Refurbished Kindle DX US drops to $249, back to $349

Update – Price is up to $349.

The Refurbished Kindle DX US is now just $249. This is a super impressive price.

Update: Amazon doesn’t seem to be willing to ship this to Canada or UK so it might be a US only deal.

It also brings up a lot of questions –

  1. How can they afford to sell it for just $249?
  2. Did they have a lot of stock left over from 2009?
  3. Did the Kindle DX not sell much last year? Or is it that there were a lot of returns last year.
  4. How can they have enough Kindle DXes to sell given new US ones are no longer being sold and presumably there are little to no returns.
  5. What does this do to the used Kindle DX market?
  6. Will the refurbished Kindle DX global edition also see a price drop from $369? 
  7. What about the Kindle DX itself – Why is it still at $489?
  8. Why is this limited to the US?
  9. Why the huge drop from $349 (or was it $329) to $249?

It’s amazing to think that a few days ago you had to pay $259 for a Kindle 2 and today you can get a refurbished Kindle DX US for just $249.

$249 Refurbished Kindle DX US strongly hints at Kindle DX 2 being around the corner

There’s no way to rationalize a half-price refurbished Kindle DX. Yes, it’s the US version – but if you don’t travel much that’s not an issue. Also, it isn’t that hard to download books via PC if travelling internationally.

Amazon are probably clearing out their stock of the Kindle DX US . They are probably also trying out different prices to figure out the price at which they can sell their existing stock of Kindle DXes (both US and Global). We might soon see the refurbished Kindle DX Global at lower prices. 

What possible need would there be to do all this other than to prepare for a Kindle DX 2 that is better and possibly cheaper?

How soon before it sells out?

Absolutely no idea – it’d be better to get it sooner rather than later. At $249 it’s an absolute steal – especially if you’re in the US. You get a 9.7″ screen, you get free wireless downloads and free wireless Internet, and you get all the benefits of the Kindle ecosystem.

Plus you can read all the Kindle books you already have on it. Perfect for buying it for a family member. If the $249 refurbished Kindle DX US seems appealing – make a decision quickly. At this price it wouldn’t be a surprise if it sells out rather quickly.

6 thoughts on “Refurbished Kindle DX US drops to $249, back to $349”

  1. Doesn’t ‘refurbished mean – used or repaired to a degree? If so, ur not getting a spankin new DX, but more likely one that was defective & repaired at some point during or after it’s initial production – thus the additional discount (just like in the case of a refurbished cell phone) makes perfect sense, to me.

    While I’m at it, I ‘ll also state that there’s really nothing about the DX, besides it’s larger screen size, that justifies the additional $200 up-charge (when compared to the 2nd Generation Kindle 3G+Wi-Fi) in the first place as both have the exact same features. Am I missing something here? If so, please correct me as I’d like to know what I’m over-looking.

    1. Yes, refurbished DXes probably had something off.

      Agree with you on the second point – there’s no difference other than the larger screen and an accelerometer (which is a non-factor). In my opinion the larger DX should sell for $200 to $250 instead of the current $379.

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