Kindle 3 Review

This Kindle 3 Review will walk you through the best features and weaknesses of the Kindle 3. You can find videos/photos at the Kindle 3 product page. 

Thanks to Stephanie and Jay of the Kindle team for the chance to review the Kindle 3 for about an hour. 

Kindle 3 Review – Kindle 3’s strengths

Kindle 3 improves on the Kindle 2 in numerous ways –

  1. New eInk Pearl Screen with 50% better contrast. Kindle 3 has the new eInk screen (which the DX 2 has) and also software improvements (which DX 2 doesn’t). The contrast is much better than Kindle 2. Side by side Kindle 3 blew away Kindle 2.  
  2. $189 Price – Kindle 3 manages to stay at $189 despite the improvements.
  3. WiFi Support – Kindle 3 has both WiFi and 3G. There’s free book browsing and buying at AT&T WiFi hotspots. There’s also a Kindle WiFi for $139 (my Kindle WiFi Review) although the only difference is the lack of free 3G in Kindle WiFi.  
  4. Lighter, Thinner, and Smaller – Comparing the weights of the Kindle 2 and Kindle 3 was a revelation. It’s 8.7 ounces and feels lighter. It’s also 21% smaller and will fit a coat pocket or a small clutch purse. It’s thinner than the Kindle 2 and the tininess is a bit disconcerting.
  5. 3 Font Types, Sharper Fonts – Kindle 3 added sans-serif and condensed fonts to the Caecilia serif font. There’s also talk of making fonts sharper via waveform technology that flew over my head.
  6. 1 Month Battery Life – Yes, you read that right. It’s ‘up to 1 month’ with wireless off and up to 10 days with wireless on.  
  7. Improved PDF Reader – You can add notes and highlights to PDFs, use the Dictionary, and access password protected PDFs.
  8. Accessibility via Text to Speech for Menus, Home Page – Kindle 3 reads home page lists, item descriptions, and menus to you. Add on the supersize fonts and it’s great for blind readers and low vision readers.
  9. Quieter Page Turn Buttons – Yup, no more getting cursed at when you’re reading in bed. Easier to push too – though the ends wrap around the edge and it’ll take some adjusting.
  10. Double the Memory – You can now store 3,500 books and it’ll soften the pain of not having an SD card slot.  

It’s a solid set of additions and it makes the Kindle 3 amazing. Amazon keeping the price at $189 makes the Kindle 3 ridiculously good value for money. 

Kindle 3 Review – Kindle 2 strengths that are carried over

Important features that are carried over from Kindle 2 –

  1. eInk Screen. Reads just like paper. You can read books in direct sunlight. It doesn’t bother your eyes like an LCD would.  
  2. Free 3G wireless. This covers browsing the kindle store, downloading books in 60 seconds, free Internet, and free Wikipedia. 
  3. Global Wireless Coverage – Books in under 60 seconds in over 100 countries. Internet is free for US customers in all these countries. Free Internet/book download availability may vary for Kindle owners from other countries.
  4. Text to Speech. Reads books out to you unless disabled for the book by its Publisher. A court ruling may (perhaps, not sure) force Publishers to enable this in future. 
  5. Kindle Store – 630,000 books and 510,000 under $9.99. 1.8 million books (mostly public domain) are available from various sites.
  6. Very Simple to Use – The Kindle is simple. You don’t need a computer to use it. It works out of the box.
  7. Share your Favorite Passages – Use Facebook and Twitter to share your favorite passages in a book right from your Kindle.

Nearly every Kindle 2 strength is carried over.

Kindle 3 Review – Improvements everywhere

It’s clear that a ton of thought and work has been put into the Kindle 3 –

  1. The new Kindle 3 cover (bought separately) comes with a built-in LED light powered by your Kindle. It’s marvellous and uses the hinges that lock-in your Kindle to power the LED.
  2. There’s a new WebKit browser (experimental) which is faster, easier to use, and has an ‘article mode’ that shows just the main text on a webpage.
  3. Another improvement is that the Menu, Home, Back, and 5-way buttons have been moved next to the keyboard.
  4. The 5-way is replaced by a different sort of arrangement of 5 buttons that reduces wrong button pushes. It’ll take some getting used to as it’s pretty different.
  5. The power slider and volume control are moved to the bottom and are easier to get to.

