TV ad. But when I went to my local B&N store this week, outside of a couple of posters, they didn’t seem to act like the Nook even existed. The live display was missing. I didn’t even see any behind the counter. As if to say, “gee, well, yeah you can order a Nook here if you *really* want to…”.

    I’m tempted then to wait a few more months and see how this all plays out. I’d really like to see the Nook push on as a viable product.

  70. I have the 2nd generation Kindle. Then got a Nook, primarily because of the color feature and the CLOCK! (don’t know what’s taking Amazon soooo long to put a clock on their readers!)
    After having both I have to say I gave the Nook to my mother and kept the Kindle:)

    The KIndle won hands down for me (even wihtout the clock, I can’t wait for), because the start-up time and overall speed of the device. Also it’s reliability. I hadn’t read a book for the first three months of summer (busy gardening, enjoying the outdoors, etc), but I made sure every month I would plug in the Kindle and the Nook, just to keep them both ‘alive’. Well, when time came to read a book that peaked my interest, the Kindle started up no problem, but the Nook would not wake up! I called Barnes & Noble customer service and they said they would send out a replacement battery, and it would take 3-6 days. 7 days later I called to inquire about the replacement battery tracking info, only to find out it never left their building. They said they would send one out immediately. 7 days later I called to inquire about the replacement again, and a supervisor told me the batteries are on backorder and they just got a shipment in and they would mail it out today. (bear in mind, I am getting it for my mom), because it’s her headache to deal with now.

    I am sooo glad I have my reliable Kindle!!!! You can’t imagine:)

    –which leaves one wondering. Why is Barnes and Noble’s battery replacements out of stock, is their garbage giving everyone trouble! Sounds like a lot of them are going out!!!!

  71. i have no clue abt any of the initials you are useing,,epub pdf etc etc .. I read novels .. romance mystery ,etc… not into magazines newspapers… have a smart phone and laptop for internet browsing .. not and international traveler either … just read for pleasure… so with all that rambling which would you suggest?!?! Thank you for your reviews they did help … leaning one way just wondering what you suggest … and is 3G really worth the extra 50 and why … thanks again

    1. The Kindle. If you look at recent posts Amazon tends to get a lot of free romance novel offers on new books.
      If you have WiFi at home then Kindle WiFi is better. Else Kindle 3G is far more convenient. From what you’ve written it seems either Kindle 3 or Kindle WiFi will do for you.

  72. another quick ? … what are the warranties on the Kindle and/or Nook … Looked but cant find except for the 2 yr extended on the Kindle

    1. I think there’s a 1 year warranty from each but not sure. You can get an add-on 2 year warranty for the Kindle. For Nook perhaps Square Trade would offer something.

  73. I’ve done a lot of reading and admit I’m still a bit confused. It comes down to the fact that I like the nook and I get most of my books from B&N. I have already downloaded some of their free ebooks for my laptop (but haven’t read them because I don’t want to read on the computer). I think the new free 3G seems to work better with the nook so I lean that way… then I hear bad reviews from people who say they won’t work right and they’ve had to return them several times.. so I get concerned because the Kindle seems so reliable.. thanks for your comprehensive review.

    Am I right that I wouldn’t be able to use the books I’ve downloaded for free from B&N and that Kindle only allows you to get books from Amazon?
    I think that’s the biggest kicker for me… I just keep going back and forth (I’d buy an ipad if they weren’t so expensive)

    1. You can’t get the free B&N books but you can get lots of free books from lots of sites (Internet Archive, Gutenberg) and from stores that sell ebooks without DRM (Baen, O’Reilly).

      Ginger, there are far more free books on Kindle than Nook. In October we already have 70 free book offers on new books.

      1. Thanks… I guess I’m just really in revolt against Amazon’s product requiring that I get the books from them… same reason I have a Phillips MP3 player vs. an ipod… and I just like the looks of the nook better… I purchased a nook last night, but if I hadn’t I would have gone for the Sony E-Reader (perhaps waited for the new Daily Edition Reader)… I liked it’s ability to make handwritten notes in the book, etc. Thanks for your insight.

