Tuesday evening 2 Kindle free books

Well, Amazon seems to be particularly generous this week. Here are 2 free kindle books for Tuesday evening (to add on to the 6 that were free yesterday morning) –

  1. A Flower Blooms on Charlotte Street by Milam McGraw Propst. A great book for kids, it won a Parents Choice recommendation in 2000.

    In 1898, after her mother’s death, Ociee runs wild with her brothers in Marshall County, Mississippi. Her mother’s sister, Aunt Mamie, has other plans for Ociee.

    Her loving father agrees and packs his only daughter on the train to go live with her aunt on Charlotte Street in Ashville, North Carolina; it is the biggest metropolis that the child has ever seen. This protagonist, lively and sympathetic, stars in a story that is permeated with familial love. A 2000 Parents’ Choice® Recommended winner.

  2. The Goddess of Fried Okra by Jean Brashear. Rated 5 stars on 8 reviews. It’s supposedly Southern Fiction.

    Grief. Hope. Love. Sword fights.

    And the crisp glory of fried okra. Ex-cocktail waitress and “convenience story professional” Eudora “Pea” O’Brien is filled with grief and regret, low on cash and all alone.

    Headed down the hot, dusty back roads of central Texas, Pea is convinced she’ll find a sign leading her to the reincarnated soul of the sister who raised her. A sign that she’s found her place in the world of the living again. At least that’s what the psychic promised.

    In an unforgettably funny and poignant journey, Pea collects an unlikely family of strays-a starving kitten, a pregnant teenager, a sexy con man trying to go straight, and a ferocious gun dealer named Glory, who introduces Pea to the amazing, sword-wielding warrior goddesses of Texas author Robert E. Howard …

8 free books in 2 days isn’t bad.

Random Thoughts

Aesthete is such a beautiful word. Thought it was a type of athlete – apparently not.

There’s a movie being made on the book Charlie St. Cloud by Ben Sherwood. It’s being shot in Vancouver, Canada (perhaps it’s already finished) and the story is well, ethereal –

Not even death can keep two brothers from meeting to play ball: it sounds like a sentimental TV movie, doesn’t it?

Actually, Sherwood’s second novel (after The Man Who Ate the 747) is warmhearted but not maudlin, exploring the bonds between the living and the dead and the lengths to which we’ll go for love.

A secret jaunt to a Sox game ends in tragedy when Charlie St. Cloud, who isn’t old enough for a driver’s license, crashes the car he pinched from a neighbor. The hearts of Charlie and his younger brother, Sam, stop, but miraculously, Charlie is resuscitated.

There’s a lot more to it and you might like it.

Guess this explains why people do stuff for free online – It’s Unanimous – we all love Joyce. Given the number of times she’s pointed me to free books recently her help is certainly appreciated.

Speaking of free – The Looking Glass Wars and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland are free in audiobook format until the 29th at Audio Book Sync. Then, a new set of free audiobooks replaces them.

Used Kindle 2’s are now selling for $229 while refurbished ones are at $169. That doesn’t make sense – Perhaps they feel that used (like new) Kindles are for some reason better than refurbished Kindles.

Adobe 9 converts PDF files to text (simply choose ‘Save As -> Text’) which you can use straight on your Kindle – for highlights and changing fonts and all that fancy stuff. It’s a free download.

Lots of people at the official kindle forum think a Kindle WiFi is going to arrive. It would be quite an about-turn given Amazon has been pretty stubborn about not adding WiFi – and hasn’t for the last 2.5 years. At the same time Nook WiFi opens up a new front and Amazon will, at some point of time, have to take them on.

Realized that the auto-rotate on Kindle DX bothers other people too.

Is it possible to get addicted to Scrabble? Perhaps playing 20 games at the same time isn’t the best idea. Had 5 people resign their games with me today (it’s when someone gives up). Perhaps that is a sign of addiction.

Isn’t it strange that Nook 2 is with the FCC, there are rumors of a Kindle 3 release in August, and Sony Reader seems imminent (huge price cut on Sony Readers a few days ago). Have we ever had all three companies release new eReaders in the same month? Will it happen? Which will be best?

2 thoughts on “Tuesday evening 2 Kindle free books”

  1. After following the link it all became much clearer 🙂
    On the serious note, it’s a good news. Now if only they added Unicode support…

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