Kindle links and a couple free books

Let’s start with the free book –

  • Rage of Angels by Sidney Sheldon. Rated 4.5 stars on 81 reviews.

    A worldwide bestseller first published in 1980, this novel tells the story of Jennifer Parker, a successful lawyer who is loved by two men, one a politician, the other, a mafia don.

    About Sidney Sheldon: Most of his novels have become major feature films or TV miniseries, and there are more than 275 million copies of his books in print throughout the world. Before he became a novelist, Sidney Sheldon had already won a Tony Award for Broadway’s Redhead and an Academy Award for The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer.

Teleread mention that Cory Doctorow has released his ebook ‘For the Win’ for free. Choose the .azw format file.

Kindle Links

Teleread talk about how newspaper and magazine apps for the iPad are finding an unlikely competitor – their free online versions that work great thanks to the Safari Browser and the larger screen of the iPad.

It’s amazing to see newspapers miss the painfully obvious fact that people won’t pay for something when they can easily get it for free through another channel. That they themselves are supplying the free channel is remarkable.

New Zealand gets 1 million ebooks after REDGroup Retail struck up a deal with KoboBooks. This is where things start getting interesting – What will Amazon do to respond? How many of those million books are public domain?

Stanford’s bookless library

Stanford University is building its first bookless library

Box by box, decades of past scholarship are being packed up and emptied from two old libraries, Physics and Engineering, to make way for the future: a smaller but more efficient and largely electronic library that can accommodate the vast, expanding and interrelated literature of Physics, Computer Science and Engineering.

It is developing a completely electronic reference desk, and there will be four Kindle 2 e-readers on site.

The main motivation seems to be a lack of space –

Stanford buys 100,000 volumes a year — or 273 every day.”Most of the libraries on campus are approaching saturation,” Herkovic said. “For every book that comes in, we’ve got to find another book to send off.”

This fierce competition for space on campus means that many, perhaps most, books will be shipped 38 miles away to a Livermore storage facility.

CNet actually pick the Kindle over other options

In the middle of all the ‘Kindle Apps on other platforms are going to kill the Kindle’ hysteria we get a couple of voices of reason.

CNet’s Josh Lowenshohn offers his opinion on the Kindle Platform in a very well written article that walks us through all the apps and the options.

He feels the Kindle is the best option for reading –

If I had to pick personally, I’d go with the iPad version since it’s around the same size as Amazon’s Kindle hardware.

But that doesn’t mean I’d pick it over the Kindle hardware if it was something I was going to use every day. The Kindle’s e-ink display is far easier on your eyes, it works well in sunlight, and you get free 3G for the lifetime of the product to browse and download titles. These are three big things the Kindle hardware has on all these software apps and the hardware they run on.

JR Raphael at PC World thinks it’s going to become more difficult for new users to buy the Kindle when they have a Kindle for X app available –

The Kindle’s strongest selling point over any smartphone or tablet is its E Ink screen. It’s going to be interesting to see whether that point is strong enough to convince people to keep picking up e-readers in addition to their shiny new smartphones.

The way you put things makes such a big difference – posing a question and wondering what will happen is so much smarter than predicting the Kindle is going to go extinct.

Quick Thought on the Kindle Platform

What if Amazon wanted, all along, to become the publisher, platform, and distributor for books?  In the sense of – taking over all of Publishing.

What if the Kindle really was a separate business? Primarily meant to set off events and start the democratization of Publishing.

  • At best, the Kindle becomes and stays the dominant eReader.
  • At worst, the Kindle starts off the ebook and eReader revolution which Amazon would be very well placed to take advantage of.

It is getting close to the point where Amazon benefits nearly as much from improving the Kindle Service and from creating new channels for sales and content as it does from selling the Kindle. Perhaps Amazon has an amazing Kindle 3 and an even better Kindle 4 lined up and is very focused on keeping their position as the #1 reading option. However, it’s certainly making moves that suggest its #1 priority is selling ebooks and the Kindle comes second.

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  1. Tried to download ‘For the Win’ but only got a page full of ascii characters. Tried right click but didn’t work either. Any suggestions?

    1. I would help you with your download, but I need a little more detail. Where did you down load it from? How did you get it onto your Kindle? Etc.

      I’ve got a class tonight after work, but I’ll try to figure out what’s going on afterward. (First class of the Summer semester means it will probably be a short class.)

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