  74. Wonderful review! It is really helping me a lot in making my decision. I have two questions. The Kindle has a nice feature of being able to post a book passage from your Kindle to Facebook, is this feature available in the Nook as well? Also, I have read from users reviews that the letters on the Kindle’s buttoms tend to fade out. Have you heard anything about this?
    Thanks in advance

    1. That feature isn’t available on Nook to the best of my knowledge.

      Yes, there are a few complaints that the letters on the graphite version’s buttons fade out. It hasn’t happened to my Kindle 3 but can see that happening since the buttons get used a lot and the lettering might not be super permanent. Am pretty sure Amazon will replace your Kindle if it happens within one year.

  75. if the kindle had an sd card i would hands down pick it but it doesn’t and that sucks……. i still dont know which one to get but this helped a lot.

    1. Yes. You can play background music. However, there isn’t really a music player and playlists.

      You add music and you play and it plays in the order the mp3 files were added. You can skip to the next track but can’t go back.

  76. First off, thank you for this wonderful site and blog. I just discovered it and think it’s great.

    I have a question.

    You mentioned above that the nook will support PDB books, which is a big deal for me as I’ve been buying PDB books from Peanut Press, then eReader, then Fictionwise since 2001.

    Do you know anything about ease of use?

    Ease of loading books?

    Does with work with secure DRM PDB books?

    Also from a power perspective does the nook run 110 volts or universal 110 to 240 volts?

    Does it charge from the PC or can I plug it into an adapter to charge?

    Your responses will be very helpful to me making a decision on the nook.

    ps. I have a Kindle 3 and love it, but that’s for all my new eBook purchases since I’ve recently switched from Fictionwise as my primary eBook seller to Amazon.

    1. Daz,
      Nook 1 is quite easy to use. It’s not as good as Kindle but it’s decent.
      You can load books quite easily too. There’s a section called ‘My Documents’ which holds everything you load.
      Nook works with secure DRM PDB books since B&N owns now.

      Nook adapter takes 100 to 240 volts and converts it into the required charge. You can charge it from PC or plug. The plug works in US and Canada but you might need a physical adapter elsewhere.

      1. Thanks so much for the reply.

        The nook is definitely the way to go then for all my eReader and Fictionwise books.

        I also just noticed that on the B&N site it requires me to “register” the nook. Do I have to register the nook if all I’m doing is loading PDB files via my PC and USB cable to read them?

        I don’t plan on buying any new books from B&N to load onto my nook.

        Finally, would the nook wifi for $149 be sufficient for me for what I want to do with it?

        I should be able to go to any B&N store to buy it, right?

        I know some of these questions sound rather basic, but I’ve never been a B&N customer, so this is all kinda new for me.

        Thanks again.

        1. Daz, Nook WiFi would be sufficient.
          You don’t have to register for what you’re doing. To the best of my understanding. Registering is only needed for B&N books. However, do confirm with the B&N person.
          No problems – they are all good questions. The PDB question helped me remember (after searching) that B&N owns

      2. Not the easiest to confirm as I’m not located in the US and planning on getting a friend to buy it for me and ship it over to where I am.

        Reading this thread, the B&N nook forum as well as the comments on the nook FB page, there seems to be a number of issues with wifi not working, and some persistent hardware problems – face plate cracking. If the face plate cracks while I’m using it, it would be hard for me to get it fixed or replaced. That said, I also read that putting a skin on the nook prevents the face plate cracking issue. This from someone who has owned a nook from day 1.

        Thanks so much for all your help on this.

        Do you think with the release of the color nook, that B&N will release an updated version of the e-ink nook?

  77. I currently own a Kindle3, and previously owned a Nook. I found the touch screen on the Nook to be very sensitive, and did not like the split screen. However, the new nook color is very tempting but I am quiet sure I dont need 2 e-readers. I might be tempted to buy a nook color and compare the 2 readers, and sell the one I did not like as much.

