Kindle coming to China? + Free Political Thriller

Well, the free book adds on to the 8 free books in various genres from the last two days –

  1. Face of Betrayal by Lis Wiehl, April Henry. It’s a political mystery though it’s published by a Christian Publisher so that might factor in (it doesn’t seem particularly religious from the reviews or description).

    Wiehl, a Fox News commentator and legal analyst, teams with mystery veteran Henry (Buried Diamonds) on a sizzling political thriller.

    When 17-year-old Senate page Katie Converse goes missing on her Christmas break near her parents’ white Victorian home in Portland, Ore., law enforcement and media personnel go into overdrive in a search for clues.

    Three friends at the pinnacle of their respective careers—Allison Pierce, a federal prosecutor; Cassidy Shaw, a crime reporter; and Nicole Hedges, an FBI special agent—soon discover that Katie wasn’t the picture of innocence painted by her parents. It appears Katie was having an affair with a much older man, a senator whose political career could be derailed if the affair was publicized.

Well, the other interesting item for this morning is a little scoop from the Global Times in China.

Kindle coming to China?

The Global Times writes about a possible Kindle 3 or Kindle 2 launch in China

its Chinese branch, Joyo is in what is believed to be preparations to launch the device, media reports said Wednesday.

An industry insider disclosed that Joyo has initiated recruitment of distribution managers and personnel via recruitment organizations, which leads industry analysts to believe this is a prelude to launching.

A beginning in preparations probably means a few months to a year before launch. That would probably indicate it’s Kindle 3 that will be arriving in China. Selling through Joyo (Amazon’s Chinese branch) would give it a big leg up. In fact, Amazon doesn’t even ship to China yet so it would certainly be an improvement.

There are other news outlets picking up on the news and, if true, it increases the probability of a Kindle 3 release in August or soon after.

Could it all just be Kindle Screen outages?

PC World talks about how eInk (the company that makes’ Kindle’s eInk screens) is saying it will increase capacity to meet Amazon Kindle screen requirements. If that’s true then it would be quite a disappointment that we aren’t getting Kindle 3 and it’s all just a screen supply issue.

The article talks about how Foxconn and eInk may be faced with various challenges as they try to increase the supply of Kindles. It’s a bit of a jumble – However, it seems they’re saying Foxconn is too busy making iPads to concentrate on the Kindle. That’s a bit of a stretch given that Foxconn is a gigantic company and makes everything from video game consoles to iPhones. If it can produce hundreds of millions of video game consoles and iPhones at the same time then 3 million iPads isn’t going to stall it.

Meanwhile the Kindle product page still shows the Kindle as out of stock with no availability date. Also, Amazon is now only advertising the graphite Kindle DX on its main page. Let’s hope it’s Kindle 3 that’s the reason and not a screen shortage.

3 thoughts on “Kindle coming to China? + Free Political Thriller”

  1. I subscribe to several kindle blogs along with yours that talk about kindle related things as well as let us know about free/cheap kindle books, and what I want to know is this: Why do all of you view the free Christian kindle books negatively? I notice that most of you say “today we have free romance” or “free today–mystery/suspense” but a perfectly good thriller comes along that happens to be by a Christian author/publisher and you say “watch out–these are by Christian publishers”. I say big deal–yes tell us they are Christian books but dont act like that is a bad thing!

    1. With all due respect – you are dreaming things up. If there was a problem then I wouldn’t mention it – Trust me, being Politically Correct is not a top priority for me.

      There’s nothing negative there – It’s a note because there’s a 50%-50% split in the US. So presumably half the blog’s audience want Christian books mentioned and half don’t. The only compromise is to mark out which books are Christian so we don’t have people going in with the wrong expectations.
      It’s done for every genre.

      Let me repeat, very politely – You are dreaming things up.

      The ‘watch out – these are Christian books’ part is you writing things down. Neither the words nor the tone of my post indicate anything like that.

  2. I gotta chime in here. I’ve (vocally) disagreed with switch on many a topic, and it’s usually to his chagrin that I even comment… but the reality is that was an extremely unfair characterization, Candy. I say that, by the way, as a highly evangelical southern baptist who recently converted from Judaism, so I certainly am not biased against religion in any way, shape or form.

    That said, Zondervan is the giant of the Christian book world, yet far from one of the Big Six. The reality is, books published by Christian imprints by Christian-focused authors are not necessarily mainstream, and I think he’s merely politely pointing that out. I read Christian materials … it’s 90% of what’s on my iPad right now, but I don’t really read Christian fiction, so I can’t imagine a more secular person wanting to either.

    By the way, the split is more like 75%, but if you count only highly active, practicing Christians, I suspect it’s way less than even the 50/50 number switch11 threw out there.

    PS: If it’s okay to say “free, but it’s a romance” then it’s okay to say “free, but it’s Christian fiction”. Heck, it’s okay to say “free, but it’s a 1500 page history book on the building of the Chrysler building”. All three examples have the same thing in common: someone won’t want to read them because of what they are.

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