Amazon ought to pre-announce every Kindle update

Given the amount of excitement and anticipation the Kindle 2.5 upgrade is creating it’s time Amazon started doing this with every upgrade.

Here are some of the Kindle 2.5 update threads at the official kindle forum –

The official announcement thread.

2.5 Update – More Information about how we get it

2.5I – just got it

Kindle DX2.5 + Calibre to manage Collections

Holy Crap – 2.5!!!!!!!

oh boy oh boy oh boy

That’s on just the first page alone.

Some Information on the 2.5 upgrade

A commenter wrote this was the first useful information she’d read on the update and have to agree. This is what S. Foster wrote about the 2.5 upgrade –

  1. Kindle 2.5 update was released to 20,000 Kindles in the first 2 weeks of May.
  2. Wave 3 started a few days ago.
  3. It takes 2 to 4 days for the file to be downloaded. It helps to have wireless on and have your Kindle in sleep mode.
  4. The rollout will be sometime after Wave 3 gets done.

The thread has lots of details so do take a look.

Anyways, let’s look at all the benefits of talking about the release a month before it happens.  

Anticipation increases the Pleasure

Blogs and newspapers are talking about how they have ‘exclusives’ on the Kindle 2.5. Ars Technica is one example. Look at this paragraph –

Kindle 2.5 isn’t scheduled for a broad public launch until “late May,” according to Amazon, but we got early access so we could play around with the new features.

Isn’t that amazing – early access.

On the right side you have Burger King paying for an advertisement people will block out. On the left you have an article about the Kindle’s latest features which Amazon had to pay nothing for. In fact, Ars Technica are happy to write about it.

They even have 7 screenshots.

This is stealing Apple’s playbook and it’s great to see.

Customers get excited and appreciate the feature more

  1. Those 6 threads listed above – That’s excitement and it’s contagious. 
  2. There’s actual psychological proof that people appreciate things more when they have to wait for them. 
  3. People get vested and end up loving the features a little bit more than they would otherwise.
  4. For that entire month anyone considering an eReader knows they’ll get additional features soon.

This is all stuff that works and stuff that companies like Apple use a lot. It’s about time Amazon started using it – they have to because Kindle vs iPad is going to be, wrongly and unfairly and undoubtedly, the theme for most of this year.

It’s about time Amazon started running ads showing iPad as a creepy vampire that can’t step out in the sunshine and can’t focus on anything for more than a minute.

I’m an iPad and I don’t work in sunshine. 

 Could I bite your leg? You see I’m not specialized for anything so glamouring you and biting your neck would be a little out of my reach.

Side-Benefit: Waiting for Upgrades strengthens the Kindle community

What an unexpected bonus for Amazon. There are a few big things waiting for the updates does –

  1. Takes attention away from the steady trickle of ‘Look at Me – Just bought another Reader’ people. Nothing says ‘secure in my choice of device’ like having to go to another device’s forum and mention what you bought.
  2. The shared waiting for the upgrade.
  3. People tend to help each other and there’s a natural conversation between those who got the upgrade, those who have snippets of information on the upgrade, and those who are waiting.

 Consider some of the comments –

Chai on Life says:
Thank you Freda
I’m so happy for all of you that have received your update. Admittedly a little green with Envy but still happy for you!

jwr53 says:
It’s so neat that more people are getting the update. Congrats!

antiquary100 says:
Don’t feel bad Corky, you’re not the only one. I’m still waiting (impatiently) for mine! 😉

It’s one big happy family (well, some are happy and the rest are eagerly awaiting happiness). It’s really good to see and hopefully Amazon adds a Kindle to Kindle chat feature and friends network that lets you make Kindle friends.

It’s the most natural thing – there’s already a shared love of reading and everyone has the Kindle with them a lot of the time. Plus there are books to share and talk about. It’d add a whole new dimension to Kindle ownership and a lot of value.

2 thoughts on “Amazon ought to pre-announce every Kindle update”

  1. I dunno, an ad with the iPad as a vampire might just drum up sales for the iPad… Vampires are “in” these days.

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