  78. I am thinking about getting an Nook or Kindle for Christmas so i am comparing the two. Can the kindle check out library books? Is there any way you can put real books you already have on the kindle or Nook whe you buy it?

    1. Kindle cannot check out library books.
      There isn’t really a way to put real books you already have on Kindle or Nook. All the public domain books like classics are available for free so those you could get – However, there is no ‘scan paper book and convert into ebook’ functionality on Kindle or Nook.

  79. I am a little confused. I want to buy a Kindle, and I understand that the latest version is the Kindle3. You said that there are updates which apply only to Kindle2. Does that mean Kindle3 already has them? Like folders, etc?

    1. Yes, Kindle 3 already has them.

      There are some difference between Kindle 3 and Kindle 2. However, Kindle 3 is clearly better due to the eInk screen and new additions like WebKit browser and WiFi.

  80. Hello! I have been wanting an e-reader for about a year. My parents just told me today that if I pick one out, they will get it for me for Christmas. But I can’t decide!

    I’m an avid reader and school teacher, and always have to take a book everywhere I go. I want it to be easy to use, not hurt my eyes and have inexpensive books.

    I love the touch-screen of the Nook, but keep reading that its not as user-friendly as the keyboard.

    Which one do you think is better for someone who just loves to read?? Thanks!! – Laura.

  81. Switch, can you comment on the Pearl eInk? Somewhere I read that it is much better for reading. And I believe that one of the two eBooks (Kindle/nook) does not use that eInk. Thanks

    1. No, you can get a lighted cover that has a pull out light powered by the Kindle 3 itself. However, there is no backlighting in the Kindle 3 itself. It’s a screen that reflect light.

  82. Got a nook 3g wi fi 11/10/10. took three calls to get register & connected, on 3g. went to read six books shown I thought were free i got to page 41 on one and page 64 on the other and left out in space. called how to buy or get free books I had one mark on 3g, after two attempts they stated had to be wi fi connected.I was told B&N,McDonalds but I don,t know how I connect at these places? they say wi fi is quicker . I don’t understand the purpose of 3g. does these mean whenever i want free or buy I got to be wi fi conected ? Love the nook while reading but I’m not computor orientated. Can you read the nook or kindle going down the road in a car ? Live on the lake which is better for picking up.The instructions are a joke

    1. Ruth, 3G should work normally. You probably found a place with weak 3G connection.

      So you just need to find a place that has more bars in the 3G.

      Wouldn’t recommend either while going down the road in a car.

    1. There’s not an ’email option’. There’s a webkit browser that can access the major email provider sites – either the full or mobile versions of Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, and Gmail work.

  83. I think i want a Kindle but i haven’t had a chance to play with one… I have only played with a nook on display at a Walmart. What do you think of the Kindle? Is it really easier? Does it have an apt store?

    1. Lexi, It does have an app store but they’re very slow in releasing apps so we only have 7 or 8 so far.

      The Kindle is definitely easier than Nook 1 but don’t know about Nook Color. Should know in a few days when my Nook Color arrives.

  84. I ended up buying the nook – after about 8 frustrating hours I decided to send it back. It was not the experience I hoped it would be. The learning curve is difficult – the instruction manual is of little use. So I’ve ordered the kindle 3G -WI -FI. But befor I send the hook back I intend to give the kindle a hands on trial. One thing I have learned in my 2 months of studying the pros and cons of each model is that there are passionate proponents on both sides. I hope I have a better experience with the kindle – time will tell.

  85. Have been researching between the Nook and the Kindle for a few weeks now and although this is the most informative review I have read, my brain still hurts trying to decide which one to buy.

    Am I correct in my reading that neither the Nook nor the Kindle have built in backlights for night reading?

    Is there any word on the Kindle being able to Upload personal photos to it like the Nook?

    My biggest fear is committing and than having something better come out in a few months.

    Also, is there any news on the App Store Kindle? Tried researching it and didn’t really find any news regarding any update.

    Never been much of a “techie” in buying gadgets, so I need all the help I can get!!


