Kindle DX Graphite is the ONLY new Kindle DX 2

It took me 45 minutes and two rewrites to figure this out and even on the official Kindle forum people are very confused.

There is only one Kindle DX 2 and it’s graphite in color.

How can you identify the real Kindle DX 2?

Well, it’s in graphite.

Here’s how you can confirm you’re getting the brand new Kindle DX 2 –

  1. It’s graphite in color.
  2. The product video preview says clearly – All New eInk Screen. 50% better Contrast.
  3. Its Technical Details section has ‘new 10:1 contrast ratio’ at the very end of the Display line.
  4. It clearly is shown as a Pre-Order. There’s a line that says – This item will be released on July 7, 2010.
  5. The first feature listed is ‘All New, High Contrast eInk Screen’. This section again mentions 50% better contrast and also talks about an all-new, improved electronic ink display.

Also, all the images and videos clearly show a Kindle DX 2 in graphite color casing. If you’re on this page – then Congratulations! You’re looking at the real Kindle DX 2.

There are some differences that currently exist but might be updated for the white, older Kindle DX as it actually shares these features with the graphite Kindle DX 2 –

  1. Description (section below Technical Details) talks about Kindle 2.5 features under the section ‘New Features’. These aren’t ‘new to Kindle DX 2’ features – they are actually Kindle 2.5 upgrade features that both Kindle DX 1 and Kindle DX 2 will have.
  2. The product page mentions 620,000 books.   

In almost every other way – the price, Amazon’s Kindle DX name for the devices, feature-set – the Kindle DX and the Kindle DX 2 are identical.

Why has Amazon made it so confusing?

No idea. Amazon wants to use ‘2nd generation’ for the white Kindle DX 1 (Global) and ‘latest generation’ for the graphite Kindle DX 2. It also wants to use near-identical descriptions – which makes it easy to get confused and think that both the white and the graphite Kindle DX are the DX 2.

As we saw above the two versions are different generations. In addition to the better screen contrast we get the ‘graphite casing effect’ with the graphite Kindle DX 2 i.e. the dark case of the new Kindle DX 2 will make text look clearer – the background will look more white and the text on that white background will stand out more. There may also be speed improvements and better performance though we can’t be sure of it at this time.

So be sure to pick the right Kindle DX. It’s only after a little careful scrutiny that you realize the graphite version is the only new Kindle DX 2 and the white is just a lower priced Kindle DX 1.

Amazon's latest moves, Kindle Previewer, and more Kindle

We see the new Kindle DX 2 for $379, the introduction of the 70% royalty rate, and the surprise arrival of Kindle for Android – all in the first 3 days of this week. There’s actually even more Kindle related stuff going on and let’s look at some of it in depth.

Amazon introduces Kindle Previewer

At the official Kindle forum Amazon introduce us to the upcoming ‘Kindle Previewer for HTML 5’ feature. In plain English its online samples of Kindle books.

They put a lot of effort into describing it –

sample Kindle books from anywhere. Kindle book previews will be available through your web browser-simply click a Preview button on an Amazon book detail page and a new browser window will open containing the preview.

If at any point while you’re reading the preview you decide you want to buy the full book, simply click the buy button and it will be instantly downloaded to your Kindle or any one of our free Kindle apps.

Apparently HTML5 and CSS3 are a really big deal. Got to love how some people are as excited about HTML5 as we would be about rockets that fly astronauts to Mars.

The good news is this souped up ‘preview’ feature doesn’t interfere with our good old samples on the Kindle – there’s no rational reason to remove samples and these web previews seem to merely be add-ons. It’s probably to help get more people into the Kindle eco-system.

The feature also makes a lot more sense when you consider the arrival of Kindle Web Widgets.

Kindle Web Widgets  

Hand in hand with the HTML 5 Kindle Previewer release is a release of web widgets which bloggers and website owners can add to their blogs and sites. It lets readers read Kindle book samples on the site itself and even order from the site.

