Features wish-list from Nook users

If you own the Kindle you’re going to love this list of most requested Nook features.

What features are Nook owners asking for?

Well, there are quite a few (check up yourself at the Nook forum) –

  1. Folders or a Tagging system. Apparently Nook owners want this just as much as Kindle owners used to want folders on the Kindle.  
  2. Search Tool that lets readers search book titles in personal library and within ebooks. There were also users claiming search works – However, searching books in your personal library (documents you upload) doesn’t.   
  3. App Store – apps, more games, word games, organizer/calendar, to-do list. Lots and lots of requests for this – also a few specific requests not to add an app store or to make it optional.
  4. Landscape Mode. Landscape Mode for PDFs. Lots of requests for this.
  5. Notepad feature – creation and saving and editing of files. Lots of requests for this.
  6. PDF resizing options with scrolling.
  7. Ability to download ebooks through web browser.
  8. Bug fixes for anything and everything.
  9. Screen refresh to remove ghosting (Alt+G does this on the Kindle).
  10. Faster response time. More page turning speed.
  11. Ability to view all the notes in a book.
  12. Locking the device with a password.
  13. An easier way to underline.
  14. Use underlining for highlights instead of having them shown in grey.
  15. A way to delete personal documents from within the Nook. Hard to believe this isn’t there.
  16. Ability to turn off touchscreen instantly. Ability to make the touchscreen usable outside.
  17. Better contrast for the displayed content.
  18. A way to move highlights and notes to PC and print them.
  19. More features via 3G – not just buying B&N books.
  20. Delete samples from the Nook itself.
  21. Not have separate sections for ‘Books Bought from B&N’ and ‘Personal Documents’.
  22. Image zooming and panning within the book.
  23. International Support – buy books anywhere in the world.

The list really does show how important a feature Folders is (almost everyone on that forum thread is asking for it) and that the Kindle is quite far ahead of the Nook in terms of software and features. If the Kindle App Store arrives before B&N opens up the Nook to Android Apps the Kindle would increase its lead further.

Various other features Nook owners are asking for

There are lots of interesting requests – Nook owners really do seem to be quite creative and thoughtful.

  1. A ‘More by this Author’ button in books that takes you to a listing of their books in the Store. ‘Purchase next book in this series’ option.
  2. Social features. There’s also this amusing snippet –

    Also the integration to social networks highlights etc. like the other eReader that shall remain unnamed

  3. Native support of other alphabets.
  4. A way to quickly jump to top of page or bottom of page.
  5. Support for PRC and FB2 formats.
  6. Ability to re-assign the keyboard buttons.
  7. Ability to change incorrect book information (metadata like author name).
  8. Menu reorganization option.
  9. Music categorization and playlists.
  10. Picture Viewer.  
  11. More fonts.
  12. Nook to iPhone syncing. Assuming this means syncing of notes, highlights, and last page read.
  13. Displaying number of pages left until the next chapter.
  14. Way to match Nook page numbers with Paper Book page numbers.
  15. Reset ‘Furthest Page Read’.
  16. High Contrast Option – White letters on Black background.
  17. Ability to name bookmarks.
  18. Ability to turn ‘Sleep Mode’ on and off.
  19. Screensaver option – Current Book’s Cover.
  20. Save a list of words whose definitions were looked up.
  21. A way to lock individual books from being read by others. Parental Controls. Way to lock the browser.
  22. Auto-scrolling feature.
  23. Timed Page Turns.
  24. Support for Word documents – even if just view mode.
  25. Mark a book as read, indicate date started and date finished, and rate the book on the Nook itself.
  26. Password protection on buying books.
  27. Ability to view a slideshow of pictures.
  28. Ability to combine ebook purchases and have them show up as one credit card charge.
  29. RSS reader.
  30. A list – Books you are currently reading. Another reader pointed out that we can get this using the ‘Last Read First’ sorting option – However, that doesn’t apply on Kindle with ‘Collections’ view and it would be nice to have a specific separate list.
  31. Fullscreen mode that removes margins and ‘location bar’.
  32. Ability to tag books as read.

A lot of these would be great to have on the Kindle too.

Nook features it would be cool to see on the Kindle

Well, there are some –

  1. LendMe – even in its current stunted state it’d be useful. 
  2. Custom Screensavers.
  3. Changeable Fonts.  
  4. A better browser. Nook’s browser is better than the Kindle’s.
  5. Chess and Sudoku – These may arrive with the Kindle App Store (whenever that arrives). If not, Amazon need to put these in.
  6. SD card slot.
  7. Replaceable battery.
  8. Previous Page button on the right side.
  9. Lots of people would probably like ePub support.
  10. Lots of people would probably like WiFi.

Please note that this list is just based on my thoughts so it’s bound to be far shorter than the above two lists that are based on the thoughts of hundreds of users.

4 thoughts on “Features wish-list from Nook users”

  1. I too have the nook and I agree most of those items would be great………………… I also have the Kindle DX Global…. the biggest thing I wish I could get on it was library books..

    IF I could do that I would not need the nook at all…………….

    Oh yah, You have to have a computer and know how to use it if you have the nook… unlike the kindle.. that is something I never see on the negative list for the nook, but it should be…

  2. I’d say that chess and sudoku aren’t needed on the Kindle–while they may be nice, I’m guessing that most people have Kindles to read and not play games.

    That said, epub and Wifi would be really great on a new Kindle.

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