    1. Neither the new Kindles nor the Nook 1 have backlights.

      It doesn’t seem that personal screensavers are headed to Kindle any time son.

      There are some apps that have come out for Kindle – Sudoku, Scrabble, Solitaire, Texas Hold’em, and two word games.

      Kindle Apps have been appearing slowly and perhaps by mid 2011 there’ll be quite a few out.

      Anything you buy in holiday season is covered till end of January at Amazon. Have you looked at the Nook Color?
      It’s unlikely that Kindle 3 and Nook Color will get new variants within the next 6 months. There might be a color Kindle in early to mid 2011 but it’s not very likely. You shouldn’t worry about having an outdated model if you get Kindle3/Kindle WiFi or Nook Color.

      1. Yes…I am going back and forth between the Kindle3 and the Nook Color. Worried about the reviews on here about the customer service and “hard to use”.
        Does the NookColor have anapp store or other games that come with it?

  86. I love my nook and haven’t found it hard to use at all. Neither have I had any problems with it in the first 2 months… I am a bit sad that the color came out about 4 weeks after I bought it, but other than that I love it…. However, I will say that I am finding that I am missing the actual books… but I assume I’ll go back and forth… I do not like having to buy my books from Amazon and the nook allows you to purchase from other sites other than B&N… That was my biggest factor.. I don’t like that the Kindle FORCES you to purchase from Amazon… I’m very risistant to that…

  87. This is a great site. Any opinion of the Nook Color yet? Also, I have not seen any comments regarding the iPad. How does this fall into the mix?

    1. Vicki,
      thanks for the compliment.
      My Nook Color is arriving in a few days and will have a better idea then.

      My current opinion is –
      Nook Color right now is best for casual readers (1 book a month or less). It’s a reading tablet that is also an Android Tablet but limited to B&N’s store. So it’s great for someone who wants a reading device that also does other things.
      iPad is best if you don’t mind the size and want a device that specializes for TV and games and movies and also lets you read. It also has a very good range of apps.
      Kindle is best for serious readers – 2 or more books a month.

      iPad and Kindle – have used both and read on both. Nook Color – only seen reviews and videos.

  88. I am looking at buying an ereader for my wife for Christmas. We live in a very rural area, but do travel fairly frequently to larger areas. I can’t decide between the Kindle WI-Fi or the Kindle Wi-Fi + 3G? How valuable is the 3G?

      1. Please excuse me if I ask an unintelligent question. Exactly what does the 3G do? We do not have AT&T wireless coverage in our area, but it is available in surrounding cities to which we travel frequently. Also, it sounds like the Kindle is a better option than the Nook. Am I correct?

  89. Since the nook is open-source, does that mean I can purchase kindle books or magazines and read them on the nook?

    I know that you can’t read nook books on the kindle…….

    1. Tracy,
      You can’t convert Kindle Books to be read on the Nook unless you break the DRM. Of course a small portion of them don’t have DRM but all the major publishers use DRM.

      Calibre can be used to do conversions but for non-DRMed book.

      Nook isn’t open source. It uses Android which is sort of open. On top of Android it builds its own OS and has its own Store. You could root (hack) the Nook and then try and run Kindle for Android but it’s not straightforward.

  90. Sorry – I should have added…

    I heard that calibre can be used to convert e-books and can be used on multiple e-readers. I am unclear if calibre can convert amazon books to a nook format…

  91. Please explain something to me, and I hope this doesn’t sound too stupid. Exactly what will the 3G do for me? Although we do live in a rural area without AT&T wireless coverage, we do travel frequently to areas that do have AT&T wireless. Would that allow my wife to connect while we ride to the internet and to download books? Also, it seems that you fee that overall the Kindle is a better choice than the Nook. Am I correct?

    1. The 3G will do exactly that – In areas that have AT&T wireless coverage you can browse the Kindle Store, download books, and browse the Internet – all for free.

      Yes, the Kindle is better overall than the Nook.

