Readable in sunlight Kindle wins over Clayton Morris

Kindle being readable in sunlight results in Clayton Morris at Fox News having a change of heart

Clayton Morris had described the Kindle as ‘positively passe’ and ebooks as ‘online books’. He had also suggested that Amazon needs to give away the Kindle at $0 to survive. Suddenly he’s changed his tune and now likes the Kindle

The biggest complaint I have with the iPad is not being able to read it in direct sunlight. In fact it’s virtually impossible. By the pool, beach or park, that’s where my Kindle gets its biggest workout.

Awesome –  Two weeks ago Clayton Morris was recommending we throw away our Kindles for the iPad and now he’s suddenly realized that the Kindle works in direct sunlight and the iPad doesn’t.

He also thinks Amazon should promote this fact a lot more (agreed, though they have begun to – including on TV commercials) –

The screen on the new Kindle DX is nice and sharp and makes reading in the sunlight a no-brainer. If Amazon were smart, this little factoid would be plastered all over its marketing material.

It’s hard to believe a lot of what he’s writing given how anti-Kindle he was just two weeks ago –

Certain features on the Kindle DX have left the iPad in the dust, such as a very thin third-inch width compared to the iPad’s half-inch size. A much longer battery life — iPad gets about 10 hours while the Kindle boasts a week on a single charge.

The Kindle DX is also noticeably lighter than the iPad.

But remember, the Kindle is just an ebook reader and the iPad is almost a laptop replacement, hardly the same kind of device. Amazon dropped the price on the new Kindle to compete with the iPad, so it’s a comparison I’m comfortable making.

He also says that he believes there’s still a market for devices that can do one thing as long as they do it well.

He ends by mentioning that he prefers the $189 Kindle over the $379 Kindle DX 2. Hard to argue with that if you don’t specifically need a bigger screen.

When the Buzz and Marketing wear off Reality takes over

It’s quite amusing to see that Clayton Morris was initially so affected by the buzz he thought the Kindle was dead and would have to go to $0 to survive. Now that reality has set in he’s realizing that the Kindle is much better for reading.

Between him and the comments we get to hear a lot of the Kindle Reader’s advantages over the pretend-Reader iPad when it comes to reading –

  1. Lighter.
  2. Cheaper.
  3. Readable in sunlight.
  4. Much better battery life.
  5. Free 3G on the Kindle.
  6. Focused on reading.
  7. Doesn’t tire the eyes – unless you’re LCD compatible. 

As time goes on a lot more people will start realizing that any device that glitters is rather unsuitable for reading in sunlight and may not be the best device for reading in general either.

The comments are a riot with readers recommending the Kindle, mentioning its free 3G, and other readers recommending Nook and Sony instead of the Kindle.  

Clayton Morris’ change of heart illustrates a key distinction a lot of people are missing – Most of the ‘eReaders will die out’ opinions are from people who are simply caught up in the thrill of new, shiny products. It’s only when these people realize that they can’t use their pretend-eReader in direct sunlight (beaches, parks, outdoors), when the wireless charges start seeming rather expensive, and when they get tired of holding their 1.5 pound book-replacement in their hands that they will understand it’s not a very good reading device.

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  1. I’ve long been a fan of the original smaller Kindle. Ever since the iPad came out I’ve believed that there’s still a place for one off devices that do one thing really well. The smaller Kindle is that device. The larger Kindle DX makes no sense to me. It never did. I also don’t believe I ever said that Amazon should give away the Kindle DX for free. If I did it was certainly a point of conversation on my show to stir conversation. I believe you have me confused with CNBC which suggested giving away the device for free.

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