New split bestseller lists live in the Kindle Store

It’s a beautiful day (or night?) as the Bestsellers List in the Kindle Store has been split into Top 100 Paid and Top 100 Free.

This gives me a disproportionately high amount of joy – even more than the LadyBird that is walking all over my Kindle and bringing good tidings of something yet to arrive.

Top 100 Paid Books List

At #3 we see a great deal – The Surgeon by Tess Gerritsen with bonus content for just $1.99. It’s rated 4.5 stars on 173 reviews.

A serial killer is on the loose in Boston. The victims are killed in a particularly nasty way: cut with a scalpel on the stomach, the intestines and uterus removed, and then the throat slashed.

The killer obviously has medical knowledge and has been dubbed “the Surgeon” by the media.

Detective Thomas Moore and his partner Rizzoli of the Boston Homicide Unit have discovered something that makes this case even more chilling. Years ago in Savannah a serial killer murdered in exactly the same way. He was finally stopped by his last victim, who shot him as he tried to cut her.

The only independent novel in the top 100 at the moment is Containment by Christian Cantrell. Rated 4.5 stars on 25 reviews.

Arik Ockley is part of the first generation to be born and raised off-Earth. After a puzzling accident, Arik wakes up to find that his wife is almost three months pregnant. Since the colony’s environmental systems cannot safely support any increases in population, Arik immediately resumes his work on AP, or artificial photosynthesis, in order to save the life of his unborn child.

Arik’s new and frantic research uncovers startling truths about the planet, and about the distorted reality the founders of the colony have constructed for Arik’s entire generation. Everything Arik has ever known is called into question, and he must figure out the right path for himself, his wife, and his unborn daughter.

Finally, 100 books that fully deserve the ‘bestseller’ title – well, at least in my opinion.

Agency Model doing terribly

It’s interesting to see the break-up of the Top 100 Paid books list –

  1. Books at or below $9.99 – 17 in the Top 25, 32 in the Top 50, 74 in the Top 100.
  2. Books at $12.99 – 7 in the Top 25, 13 in the Top 50, 16 in the Top 100.
  3. Books at $14.99 – 0 in the Top 25, 2 in the Top 50, 5 in the Top 100.

It’s amusing that even in a ‘paid books only’ list there are just 5 books priced at $14.99 in the Top 100 and none in the Top 25. Only 21 out of the top 100 paid books are above $9.99. Things don’t look good for the Agency Model.

Not going to buy the new Robin Hobb because it’s $14.99 – It might not matter in the greater scheme of things but there’s definitely one sale lost from someone who’s bought 5 Robin Hobb books so far.

Note that there are several newspapers and one unavailable book in the Top 100 which accounts for the totals not being 100.

Top 100 Free Books List

The break-up between free book offers and public domain books in the Top 100 Free Books List is interesting –

  1.  Free Book Offers – 19 of the Top 25, 32 of the Top 50, 41 of the Top 100.
  2.  Public Domain Books – 6 of the Top 25, 18 of the Top 50, 59 of the Top 100.

As we step out of the top 50 we simply run out of free book offers and public domain books take over. It’s great because there are lots of amazing public domain books amongst the lower 50 –

The Prince, Dorian Gray, Alice, The Odyssey.

Lots of Sax Rohmer, Common Sense, The Illiad.

H. G. Wells and Charles Dickens, Dostoyevsky and Swift.

In some ways it’s one of the most amazing things in the world – all these classics available for free – including the wireless delivery.

Looking forward to the Benefits of Split Bestseller Lists 

It’ll be good to see all the positives –

  1. More exposure for deserving authors. Now instead of 20-30 paid books we get a full 100.
  2. More exposure for deserving public domain books. The bottom 50 of the Free Books List is full of books that wouldn’t get enough attention earlier.
  3. A chance for indie authors to get more publicity. There’s already one indie author on the list and one book related to finding kindle books.
  4. 100 extra books that can be easily found. It’s much easier for readers.
  5. A clear demarcation between free and paid. People who think free books should be considered bestsellers too are catered to since the lists are on the same page.

Amazon has finally taken this big important step and they’ve come up with a remarkably elegant solution that straddles the fence on what should be considered a bestseller.

2 thoughts on “New split bestseller lists live in the Kindle Store”

  1. “The only independent book in the top 100 is …”

    Pardon me, but TENDER GRACES by Kat Magendie, which recently moved from the free list to the paid after a two week promotion, is now at No. 1 0

    deb smith, tiny, indie publisher

    1. We’re talking about paid books. Also, if a book is free, gets a high sales rank, and then transfers over to the paid list that doesn’t really count.

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