  92. One of my favorite kinds of reading is travel books. These usually have a map which I constantly flip back to as I read. How easy is this to do on the Kindle or Nook? (I haven’t laid hands on either device so it may be very straightforward).

    1. You would have to set a bookmark on the map page. Then you could alternate between map (using bookmark) and the page you were on (using Furthest Page read option in Menu). It’s doable but not super easy. With a physical book you can just use a finger or a book mark on each of the map page and your current page. For Kindle it’s not that easy.

  93. For now I have chosen nook. This review and fact that BFF works for B&N factored in:). However, unless nook changes, next sabbatical will have to purchase a Kindle to use in Europe. Any idea if nook is planning to offer foreign-capable nook?

    1. Kindle 3 – smaller, lighter. Best indicator is if it’s graphite in color and says ‘Latest Generation’ and ‘eInk Pearl’ in the description.

      Kindle 2 – lightly larger, white in color, keyboard has a row for number keys, at the back model number is D007… and Serial Number starts with B003.

  94. A friend just gave me her slightly used Nook while traveling in Ecuador. I de-registered it to protect her account details and set up my own B&N account on my laptop, then re-registered the nook in my name. Very disappointed to find that it erased the books she had downloaded and also wanted me to have. When I tried to buy new books from B&N, I was informed that it is not possible to acquire electronic books when outside of North America. For now, it is dead weight while I’m abroad.

  95. my 9 year old daughter has expressed that she would like a reader for christmas. we don’t have wirless access. what would be the better choice for her?

    1. Kindle 3G. You’d have to get a protective case for her – perhaps something like the M-Edge water proof case that’s almost like a shell. Not sure if there’s something super sturdy available.
      Both Kindle and Nook are a bit fragile and will probably break if they fall from a bit of a height.

  96. for the Kindle wi-fi, do I need to have a certain speed for the router? I read that for the Nook the wireless router has to be a certain speed.

    I have wireless access in my home however I have never used it. I don’t have a laptop.

    with wi-fi, are books automatically available or do they have to be downloaded from the computer?

  97. i want a ereader purely for professional magazines, professional books (medical, psychology, sociology, etc.) Which would have access to the more current published books (not school text books). I have no internet at home, so 3g, but also don’t know how to check the websites for publishers, etc. cuz never pay attention to that.

    1. Kindle.
      However, it’s best to confirm.

      Visit and search for ‘kindle sociology journal’ and ‘kindle sociology professional book’ and see the results.

      Then go to the Kindle Store part of – You can pick it in the drop down next to the search field/box at the top. There search for 10 books that you are interested in (from the fields) you mentioned. Seeing how many of those are available ought to give you a good idea.

  98. im going to germany for a month and was wanting to get a kindle bu tmy family members say not to. I do want to “surf the web” of course play games and read. But i dont want an ipad but something that is like one but without the cost and hassle. If you get the kindle with the 3g network and Wifi included is that good all over and does it work well? I like music so i would like it on my kindle is there any new versions coming out with an Mp3 player and maybe doodler? Rumors have told me that they might go with a touch screen but still have the keyboard and add drawing and other fun yet simple things. And APPS as in games and maps and things like an itouch would offer along with books.

    1. Abby, the Kindle 3 with 3G and WiFi would work.

      You can play music but there’s no playlist functionality – you only have play, pause, and next track. There isn’t a doodler.

      There are a few apps they’ve added – all games like Scrabble, Solitaire, and Poker.

  99. Do both the Kindle and the Nook have audio book capabilities? I want audiobooks in particular. Is one reader better for this than the other?

  100. Am thinking of buying an e reader for our 17 year old. We have WIFI at home and he has a smart phone. Not sure which would be better. He loves to read and is interested in history, biographies,etc….

    1. Either would be good.

      Kindle is better if he does a lot of book reading.
      Nook Color is better if he also wants to be able to surf in color.
      Nook is better if he wants library books.

