Amazon adds search to Kindle for iPhone, promises search for Kindle for iPad

Amazon has released Version 2.1 of its Kindle App – It’s a shared app that functions as both Kindle for iPhone and Kindle for iPad.

Kindle for iPhone gets Search

The big additions are –

  1. Search function for Kindle for iPhone that lets you search inside a book. 
  2. Addition of bigger fonts and more font sizes for Kindle for iPad.

There are also a couple small changes –

  1. Quicker navigation between home and archived items on iPad.  
  2. Display of download progress – including percentage completed.

Finally, Amazon promises that some new additions are ‘coming soon’ –

  • The ability to search within books on Kindle for iPad
  • The ability to instantly look up any word using the included Dictionary. They say that the dictionary has 250,000 entries and definitions. 
  • Ability to search for words on Wikipedia and to do Google searches using the word.

How is the search feature? Other features?

There’s now a magnifying glass image at the top right and clicking that brings up a separate page. On this page you can enter a word or phrase – It disregards small words like ‘we’ and won’t search for them. Enter a longer word like ‘here’ and you get a list of results showing a snippet of words including the word/phrase you searched for (though it isn’t highlighted). The list uses Location as the titles for the various search results.

The downloading bar is pretty good as it shows both a progress bar and a percentage – although download speeds are usually so fast you have to wonder why it was added.

The addition of larger fonts for the iPad is a much-needed change – the largest size on Kindle for iPad wasn’t big enough. It’s also nice to have more font size options (6 instead of 5). The change of ‘quicker and easier navigation between Home and Archive’ is a rather small usability change (although a good one).

It’s pretty interesting that iBooks added some new features, including the ability to search books and view PDFs, a few days ago and Amazon almost instantly responded. It’s almost as if Amazon want to make Kindle for iPad/iPhone the best reading option on the iPad/iPhone but not as good as the Kindle.

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