It’s an interesting move and lots of bloggers and sites will be tempted to try it out – If the user can read the sample right there and order on the spot that’s going to work out much better than having the user click though to another site and track cookies and user purchases.

Barnes & Noble investing heavily in Nook, eBooks

B&N is seeing two diverging trends – physical store sales are declining and its profits are going down. Meanwhile web sales increased 51% and it claims to have captured over 20% of the ebook market. In fact, B&N is investing so heavily in ebooks that it claims its ebook investments are a major cause of its losses.

B&N stock took a major hit (supposedly a fall of 18%) as that explanation didn’t seem to appease the market. Of course, the market can’t be expected to understand things like building for something that in 10 years will take over all of books. This article at Forbes is worth a read.

Despite the losses B&N’s devotion to eBooks is commendable. If nothing else, it’s helping keep Amazon and Apple on their toes.

Federal Agencies want eReaders used in classrooms to be accessible

It seems that it’s not enough to kick Kindle DX out of public universities. Now Federal Agencies want to put rules into place that ensure any device used in any school or university must be accessible to the blind.

It’s good to have rules to help blind people. However, it’s a little crazy to not allow 95% of people to use a gadget because it’s not accessible. All these roadblocks are preventing the faster spread of eReaders – if eReaders spread faster it would help blind people a lot.

It seems politically incorrect to take the 10 year view – However, just ask yourself what’s better for the blind.

  1. A world where ebooks stall and we go back to physical books.
  2. A world where ebooks prosper and the blind have access via Text to Speech to every single ebook. They would no longer be limited to books Publishers have chosen to provide for the blind.

Yet Blind Associations keep attacking eReaders and stalling their growth.

It would be nice to see a list of the companies and agencies that fund organizations like the National Federation of the Blind and figure out what the cause of this super short term perspective is. NFB couldn’t be any more anti-eReader/anti-eBook if it tried.

Universal eBook Format vs Kindle App on every device

Consider this article on Yahoo News lamenting the lack of a universal ebook format. Well, what about having a Kindle app on every device – Isn’t that nearly the same thing?

Amazon have channels reaching into Android, iPhone, PC, Mac, Blackberry, and iPad. They also have their own devices. Basically, they have most of the channels covered and if they could figure out a way to tap into Nook and Sony Reader they would have created a default universal format. Only it would be a platform and not a format.

A certain group of people wouldn’t be happy with that – for them a universal format has to be ‘open’ and not controlled by a company and not something a company can profit from.

At that point you begin to realize that maybe the whole ‘universal format’ and ‘no DRM’ movement has more to do with being able to steal ebooks than being able to read an ebook on any device.

Kindle Deal – Kindle 2 for $155 at Woot

Update: Woot has sold out of the $150 Kindle 2. You can get it at Amazon for $189 with free 2 day shipping. 

Amazon bought Woot yesterday – supposedly for $110 million or so – and they are celebrating by running an exclusive Kindle deal on Woot where you can get the Kindle 2 for $150 plus $5 shipping. The deal is usually just for a day and there are limited quantities so do make a decision soon.

At Amazon with free 2 day shipping you get the Kindle for $189. At woot with their ground shipping you get it for $155. That’s a $34 saving. There’s still the 1 year warranty from Amazon and it is the global Kindle 2.

Kindle Deal on Woot = Amazon clearing Kindle 2 stock. Kindle 3 must be really close

It’s rather interesting that Amazon seem to be utilizing every method possible to clear up Kindle 2 US stock and Kindle 2 stock. We have $189 Kindles and a $150 Kindle deal at Woot and a $139 refurbished Kindle 2 US deal at Amazon.

Amazon seem intent on sending out as many Kindles as they can. Combine that with the surprise arrival of the Kindle DX 2 today and all signs point to the imminent arrival of a Kindle 3. We might even see the Kindle 3 arrive before the rumored August Kindle 3 release date.

Today though is for the $150 kindle deal and figuring out whether you or someone you know wants one.