  101. I was leaning towards buying a Nook because of it’s capapbilities to read epub books so I can get library books. Now that I have read through these posts and learned that I can convert epub books to Kindle’s format through Calibre I am thinking it would be better to go with the Kindle. Why is this feature a reason for people to purchase a Nook instead of KIndle if the solution is so simple? Am I missing something?
    Also, I know that the Kindle will read the book out loud to me. Will the Nook do the same?

    1. Nook doesn’t have text to speech so it won’t read out books to you.

      Some people don’t like to go through the effort of using Calibre just to read a library book. That’s why they prefer Nook.

      1. Nook Color will, of course, read out audiobooks in MP3 format…and there are some children’s books that have text to speech for Nook Color. I demo’d one today and was pretty impressed; Santa will probably leave one under the tree for me.I suspect that there will be availability of text-to-speech books available for purchase and download to Nook Color at some time in the future. Nothing official, but since Nook Color has the apparent capability, B&N would miss a pretty good market if they don’t follow up.

    2. Most library books are DRM epub and Calibre is not able to convert them to a Kindle format. (Calibre does not work with DRM). So, if you are set on access to library books, Kindle is not an option. Unfortunately.

  102. My wife travels for business and loves to read a variety of books.

    My daughter is at the local University majoring in english / literature. She need a reader for textbooks as well as the classics and some of the more eclectic books.

    Any suggestions which would be better. I want to buy them each one. Am I buying 2 of one or one of each?

    1. If your wife travels then the Kindle is a great choice – the 3G is available in 100+ countries and if you’re based in the US she’ll get free Internet too – useful if she’s in a place without easy access to a PC.

      For text books you might want to take a look at Nook Color (as it has a color screen). If she’s doing English most of her work should be books which the Kindle or Nook will handle well.

  103. I want to use an e-reader internationally, but since I read alot, I really don’t want to pay for that many books. Here in the US, we use our library extensively (20 books/month – recent bestsellers) and they support the Nook. Any advice?


  104. I think the Customer Service with B&N STINKS!!! I don’t know about the kindle’s customer service, but I have been on hold with B&N now for aprox 2 hrs. I have been told this is normal. I got a nook for Christmas and as of yet, I have not been able to order a single book or download a free book. I will be returning it.

    1. Stephanie, it might work to just search the Internet for tips. There are perhaps half a million Nook and Nook Color owners calling up today. What problem were you having?

  105. I’m trying to figure out why the menu touchscreen is backlit but the text in the main screen is not.. Have I missed a crucial step or is this just insane – to only have the menu backlit and not the text!!! Help!! I need light to read, and the idea that I would have to buy a book light for a digital e-reader is the biggest robbery ever..

  106. I’ve been sideloading books onto my Kindle into the “documents” directory and that directory is getting pretty large between the books I’ve downloaded from Amazon and the ones I’m sideloading.

    Is it possible to create a sub-folder and move books into it below the “documents” directory and for it to still show up in my Kindle?

      1. I did after I messaged you and yes it does work. Need to make sure you copy not only the MOBI or PRC files but also the MBP file that the Kindle creates to track the reading status as well.

  107. I just got the Kindle and every time I change screens I get the weird white letters black back ground flash of the next page before going to the normal page, is this normal or is something wrong with my Kindle?

  108. Did you ever get the Nook Color and what did you think of it?
    I am still torn on which reader to purchase. The thing I have seen that I like about the Nook better is because you can download pictures. I dont need it for traveling abroad, or text books,or major article searching, I am just a casual reader.

    1. Yes, have the Nook Color and love it. If you read just 1 book or so a month it’s a better choice. Pictures look very good on it. It has an IPS LCD screen with great pixel density.

  109. I’ve ready every post and remain undecided! Briefly, does Nook or Kindle3/Wi-Fi have the most book “selections” of all genres? I won’t do being doing magazines or newspapers….. just reading for pleasure while traveling. Thanks for the great information you have provided.

  110. I just recieved a kindle for christmas. On the left hand side’s side panel next to the arrow buttons there are two hole looking connection ports type. What are they for. I reviewed the the booklet that came w/it but they’re not mentioned in there. Maybe I’m not looking in the right place. Or could they be nothing.

