See off May with 2 free kindle books

Amazon haven’t delivered Kindle 2.5 yet – Should we consider these 2 free kindle books an apology?

  1. The Irish Devil by Diane Whiteside. Erotic Historical Romance. Rated 4 stars on 40 reviews. Apparently it’s so hot it’s been fogging up everyone’s reading glasses.

    Raised in privilege, Viola is disinherited and ostracized when she is forced to marry a man far beneath her. Now a widow, Viola ekes out a living by taking in washing in a western mining town. On one of her rounds returning clean clothes to the local house of ill repute, she overhears the girls talking about the skills of William Donovan, a handsome Irishman well on his way to making a fortune.

    … she approaches Donovan and asks to be his mistress …

    – Maria Hatton

  2. God Don’t Like Ugly by Mary Monroe. Rated 4.5 stars on 150 reviews.

    Annette Goode, born in the racist South of the 1950s, is the heroine of Monroe’s strong second novel (after The Upper Room), a coming-of-age journey depicted with wit, poignancy and bite.

    Up until 1963, when 13-year-old, overweight Annette Goode meets beautiful Rhoda Nelson, only daughter of the Richland, Ohio, town undertaker, Annette’s life has been a nightmare. After Annette’s father left her mother (Muh’Dear) for a white woman, Muh’Dear has scraped by as a domestic, stealing leftover food from her employers’ kitchens; Annette overeats to compensate for her father’s abandonment.

Also check out the 50 new free books in the Kindle Store post which was just updated and now lists all/most of the books currently free in the Kindle Store.

For a few free horror novels check out this Steve Merrifield site. Click on the read it link in the navigation bar at the top to see 2 free books – Harvest, Ivory. Ivory has one of the creepiest covers ever – strangely the book right next to it (The Pack) has a laughably bad cover.

Why do some romance novels have only women on the cover?

Looking at the cover of The Irish Devil and they have a cowboy on the cover (guess being devilish isn’t his only talent). It’s not my area of expertise – However, it would seem that’s a cover a woman would find attractive with the Devil/Cowboy/Irishman looking very ‘haven’t shaven for a day, high cheekbones, might be related to George Bush (take a close look, the resemblance is uncanny)’. He’s got the sort of focused, eyes narrowed look that screams intense (or perhaps lost my contact lens).

It makes sense – put a good-looking, mysterious guy with a cowboy hat on the cover and the book will attract attention and probably sell better.

However, in the Movers and Shakers List, ran into a romance novel by Maya Banks and there was a half-naked woman on the cover. What’s up with that?

The book has a hero who has painful secrets he’s run hard from. Am thinking it would probably sell more books if the cover was graced by a handsome man with an expression that conveyed just how hard he had run from his unbearably painful secrets. Perhaps in the process finding a cowboy hat and losing his shirt and managing to do 500,000 situps.

Yet the cover has zero male presence. In fact, Maya Banks’ romance novels have a disconcerting habit of forgetting to put men on the cover – It’s very vexing.

Help me out here – Why do these romance novels have only women on the cover?

9 thoughts on “See off May with 2 free kindle books”

    1. On their site Amazon say ‘some users will be getting it over the next few weeks’. No idea what that means in terms of general availability.

  1. Hey Switch…I have been reading for quite some time and LOVE that you have this blog.

    I wondered if you have a clue why ALL MY BOOKS have disappeared from my Kindle. I turned it on last night and —zip—nothing there. Only one PDF file I sent to myself a couple weeks ago.

    Kindle support stinks. I can’t reach anyone.

    Do you know what I can do?

      1. Same thing. When I go to my home page, the only thing there is the PDF file I had sent a couple of weeks ago. When I am on the setting page, it does give me as one of the options to reset to factory defaults (along with turn wireless off, shop, disable annotations, restart and legal) I have used the restart which shuts it completely down and “reboots” so to speak.

        I wrote to Kindle help and haven’t heard anything. I am a little freaked out.

        I even resent all the books in my kindle account (from the Amazon site) to my kindle again…and nada.

        Oddly on the settings page it has my dates of registration as April 19, 2010, but I registered it last October (2009).

  2. So the women who buy the books can fantasize about being the luscious woman on the cover who is so much more gifted in the body department. Really, we’re in this for the escape, not the great literature!

  3. Small correction on the Steve Merrifield books. Only 2 of the 4 books are downloadable, which are Harvest and Ivory. The other two, The Pack and The Room are not released yet. Which is a shame, The Room sounds really good! 🙂

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