Kindle 3 is just very easy and painless to use.

Kindle 3 Review – Kindle 3’s weaknesses

Kindle 3 isn’t perfect and there are some drawbacks –

  1. No Color – It only applies to textbooks and books with color illustrations. However, it’s an eInk disadvantage that’s often brought up.
  2. No Touchscreen – If you envision taking notes with a stylus then Kindle 3 isn’t the eReader for you. 
  3. No ePub Support – Don’t see Amazon letting the fox in among the chickens by supporting ePub.
  4. No SD Card slot – Double the memory should help make this limitation less taxing for people who wanted extra memory.
  5. No replaceable battery – It’s still not replaceable.
  6. No number keys – Now we have to use Alt+Top Row to type numbers.
  7. No lending ebooks – Nook has some books that have LendMe enabled and can be lent once. Kindle 3 doesn’t. It does have sharing of multiple Kindles on 1 account (meant for families) and reading 1 book on 5-6 devices at a time. Nook also has these features.
  8. Now that it’s so small you have to wonder about falls and drops.

Please do point out any drawbacks this post missed.

Kindle 3 Review Conclusion – Kindle 3 is Strongly Recommended

Kindle 3 combines solid improvements (50% better screen contrast, compactness, faster page turns, better PDF support, WiFi, lighter weight, longer battery life) with an even sharper focus on reading and simplicity. 

Quite simply, the Kindle 3 is the best eReader available.

  1. If you’re looking to buy an eReader get the Kindle 3. At $189 it’s Strongly Recommended.
  2. If you’re thinking about upgrading consider my Kindle 3 vs Kindle 2 comparison post.
  3. If $139 is very attractive and you don’t need 3G consider the Kindle WiFi.
  4. Kindle 3 and Kindle WiFi aren’t right for you if you need ePub, color, touch, lending, or the ability to do more than just read.

If you love to read you’ll love the Kindle 3. Hope this Kindle 3 review helped you.

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  1. If you had just purchased a Kindle 2 and were still within the return window, would you send it back and wait for the K3? I’m loving my new K2 except for the low contrast. I hate to think of doing without it for a month…but is that the smarter move?

    1. Honest answer – without a doubt.

      There are just a ton of improvements. The screen difference is very significant. My Kindle DX 2 is now my reader of choice – over the Kindle 2 – even though Kindle DX 2 is awkward.

    1. I loved how Charlie kept turning the page on accident as he brandished the K3 around.

      The focus on reading I too thought to be a good move on Jeff’s part–something the public needs to better understand. But I think since they didn’t really cover anything new, what struck me most was Jeff Bezos’ attitude. Charlie threw him a great line to Steve Job’s defamation, but he turned it completely around, instead doing all but complimenting Jobs for taking it in stride.

      And the multiple device future, I’m totally in already. With a netbook, DSi, Zaurus UMPC, cellphone, and now Kindle to boot, I totally get the superiority of dedicated devices.

      On aside, I really like how Amazon has moved even farther away with web capatabilities and made it so you can take a page and churn it into an article–brilliant! Do hope to see that in an update for my lowly Kindle 2 US. And a vocab-builder and/or note taker, tho, hopefully both might come with the App store. Hopefully.

  2. This thing looks fantastic! I might have to get one to keep the GKDX I just ordered company. 🙂

    Now I’m really hoping they add some of the apparent software/firmware upgrades the K3 got to the GKDX via wireless update. Seeing as how many people are purchasing the DX with the intent of reading PDFs on it, the highlighting, note adding and dictionary lookup capabilities would certainly be welcome on the K3’s big brother.