    1. If you have a cover with hinges, or the lighted cover with hinges, then you put the hinges into the hole, and lock it in. That way it’s locked in better into the case.

      Note: Some people ar ehaving problems with the normal cover – so it’s best to either get the lighted cover or find some sleeve or cover that doesn’t have hinges.

  111. The device itself is useful enough. But if you have a technical problem as I did you will find that Barnes and Noble offers no technical support. The wait holds on the telephone are over 45 minutes. The support personnel are clueless. They are unresponsive to email requests for help. So if yours “locks up” you are going to be SOL. Buy a Kindle

    1. Actually, for magazines, you should consider Nook Color. It’s $249 though.

      Neither Kindle nor Nook 1 is good for magazines.

      Kindle 3’s screen offers better contrast so perhaps Kindle.

    2. For magazines – get an ipad. The nook color is nicer for them than the Kindle because of its color screen, but it’s just too small of a screen. You’ll be constantly zooming in to read. If you want magazines in digital form then honestly an iPad is a better choice.
      For straight up novel reading, the Kindle is the better choice.

  112. I bought a Nook because of its better support for ePub and lending library. SO far I am very disappointed. Its very sluggish, menu’s are confusing, buttons are small and not the most responsive, B&N site is not easy to search to buy books. In addition, I find the flashing at it turns pages to be very annoying.

    1. Have you tried one of the software updates?
      They have improved speed somehwat.

      eInk is slower to turn pages and respond than LCDs. Also, all eReaders have the flash when pages are turned.

      You might find Kindle much easier to use. Also faster unless you are finding eInk itself sluggish – in which case no eReader would do.

  113. wait – so is nook UNABLE to browse the web on the 3G connection? seems to me that if it has wifi and 3G you should be able to use both for the same applications, shouldn’t you? i know you can on the kindle.

    1. Matt, It browse Internet over 3G because B&N doesn’t want to pay for wireless charges.

      It could – B&N just isn’t willing to subsidize internet browsing like Amazon is.

    1. There’s no charge if you use WiFi. You’ll have to read on wireless charges for 3G version on the Kindle product page.

      For Canada I think Kindle 3 or Nook Color are the best options.

  114. I have to ask, aside from the millions of $$ its raking in, why would Kindle NOT want to make its unit available for library book downloads. I work in a library and so many patrons are not only disappointed but angry at the fact that they bought this expensive piece of equipment and were never informed they couldn’t download. Its heartbreaking when I have to tell them… Get with the program Amazon!

  115. A big difference is customer service. The nook has horrible customer service. Amazon and their kindle is excellent and very responsive. We have both devices and the kindle is far superior in synching and their customer service reps far more knowledgable. The nook people don’t really care.

  116. I was looking to buy a Nook Color. I noticed that there will be up dates “coming soon” was shown on several features. The one on the cookbook with the video on how to prepare a dish is one.

    Will I be able to down load these feature when they are available or should I wait till they come out with the extra features.

    1. Lorie any ‘updates’ that are promised for the Nook Color will be available as a free software upgrade.

      Couldn’t find the ‘coming soon’ updates you mentioned on that page. Where were they?
      Things like the update you mention will be available via free software update.

      You can go ahead and buy the Nook Color now.

  117. DO NOT buy a Nook!!!!
    They are garbage. We have had 3 replced in 8 months and they will only send us refurbs as replacements. Customer servcie is horrible and the product is garbage.

    DON’T DO IT!!!!!!!!

    a $250 waste of money.

    1. thanks for your comment. I must say this is the only time I’m hearing of something like this.

      What was wrong with each?

      How do you know the replacements were refurbs?

      Since it’s 8 months this has got to be the Nook 1 – which is now not being sold (or at least is being phased out). Do you think they only have refurbs left?

      1. I would say you’d hear a lot more of it if you were ever on the Nook page on Facebook. Lots of complains about poor customer service.

