Refurbished Kindle 2 drops to $119

Thanksgiving 2010 Update: Refurbished Kindle 2 available for $119.

Wow! The refurbished Kindle 2 US price has been dropped to just $109.99. Amazon must really want to get rid of them.

Quick Refresher on what you do and don’t get with the Refurbished Kindle 2 US

What you don’t get – international wireless, international book downloads via wireless (you have to use your PC outside the US to download books and then transfer them to the Kindle 2 US), the slightly better screen of the Kindle 2 global.

What you do get – Kindle Store, Wireless browsing and 60 second downloads in the US, Free Internet and Wikipedia in the US, Kindle features, the Kindle 2.5 upgrade with Folders and improved fonts.

The Kindle 2 US is basically the Kindle 2 global without the global wireless and with a slightly lower screen contrast. It may also be a tiny bit slower though it’s hard to say for sure. You can read up all the other benefits at the Kindle 2 product page.

Why drop the Refurbished Kindle 2 US to just $109.99?

Thanks to MobileRead for the heads up. No idea why the price was cut by $30. It’s a huge price-cut and it hints at Amazon clearing up stock for something.

It very, very strongly hints that a Kindle 3 is arriving soon. It also makes you wonder how Amazon has so much Kindle 2 US stock – Didn’t Amazon stop making these a year ago? Perhaps it is still making these to cater to people who don’t need international wireless.

$109 is a ridiculously low price for a device that comes with free wireless Internet access – all the mobile websites work as do the mobile versions of Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and GMail. Lots of people would gladly pay $109 for email access – the eInk screen and the eReader are free bonuses.

If you’re interested please make a quick decision – the refurbished Kindle 2 US may sell out soon at this price.

9 thoughts on “Refurbished Kindle 2 drops to $119”

  1. I was going to hold out for a Kindle 3 but decided to get this today, after being angry I missed out on the woot deal (although I am happy about it now).

    My theory is that even if they come out with a Kindle 3 and it is awesome. Really all I did if I replace my 2 with a 3 is buy somebody an awesome Christmas present.

    1. yup – that’s a great way to look at it. Despite having a Kindle 2 US, Kindle 2, Kindle DX 1, and Kindle DX 2 wanted to buy it. Then realized that already have a Kindle 2 US. What a great price.

  2. The continual price drop of the refurbed discontinued model is no doubt due to the status of warranty, and they may not be refurbished except by name. Even on launch day, manufacturers have “extra stock”, even if sold out, so as to be able to handle warranty service. This is how I was able to both get a nook during the first week, and have a replacement overnighted to exchange it for a working model.

    As the one year warranties on discontinued products start to expire, the expected stock needs dwindle, until they finally can sell everything they have as nobody has a warranty about 30 days after shipping the last warranty replacement.

    1. I have purchased 2 refurb Kindles and swear that they were never used prior to my purchase. At $110 these things are a steal!

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