Refurbished Kindle DX $399, Refurbished Kindle DX US $349

Amazon adds to its refurbished kindle dx range and users now have two options –

  1. Refurbished Kindle DX (Kindle DX International) for $399.  
  2. Refurbished Kindle DX US for $349. That’s a $50 price drop from the earlier $399.

Let’s look at whether these are good options.

Is a Refurbished Kindle DX worth $399?


There are significant pros –

  1. It’s $90 cheaper than a new Kindle DX. 
  2. You get free store browsing, 60 second downloads, and free Internet and Wikipedia browsing in 100+ countries around the world.
  3. You get access to the Kindle Store and all the Kindle Apps.
  4. The Kindle DX is a pretty good device – check out my Kindle DX Review for further details.
  5. You get a really big, very readable, easy on the eyes, 9.7″ eInk screen.
  6. You get the upcoming Kindle 2.5 release which has lots of good features including Folders and larger font sizes.
  7. It has good resale value – used Kindle DXes are selling for $415. Perhaps a refurbished, used Kindle DX would get a decent price.

There are also significant cons –

  1. Even at $399 it isn’t very good value for money. 
  2. It is a refurbished Kindle DX.
  3. There’s the possibility that a Kindle DX 2 is just around the corner.
  4. A used, refurbished Kindle DX will not be as easy to sell as a used, new Kindle DX.
  5. The Kindle DX might be too big for you i.e. holding it and carrying it and storing it are all inconvenient when compared with the Kindle 2.

A $399 Refurbished Kindle DX is not an easy decision. If it were $349 or so then it would be a solid Yes. Which brings us to the other refurbished Kindle DX.

Is a Refurbished Kindle DX US worth $349?

Yes, it certainly seems that way.

You get all the benefits mentioned above except the free Internet and 60 second downloads only work inside the US. Outside the US you have to depend on a PC to get books on your refurbished Kindle DX.

The price is $140 cheaper than a new Kindle DX International. The resale value might be pretty good as used Kindle DX US versions are going for $374. Refurbished, used ones will obviously go for a little less – However, that $374 price ought to be pretty reassuring. 

All the cons apply too – except that at $349 the Refurbished Kindle DX US seems like very solid value for money.

Does this signal a Kindle DX 2 is on the way?

It’s just too much of a coincidence that –

  1. Refurbished Kindle 2 International and Refurbished Kindle DX International have appeared simultaneously.
  2. Refurbished Kindle 2 US and Refurbished Kindle DX International have dropped their price by around $50 each.
  3. There are rumors of both a thinner, faster, clearer Kindle 2 and of a black Kindle DX.
  4. It’s 1 year 3 months since the Kindle 2 was released and 1 year since Kindle DX was released.

Yesterday, looking at all the signs that indicated a Kindle 3 might be imminent it was hard to say. However, the appearance of the refurbished Kindle DX is yet another sign and at some point you have to start thinking perhaps it’s not just a bunch of random coincidences.

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