  118. I bought the Nook because it seemed to have some features absent on the kindle and the reviews were favorable. I found it to be unstable and not user friendly. The touch screen is slow, challenging to use, and non-responsive. The touch keyboard is so small that unless you have toothpick size fingers, it takes repeated attempts to type something correctly. The text size would not change. The instructions are not clear. 3 G would not connect. The B&N web site is far inferior to, as is the book selection. Kindle books on amazon are organized better and have better prices. Should have known better.

  119. i am a gamer i like table top games (not board games)
    and its a real pain to carry around a box of 5 to 10 box every time i want to play so can any one tell me witch one nook color or kindle has a best group of white wolf book to download. i not very good with computer stuff so any advice would help

    1. Matthew, I did a quick search but couldn’t find white wolf books in the Kindle Store.

      However, my recommendation would be to do a search for ‘white wolf’ in both stores and check, or find someone who knows more about this genre. Perhaps ask at the kindle forum and the nook forum.

      1. i will try thanks for your info by the way does kindle or nook have the best PDF use (i mean do they show up as book in each or file) and witch is better

        1. Matthew,
          Neither is ideal for PDFs as the size of the screen is pretty small (6″). You can play around with the Kindle at Bet Buy, Staples, and Target. It’s best to call ahead to check stock availability.
          Nook is available at B&N, Best Buy, WalMart, etc.

          You should look at Nook Color and Kindle DX too. Kindle DX is on sale at select Staples and Best Buy stores for $299.

  120. I own the Kindle and I love it, but I was wondering if you can read the Nook outside in direct sunlight like I can with my Kindle.

    1. Dame60, Nook Wifi and Nook use eInk and are readable in sunlight.

      Nook Color uses a LCD screen. They claim there’s a special layer over it to improve readability but it only helps a bit. It’s still pretty unreadable in direct sunlight.

  121. Hey all people, just registered with . I have spent five hrs looking out in the web, right until I have discovered this forum! I believe, I will certainly stay here for a long time. kool forum.

  122. I am trying to decide between a Kindle and a Nook. I love to read, but I’d also like to be about to use the device for text books if possible. Do either of these devices have textbooks or can they use eBooks from other sites?

    1. You should get an iPad.

      A textbook on a 6″ or even a 7″ screen will be a nightmare. The lack of color on Kindle and Nook will be a pain too.

      If you can’t afford an iPad get a Nook color. Do wait to hear what B&N releases tomorrow – there’s a small chance it’s a new Nook Color.

  123. The one thing I did not see mentioned is that Barnes and Noble is charging the same price or more for the ebooks than the paper or hard cover book. The 1st edition nook also has a tendency to crack on the page turn buttons and customer service does nothing to rectify it. I’d be interested to know if they ebook companies go out of business, what happens to the personal library that happens to be stored on their server. I bought a nook and regret it. The only positives were the quickness in which books were available, but I have had so many problems it does not make it worth it. For now I have gone back to paper books, I might try a Kindle in the future, but as an owner of a nook I will say it is a waste of money and energy that most people do not have these days.

    1. Karen, for the Big 6 Publishers the prices are set by Publishers and you’ll see same prices on Kindle and Nook. It’s the same problem for the Big 6 Publishers regardless of eReader.

  124. Nook color sucks. Would not stop freezing the first week I got it. I sent back for NEW one and they sent me a pre owned nook. I could have saved $100 to begin. B&N sucks I will no longer shop books there.

  125. Can you sync the new nook study to the actual nook device? if so would you suggest the nook color for textbooks or doesn’t it really matter?

  126. Question: I am trying to decide between the Kindle 3 and the Nook. I was wondering if either one of them has the ability to download textbooks to them. Im a college student looking to be a little more green and efficient. I also love to read so I am getting one reguardless but the ability to load my textbooks on it would make my decision for me for sure.

    1. Ashley, both do. However, the range of textbooks they have is somewhat limited. B&N has something called NookStudy which is PC software tailored to textbooks and quite good.

      I’d wait for Kindle 4 to see if it matches Nook 2’s touch screen or exceeds it by adding stylus.

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