Refurbished Kindle DX US at $249 again

Last time the Refurbished Kindle DX US was at $249 for only a few hours before it was re-priced to $349. Get yours soon if you’re interested – it seems to only ship to US addresses.

Kindle DX 2 Vs Refurbished Kindle DX US – The Differences

Here are the main differences between the two –

  1. Refurbished Kindle DX US is at $249 (for the moment) while the new Kindle DX 2 is at $379. That’s a $130 price difference.  
  2. The refurbished Kindle DX US is not brand new.
  3. The Kindle DX 2 will have much better screen contrast and be more responsive. The Kindle DX Global had better screen contrast than the Kindle DX US and the Kindle DX 2 has 50% better contrast than the Kindle DX Global so there should be a significant difference between the Kindle DX 2 and the refurbished Kindle DX US.
  4. Refurbished Kindle DX US  uses Sprint’s network while the kindle dx 2 uses AT&T.
  5. Kindle DX 2 has global free 3G while Refurbished Kindle DX US only has free 3G wireless in the USA – Outside the US you will have to browse the Kindle Store on your PC and download books to PC and then transfer to your refurbished kindle dx US.

A $130 price difference is sizeable and the difference in screen contrast will be sizeable too. It’s a pretty tough decision.

Refurbished Kindle DX US Vs Kindle DX 2 – The Similarities

You get most of the Kindle value proposition with both –  

  1. Access to the Kindle eco-system, the Kindle Store, and all the Kindle Apps and features. 
  2. They both have a great, large 9.7″ eInk screen – with the qualifier that the Kindle DX 2 will have much better screen contrast and probably faster screen refreshes.
  3. Free wireless downloads, free wireless store browsing, and Free Internet Access in the US.
  4. They both get all the Kindle 2.5 features like Folders, supersized fonts, social features, and password protection.
  5. They both have decent PDF support with pan and zoom and show PDFs correctly with great support for showing tables and illustrations and formatting correctly. Notes and highlights and text to speech in PDFs is not supported. You can convert PDFs to Kindle format to get these features.  
  6. Lots of great features like Read To Me (sometimes Publishers disable this for their books), built-in dictionary, Search, and support for background music and audiobooks.
  7. They both get the software improvements Amazon has made since the launch of the Kindle DX.
  8. They both come with a 1 year limited Amazon warranty and a 30 day return policy. You can buy an extended 2 year warranty for both.
  9. No computer required when in the US. Outside the US you need a computer to add more books to the refurbished kindle dx US though you can use the new Kindle DX 2 without a computer.

Overall the refurbished Kindle DX US is a great value if the screen contrast is enough for you and you don’t travel outside the US much.

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