    1. It was a surprise to see so many different improvements – some of which (sharper fonts, PDF, voice menus) could easily be added to the other Kindles.

  3. I’m a Kindle 1 owner still, and I’m frustrated by the lack of software (folders!) for the original. I still prefer the original’s giant page turn button on the right. Unlike some I was quite used to that.

    However, with the price drop to $189, the now twice better contrast, and the fact that I can sell my Kindle 1 and still get about $125 for it, I might bite on a Kindle 3.

    One question though – can the original Kindle 1 power adapters still be used? What comes in the box with Kindle 3 – does it have it’s own power adapter, or can it charge from the USB cable now?

    1. Also, does it come with a stock case? The one with the light I see is $60, and it’s not “in the box”, so what comes in the box insofar as a “case”? I got rather used to the one that came with Kindle 1, so I’m curious to see how that will play out here, since they won’t give away the cool lighted one. I figure it’s gotta have SOMETHING.

    2. It can charge from USB cable. Not sure about the power adapter – Did the Kindle 1 power adapter plug into the USB cable? That’s what happens with Kindle 2 and I suspect the same will happen with Kindle 3.
      There’s a little plug/adapter and it has a slot to fit in one end of the USB cable.

      1. Kindle 1’s power adapter did not plug into the USB slot, it plugged into a separate small (and I mean tiny) hole to the right of the USB slot. However, my Kindle 1 can charge when it’s plugged in and in USB mode. Found that out when I was copying my content off my Kindle before deregistering. 🙂

        Anyway, thanks for the no case warning. Kindle 1 did come with one, but then when I bought mine originally it was like $399, so I guess the cost of the case can be buried in there.

  4. Somebody have news about the App Store for Kindle?

    I’m seriously consideratig to buy a Kindle 3 but I’m concerned about compatibility issues.

    Thank you…

      1. The applications being developed with KDK will be compatible with this Kindle version? what about with the older ones?

        In general I want to know more about the lasts news related with Kindle App Store that Amazon promoted at the beginning of the year but after that there is no so much information.

        1. Can’t really answer much because don’t know what I’m allowed to say.

          Apps are compatible with all Kindle 2s and Kindle DXes. Don’t know about Kindle 3 since haven’t tried – Don’t see why Amazon wouldn’t make it compatible.

      2. Thank you, I don’t see any reason neither, but is very rare that they don’t share more information about that.

        Anyway, when you have/can share more information about Kindle App Store and KDK please write some posts. I’m already on the list for the public beta of the KDK but I’m continue waiting for to develop some applications.

        Thank you again…

  5. Thank you so much for listing all of the pros and cons between the different eReaders. I also took your advice in waiting till August before buying, now that K3 is out I’m so happy I did.

    However, can you clear a couple of last questions for me?
    If I don’t get the 3G version and I’m in another country, but I have internet with the Wi_Fi, then I can still buy/download books from Amazon, right?

    Is there a way I can get eBooks from libraries onto a Kindle? I’m assuming that I can get ebooks (EPUB) on my computer, but then can I convert/transfer the file on a Kindle?

    Thanks for all of the reviews, and sorry if you’ve answered these questions already.

    1. First question – Yes. WiFi would let you buy and download from Amazon.

      Second question – It’s not legal but there’s a way to break the DRM of library files and convert for Kindle. Google it and you’ll run into it.

  6. I’d like to thank you for your Kindle coverage. It’s helpful.

    I’m glad that Amazon finally did something for those of us who don’t have Whispernet coverage. Transferring books from the computer was not a desirable option because the free samples are not available that way.

    A couple comments about Whispernet- Other websites say that it’s run by Sprint, but you say it’s ATT. I suspect that it may be Sprint because ATT phones work in my area, but Whispernet doesn’t work.

    Also, the coverage maps are not correct. The Amazon’s map says Whispernet should work at my home, but I have to drive to the next county for a signal.

  7. Can the Kindle 3G also connect to wifi since I read wifi connections are usually faster than 3G ones? Can we activate either one depending on location? Thanks!

