Nook prices drop to $149 and $199, Nook WiFi Specifications

Just a quick update to the news that Nook WiFi will be launching for $149 on Wednesday. In fact, you can already order it at Best Buy (the link below) or at B&N. It’s not yet available in stores and will be available in select B&N and Best Buy stores starting Wednesday.

Engadget commenters redeem themselves

Just as my hope in humanity was at an all time low someone posted links to the Nook at Best Buy. It’s true.

  1. The current Nook is $199 and available to buy.
  2. The new Nook is $149 and available to preorder. Best Buy shows it as arriving on July 1st, 2010 if you pick expedited shipping.

The Nook WiFi is here and this time B&N executives don’t make fools of themselves by announcing the product 5-6 weeks early.

Nook WiFi Specifications

  1. $149.
  2. 6″ eInk display.  
  3. WiFi support.
  4. 2 GB storage space.
  5. MicroSD Memory Card.
  6. Lithium Polymer battery.
  7. 7.7″ by 4.9″ by 0.5″.
  8. Weighs 12.1 oz.
  9. MP3 support and USB support.
  10. Changeable Font sizes.

Here’s the write-up from Best Buy –

  • 6″ eInk® Vizplex™ Electronic Paper Display
    Reads like a printed page and is clearly visible even in bright sunlight. Swipe the 3.5″ color touch screen below to browse your library. Adjustable font size for customized reading.
  • 2GB internal memory
    Provides space for storing up to 1500 eBooks or up to 26 hours of audio.
  • Built-in microSD memory card slot
    For accessing eBooks and other digital content stored on microSD memory cards (not included).
  • Supports a variety of media formats
    Including PDF, ePub, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, PDB and MP3 formats.
  • 3.5mm stereo headphone jack
    For private listening.
  • Micro USB 2.0 port
    For fast data transfer.
  • Wi-Fi wireless LAN
    Connect to the Internet without wires.
  • Up to 10 days of reading
    On a single battery charge. Up to 3.5 hours charging time
  • B&N seem to have produced a $149 Nook that’s only missing the 3G. They’re going to make out like bandits.

    Previous Version of Post:

    A commenter, Joesph, at Engadget has pointed out that if you do searches like ‘new Nook’ on Google you can see an advertisement from B&N that states –

    Nook – starting at $149.

    Introducing 2 New Low Nook Prices. Now $149 – $199. Free Shipping.

    So it seems that not only are B&N launching a $149 Nook WiFi they are also dropping the price of the Nook from $259 to $199. Either that or they have 2 new models arriving at the $149 and $199 price points.

    Whatever it is, it’s pretty impressive and you have to wonder how Amazon will respond.

    Quick thought on comments on Engadget

    Let’s just say it now makes perfect sense to me why even Engadget themselves have their comments Off by default. That’s got to be some sort of record – even the site itself hides its commenters. Wow!

    Low and Lower

    It’s heartwarming to read the huge number of people who feel –

    1. That they will now buy an eReader.

      If the Wi-Fi only nook costs that much I might actually pick one up. I don’t really need a giant iPod Touch er… I mean iPad…. considering that I already own an iPhone.

    2. That they are just waiting for eReader prices to reach $100. Here are a few sample comments –

      Comment 1:
      Stiillll a little wary of buying one, but it’s definitely the top choice for dedicated readers at that price.

      Comment 2:
      So a 3G radio costs $110? Damn.

      $150 is a good price but I’d rather see it at around $100. Is it the eink keeping the price up? I was in B&N this weekend and got hands on and it just didn’t seem like there was enough beefy-ness to the thing to be keeping the price that high

    Apparently we are going to sell a couple million Nooks if the $149 version isn’t a mutilated version of the $259 Nook. Update: It isn’t and yes, B&N might shift a few million of these this year – So much for the death of eReaders.

    7 thoughts on “Nook prices drop to $149 and $199, Nook WiFi Specifications”

    1. I love my Kindle DX, but I recently bought the Nook for my niece upon her graduation… and I bought my hubby a nook also, for father’s day… I love the Library books he can check out for the nook in epub or MP3….

      But I noticed the nook in the cover seems clunky.. even clunkier then my Big Kindle DX…..

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