4 kindle free books to kick off June 2010

The new month starts with 4 free book offers at the Kindle Store (1 is a repeat from last year) –

  1. The Irish Warrior by Kris Kennedy is free. It’s a historical romance. 

    As his men are slaughtered around him, legendary Irish warrior Finian O’Melaghlin is held captive by the despised English Lord Rardove. Struggling to break free, Finian finds aid from an unlikely source: the beautiful Senna de Valery, who is also trying to escape Rardove’s bloodthirsty grasp. Risking both their lives, Senna releases Finian from his shackles so they can both flee, but their plight has just begun. . .

    Seeking safe refuge, Finian and Senna have only each other to depend on for survival. Neither can deny their immediate attraction, but indulging their desires will put them both in grave danger. Finian vows to protect the woman who saved his life, but he soon learns she is a pawn in a much larger battle.

    For Senna has an unbreakable link to a priceless treasure many centuries old.

  2. Undercover Lover: Take Me Lover by Charlene Teglia. 

    When Anne Parker yanks open her front door, she’s armed and ready to aim cold fury at her ex. Instead, she finds herself staring up at Pete Crenshaw, a man as disarming as he is dangerous to her battered defenses. A man whose touch sends her I-remember-sex hormones soaring into the red zone.

    Those hormones sure have picked a hell of a time to surge, though with New Year’s around the corner and the ex suddenly making noises about worming his way back into her life.

    Pete’s been biding his time. More accurately, lying in wait for precisely the right moment to take their relationship from friends to lovers. He’s aware of Anne’s trust issues, but it’s time to make a move before she has a chance to do what she does best – overthink it.

  3. Nine Ways God Always Speaks: * Offer Only Available in Certain States by Mark Herringshaw, Jennifer Schuchmann.

    Whether Christian or not, many people have unusual experiences, conditions, or encounters that have left them wondering, Is God trying to tell me something?

    The truth is, God does communicate with us all the time. We just need to learn how to hear his voice. Using stories and examples from people throughout history and today, Herringshaw and Schuchmann show readers how they can better tune in to God’s voice—everywhere and every day.

  4.  His Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik. Very strongly recommended. It’s rated 4.5 stars on 286 reviews. 

    In this delightful first novel, the opening salvo of a trilogy, Novik seamlessly blends fantasy into the history of the Napoleonic wars.

    Here be dragons, beasts that can speak and reason, bred for strength and speed and used for aerial support in battle. Each nation has its own breeds, but none are so jealously guarded as the mysterious dragons of China. Veteran Capt. Will Laurence of the British Navy is therefore taken aback after his crew captures an egg from a French ship and it hatches a Chinese dragon, which Laurence names Temeraire.

    When Temeraire bonds with the captain, the two leave the navy to sign on with His Majesty’s sadly understaffed Aerial Corps, which takes on the French in sprawling, detailed battles that Novik renders with admirable attention to 19th-century military tactics.

The last two are courtesy Susan Crealock at MobileRead. It’s interesting to see Naomi Novik offer her book for free again – It’s definitely great and you’re almost certainly going to end up buying and reading one or more of the remaining books in her Temeraire Series (the book was called Temeraire in the UK and is about the dragon Temeraire).

Other free book offers –

  1. The University of Chicago Press has their free book of the Month – Freaks Talk Back: Tabloid Talk Shows and Sexual Nonconformity by Joshua Gammon. Note that this only works with Adobe Digital Editions so you can read it on your PC or Digital Editions enabled eReaders (Nook, Sony Reader) but not on your Kindle.

Will update if there are more free offers – It’s strange though with Suvudu and Simon & Schuster and Harper Collins giving up on or slowing down their monthly free ebook offers at their own websites. There’s almost a move to shift everything to the Kindle Store which is actually a pretty good thing for Kindle owners.

2 thoughts on “4 kindle free books to kick off June 2010”

  1. Novik has a new book coming out in July. It makes sense to make the first book in the series free again. Builds up the market anticipation…

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