    1. Yes, Kindle 3G does have WiFi support built-in. From the Kindle 3 help pages it seems that you can switch between the two –

      Your Kindle automatically turns 3G coverage off when you connect using Wi-Fi. If you disconnect from a Wi-Fi network or if you move out of Wi-Fi range, Kindle automatically switches back to 3G coverage.

      1. Is it possible to disable 3G so that it won’t automatically activate when out of Wi-Fi range?

        I would prefer to manually toggle the 3G on/off feature if possible.

        Thanks for your input and your valuable service.

  8. Thank you! Now wondering if I should wait a couple of weeks before placing my order and see if a Nook 2 is coming out and see what it is like…

  9. Is there a picture of the ports/holes on the bottom? One of the pictures on Amazon’s site has a shot of that, but the picture is pretty small. Are there (much) larger pictures available of the official pictures anywhere?

  10. What advantages does the 3G model offer over the wireless? I don’t travel abroad (wish I could afford it) and so that’s not an issue.
    Also, are there many college textbooks available for the Kindle?
    Finally, what is it like to use the Kindle web browser? Is it anything like a regular computer?

    1. Jennifer,
      Please check out my Kindle vs Kindle WiFi post for a discussion of benefits of 3G.
      You would have to check for your specific textbooks. Amazon has big Kindle textbook plans but they are in the early stages.
      Have no idea what the new ‘Webkit based’ browser on the Kindle 3 is like. The Kindle 2 browser is basic. Mobile sites work – However, they are slow. With WiFi they’ll be fast so that’s not a problem. It’s basically good for reading websites and not good for complicated pages and Flash doesn’t work. In advanced mode javascript works.

  11. Ordered my K3 last night. Didn’t even think, just clicked “pre-order.” Coming to this site as an afterthought has only further convinced me that the K3 is for me.

    Thanks for all the work you do! Much appreciated 🙂

  12. I qualify for a return of my K2, but I’m not sure I want to live without my Kindle until the end of next month. The K3 looks awesome, though

    1. You could always read on a PC or something in the meantime? iPhone, perhaps? Not optimal, but you’d end up with a K3 in a few weeks.

      I wouldn’t wait too long to decide. I’d wager it will be not too long before they stop guaranteeing deliveries on Aug 27.

  13. Amazon’s biggest mistake is making the Kindle 3 the same price they closed out the Kindle 2 with – $189. Now all those that got a Kindle 2 will have great regret and I predict many will be sent back within the 30 return period so they can get a new Kindle 3. Amazon should of made the Kindle 2 $179 and the new Kindle 3 $199. They could drop the price after one month if they wish. But there is no reason to cause customers’ satisfaction with you product to diminish just because of your pricing strategy. Huge FAIL for Amazon on this one.

    1. Well, they’re allowing returns so don’t see the problem. They’ll just take the returned Kindle 2s, refurbish them, and sell them as refurbished Kindles.

  14. Da*n It All To H*LL!!!!….I ordered mine on June 27th and got it on June 29th…..just in time for my Bday on July 10th….soooooo, looks like I’m passed the 30 day return policy…..Bummer!!!! Plus I took advantage of the $100 credit, which lowered the price to $89.00…..An Incredible Price….But Ohhhhh, how I wish I had waited just a little longer before I hit the buy button!!!

    I’m one of those that thought when the Kindle 3 came out, it would be priced much higher than the Kindle 2……It has taken me months and months to decide on an ereader and when Amazon lowered it to $189, I jumped……(obviously) to soon.

    I also ordered a nice light and a sleek cover…but they don’t work together….another bummer. Looks like this new Kincle 3 cover is awesome!!!

    I wonder if they would take pity on me and let me return it????

  15. This looks very compelling. I’ve been reading eBooks since 1998 on a Palm Personal… I had dismissed Kindle as not doing enough compared to the iPad. Still, I’ve thought the iPad to limiting in what it IS able to do in its current form and haven’t sprung for one (yet).

