Kindle DX 2 Buying Guide

There are lots of things about the Kindle DX 2 worth knowing before you go out and buy a new Kindle DX 2. This buying guide points you to a wealth of Kindle DX 2 information to help you make a smart decision.

Kindle DX 2 Buying Guide – Get Familiar with the Kindle DX 2

Do take a look at –

  1. Kindle DX 2 Video page which has 11+ Kindle DX videos including Kindle DX 2 Video Reviews, Comparisons with other eReaders, and more.
  2. Kindle DX 2 Photo page which has a dozen cool photos you can blow up to see the Kindle DX 2 in minute detail. 
  3. Kindle DX 2 vs iPad vs Nook photos page which has a dozen detailed photos showing you how the Kindle DX 2 compares against other eReaders.

These posts will help you get a very good idea of what the Kindle DX 2 looks like, what its features are, and how it compares with other eReaders.

Then it’s time for a few reviews –

  1. There will soon be a detailed Kindle DX 2 Review post (in progress). Will add the link once it’s finished.
  2. Since the Kindle DX 2 is the same as the Kindle DX 1 (except for the better screen contrast and graphite casing) this detailed Kindle DX Review post will help you a lot. This review was written when the Kindle DX was $489 – the $379 price of the Kindle DX 2 is much better value for money.

In case you are trying to decide between the Kindle DX 2 and the iPad –  

  1. Take a look at this Kindle DX 2 vs iPad review post. This is an initial version (written when Kindle DX 2 features were revealed) and will be updated soon.
  2. It’s also worth looking at this detailed Kindle DX vs iPad review as the Kindle DX 2 is very similar to the Kindle DX 1. Simply factor in the much improved screen contrast, the lower $379 price, and the Kindle DX 2 photos and videos you looked at above.

By this point you hopefully have a very good idea whether the Kindle DX 2 is right for you. You can go to the Kindle DX 2 product page at Amazon to see the technical specifications and read about the features.  

Kindle DX 2 Buying Guide – Kindle DX 2 vs every eReader

This blog covers nearly every eReader and have owned and used Kindle DX 2, Kindle DX, Kindle 2, Kindle 2 US, Nook, Nook WiFi, iPad, iPhone, and Sony Reader Touch Edition – most since they were first released.

Just let me know what questions you have, what eReaders you’re considering, and what criteria are important to you, and will try to get you whatever information you need to make a good decision.

Some additional pages that might help you –

  1. Kindle 2 Videos page which has 17+ Kindle 2 videos. These mostly feature Kindle 2 US. The Kindle 2 Global has much faster screen refreshes and better screen contrast – the videos on the Kindle DX 2 videos page clearly illustrate this.
  2. Kindle 2 Review in case you’re thinking about a Kindle. It’s now a great value at $189. 
  3. Kindle vs Nook Review written earlier this year. 

The Kindle DX 2 is a good option and the best large-screen eReader available – However, the Kindle 2 is much better value for money at $189 and, perhaps most importantly, if you want a multi-purpose device that can also read (as opposed to a dedicated reading device) you should go with the iPad. 

Please let me know your Kindle DX 2, Kindle 2, eReader questions and will be glad to help you.

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  1. Free marketing suggestion. I live in a small city bordering a much larger city where the library system is supported by local taxes as most are in the U.S. My city does not support a library system nor does it have one. We are required to purchase a very expansive (over $120 annual) library card as a non resident. The fee would go a long way towards the purchase of an eReader. Just a suggestion for eReader manufacturers to target this niche market.

    1. Thanks Robert. That’s a great suggestion – How big do you think this market is? How many cities in the US would fall into this category and what would the average population be?

  2. please excuse me if this seems like a “dumb question”…

    i have been thinking of purchasing the new DX…but the specifications say that it is 3-G…and i am a little confused…

    would this also mean that i can connect the DX to my wi-fi either at home or at a hot spot in addition to using the 3-g capability? can i check my e-mail using either 3-g or wi-fi utilizing the dx?

    sorry if this is too much of a dumb question…

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