    Now that a WiFi/3G Kindle with better-than-Kindle-DX specs is available for under $200, I’m inclined to spring for one, even though I know in my heart of hearts that they’ll probably be closer to $100 by teh end of the year.

    The ONE THING that holds me back is that from talking with friends who use Kindles and from my own experience of using Kindle app on an iPod Touch, there is a problem with pagination. Kindle (and perhaps almost any eBook reader) re-flow the books and re-paginate. This isn’t an issue when reading a book alone, but in group studies with some using eReaders an some using printed copies, it’s a very big deal to get everyone on the same page (no pun intended…)

    Does anyone know if the K3 is any different that the rest of the Kindles (or other readers for that matter)?

      1. Thanks for the quick answer. This is going to take some thought…

        I have thoroughly enjoyed reading eBooks, but reading on an iPod Touch with a 3.5″ screen at 53 years old is a co,completely different experience than a B&W Palm (or HandEra) at 41… It’s that whole eye-thing.

        Still, this looks like a good meld of function-vs-portability.


  16. Almost all the comments about the K3 have been overwhelmingly positive, often mentioning as many as 26 improvements. However, the technical press don’t seem to have gotten that message. For another perspective from, which they refer to as minor improvements:

    Kindle 3: Is there still a place for dedicated e-readers?
    Amazon unveiled the Kindle 3 this week with a few minor improvements and a much better price tag. But do customers still want dedicated e-readers? Read more:

  17. One issue that I have read regarding the Kindle is for those who moved from K1 to K2, they had to go thru a labourious process of moving the books that they had purchased from one device to the new device. Essentially it appears that the book that was purchased is tied to the original device it was downloaded to. (please read this review and note points 1, 2, 4)

    I am not sure if these issues are/will be addressed with Kindle 3 but for me these are big stumbling blocks to getting a Kindle. Will greatly appreciate feed back on this

  18. Anyone else wish someone would combine the best features of the kindle and the nook and make a truly fabulous e-reader????

    1. P.S. thanks for writing a review with what seems to be the latest and most accurate news. its really frustrating when you can’t find out how things compare and you’ve done that brilliantly…will definently b subscribing to this site

  19. I pre-ordered a new K3 in graphite on the 31st. We’ll see when it actually gets here. I’m in the Seattle area, but that doesn’t necessarily mean quicker shipment from Amazon.

    I *almost* canceled the K3 to go with the new DX after sizing photos of the K3 and DX in Illustrator and making foam-core mockups of both units. It’s very difficult to accurately gauge the size of these units and their feel in the hand without doing so. The thought was that the DX would be better for PDFs, especially product manuals that I need to refer to on a regular basis. The K3 is much smaller than I thought it would feel and the DX is not as large as it seemed in website photos…

    In the end, I decided to go with the K3. Easier on my wallet and easier to stow/carry, it will fit in the front pocket of may slacks (standing, not sitting) in a pinch if needed. The DX won’t.

    Thanks for the great work on this site. There’s precious little out there in the way of real reviews, and what I found here really helped me make a decision. – TR

    1. Any chance you should share the sizing photos and photos of the foam models? It would help a lot of people.
      I can host them on this blog if you need a place to host.


      1. The following shows a shot of my Fome-cor mockups on a desktop next to common office objects for size comparison:

        (paste web address into your browser)

        Anyone can do this. Simply go to Amazon’s website for Kindle to get the overall dimensions of the Kindle 3 and DX. I then found pictures of each unit by doing a search on the web and then manipulated those images in Illustrator (you could use other apps as well) by stretching them to fit a dimensioned rectangle, then printed them out an glued them to Fome-cor. Cardboard would work as well. The advantage of Fome-cor is that the back edge of the board can be beveled just like the real Kindles to have a thinner edge.

        Let me know if this is helpful. It certainly was to me… TR

  20. I was just looking at the screen shots of the K3 on Amazon. It appears that the location bar is at the absolute bottom of the screen.

    On the K2, the location bar is about a quarter of an inch from the bottom of the screen. I always thought that was a waste of space since nothing appears in that quarter inch below the location bar.

    By simply moving the location bar closer to the bottom of the screen, Amazon has basically made the screen a quarter of an inch bigger. Depending on the font size you use, you can probably fit another line of text on each page. That’s great.

    I believe I read somewhere that the info bar at the top (Title, wireless, battery) only appears when you first enter a book and disappears after you hit “next page.” If that’s true, then you get an extra line or two of text at the top as well.

    1. Good catch.

      Yes, that’s true about the top bar.
      When you see them side by side the Kindle 3’s screen looks bigger than that of the K2 even though they are the same size. It’s probably because the top bar is gone and the K3 is smaller. Definitely more words per page.

  21. Maybe not the most appropriate place for this comment/question, but I’m not sure where else to put it:

    I’ve purchased a bunch of nonfiction ebooks from Amazon. In every case, the ebook book eliminated some of the maps, pictures and illustrations that are included in the hardcopy, or used incredibly small, low resolution versions of them that are worthless.

    Why is that? We know from the screen savers that Kindles are capable of displaying good quality pictures. The only theory I can come up with is that they are trying to limit file size by deleted or shriking the photos.

    Based on this experience I usually advise people to stick to fiction on the Kindle and avoid nonfiction.

    (I know you can zoom, but zooming in on a low resolution pictures only distorts it more; it doesn’t make it viewable.)

    1. It’s probably size. There’s probably some figure they have on how many times a book is going to be downloaded during a Kindle owner’s use of it. Let’s say it’s 4 times.
      If the file is 2 MB then they have to pay for 8 MB of data transfers. If the file is 7 MB they have to pay for 28 MB of data transfer.

      In fact, if you add in the various devices and the Archive function 4 might be a petty conservative estimate.

  22. Hi, here is a video of kindle 3. I think it is a really good one, because it shows the beauty of the new display:

    [Updated – Video now embedded on Kindle 3 Video page – the second video]

    (I haven’t seen it linked in your blog).

  23. I assume that Target will discontinue selling Kindle 2 and start selling Kindle 3. Anyone hear any rumors about when that will happen?

    If I had to guess I’d say the end of October at the latest so that they are in stores in time for holiday sales.

  24. Last night I got an update for my K2. It’s 2.5.6. The only difference I noticed is that the cursor moves lightening fast now. There used to be a slight pause as you moved the cursor down the page. Not any more.

  25. On my Kindle 2, I had become quite accustomed to pressing and holding the next page button when I was a couple of lines from the bottom of the screen and then letting it go which caused the next page to then be displayed. With the K2 update I received about a month ago, pressing the next page button immediately goes to the next page, so my reading is now interrupted, albeit momentarily.
    How does this work on the K3?

  26. K2 owner here … what I find really really annoying is that on the K2, Amazon did not fully leverage the use of the keyboard. No Hot Keys ! To go to TOC, you had to go thru multiple steps. Hot keys would made logical sense. Same with starting the browser .. hot keys, please !

    Amazon, Amazon … pay attention … that keyboard you have on that Kindle… put it to work !

    Stepping out of the soapbox now //

  27. I like to know the web browser performance. I can not find much info on the kindle browser anywhere, no screenshots of what a rich webpage looks like in kindle

      1. Hi,

        Thank you for your reply, but I am asking as I am afraid:

        1. I might not be able to download all books I want too. With audible it said with may books ‘not available for the European market.

        Will I not have that problem with downloading books for the Kindle?


        1. Yes, book availability varies by region.
          You can go to Kindle Store and on the top left you can set your country to Netherlands (if it isn’t already) and check how many of the books you want/like are available.

  28. “Kindle 3 Review – Kindle 3′s weaknesses
    No ePub Support…”

    The free (for Windows/Mac/Linux) software package Calibre allows conversion of non-DRM’d ePub files to the Kindle-friendly .mobi format:

    Thus, a work-around for this Kindle weakness.

  29. Do you know if the device can be opened? For the Kindle 2 there are reasonable after-market solutions for replacing the battery with a 3rd party one- does this appear possible on the Kindle 3 or is it’s battery sealed in? Thanks!

  30. Hi, Can anyone tell me where the Kindle 3 is sold (in stores) in the US? specifically PA as I am going on a shopping trip this weekend and would certainly consider buying it.

    Any info would be appreciated! Leaving Friday! Thx, D

    1. Donna, Kindle is sold in Best Buy and Target and Staples. Target and Staples definitely. Best Buy is supposed to be selling Kindles – not sure if it’s started. It would be a good idea to call ahead and check on availability.

      1. Thanks, switch11!! It is not available in Canada yet, and have done my research- believe it’s the BEST and want to check it out when in Erie PA this weekend.
        While I have your attention- being in Canada- if the G3 won’t work- should I just go with the regular Kindle 3 and not the more expensive one ? It would be nice to have the ability though, to order and download books in a minute directly from the Kindle store…..

  31. Out of curiosity – are you hearing anything about glitches in 3G coverage? My kindle 2 is showing 4 bars and my kindle 3 is saying Edge (no bars) in the exact same place.

  32. Thanks to information and advice from switch11
    I contacted the local stores indicated in the Erie PA area Friday morning and found a Kindle 3 with wifi and 3G (only one available) at Best Buy-so I paid on the spot and and picked it up when I got there. My friend who I went with wanted one too, so Saturday AM we called Target as soon as they opened and she was able to get the only one (same model) they had been sent in their overnight shipment- so there we were- “TWO HAPPY (CDN) CAMPERS” WITH OUR KINDLES!!! This morning, a very nice young gal at Best Buy gave us a quick tutorial, walking us through the registration process, etc. and I am now at home getting ready to snuggle up with one of my 4 newly purchased books!!!
    LOVE MY KINDLE!!! Thanks for the help and info!

      1. Well, that’s what they SAID anyway………..but if you believe that, I’ve got some nice swamp land in Florida for you…..ha ha

  33. Atom: “I’ve purchased a bunch of nonfiction ebooks from Amazon. In every case, the ebook book eliminated some of the maps, pictures and illustrations that are included in the hardcopy, or used incredibly small, low resolution versions of them that are worthless. Why is that?”

    Switch11: “It’s probably size. There’s probably some figure they have on how many times a book is going to be downloaded during a Kindle owner’s use of it. Let’s say it’s 4 times. If the file is 2 MB then they have to pay for 8 MB of data transfers. If the file is 7 MB they have to pay for 28 MB of data transfer.”

    They shouldn’t be pennywise in that fashion. (Omitting or thumbnailing graphics and maps in nonfiction.) If it’s really a significant cost to them, they should allow book buyers who are disappointed with the cut-down graphics to order them before or afterwards, by paying $1 (say) extra. If bought afterwards they’d be melded into the book by amazon’s software.

  34. Hi, just have to tell you that I have now had my Kindle 3 for about a month, and am really enjoying it! I have learned many things about what I can do with my Kindle, the newest being that I can access my email through a Google “gmail” account, Google news of the day and other interesting information, and more.
    Friends at home are heading down to Buffalo NY (closest US city to us) to try and buy their own.
    Thanks to you all for your comments and replies (above). I have found them all very informative and helpful.

  35. y para cuando tendremos el kindle 3 en otros idiomas como el castellano…? sorry… and when will the kindle 3 in other languages like Castilian …?

  36. I take notes when reading. Will all my notes be on the same “clippings” page or will my notes be under the book they are referring to.? and Is there a limit to the amount of notes I take ?

    1. Rita, all your notes will be in one file – a Clippings.txt file. When you are in a book, then you can refer to all notes for that book. However, there is no separate file you can access on your PC with all your notes. You can also go online (I forget the exact url, perhaps and access your notes there.

      Some books have limits on how much of the book you can highlight. I don’t think there are limits on amount of notes but I’m not sure.

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