Kindle 3, Kindle WiFi selling out, 1 week delay

In an interesting twist Kindle 3 and Kindle WiFi are both sold out.

This is what Amazon’s website says –

Temporarily Sold Out. Order now to reserve your place in line

Due to strong customer demand, Kindle is temporarily sold out. Order now to reserve your place in line. Orders are prioritized on a first come, first served basis. Orders placed today are expected to ship on or before September 4th.

It’s a bit strange that Kindle WiFi, graphite Kindle 3, and white Kindle 3 would all sell out at around the same time.

You can order now and the orders will ship on or before September 4th – That’s exactly a week after the August 27th Kindle 3 release date.

Are there signs suggesting Kindle 3 really did sell out?

Well, from anecdotal evidence Kindle traffic has been much higher. For my site the release day and the day after were the highest traffic days after Christmas (when everyone was trying to find free books for their new Kindle). Getting almost as much traffic as Christmas Day on a  summer day is a sign that the amount of interest was incredible.

The Press has been positive, Kindle 3 and Kindle WiFi are both priced really low, and perhaps the biggest factor is that Kindle 3 has been a really solid release. So it’s entirely possible that Kindle 3 and Kindle WiFi did sell out.

The strange part is that they sold out around the same time and that the white Kindle 3 model also sold out.

Given the low price point of the Kindle WiFi and the amount of features packed in I suspect we’ll see it selling out a ton over the next few months. The graphite Kindle 3 with 3G and WiFi – Well, perhaps it’ll sell out a few times too. It’s hard to imagine the white Kindle 3 selling out as much – the graphite casing really does improve screen contrast and you’d think people would prefer the graphite kindle disproportionately over the white kindle.

Might make sense to get in line and grab a Kindle WiFi, or perhaps a Kindle 3, before the delay grows longer.

9 thoughts on “Kindle 3, Kindle WiFi selling out, 1 week delay”

  1. Likely there are a large number of Kimdle 1 owners, like me, who are now ready to upgrade! Especially since Kindle 1 doesn’t have folders!

      1. Quite possibly.

        But its not like Apple or a dozen other companies do not play the same tricks. Quite a few Apple ‘sell outs’ happen with too much of the same pattern to be believed. So perhaps Amazon has copied that marketing trick to generate buzz.

        However, there is buz about the Kindle 3. Coworkers who have held off buying a Kindle are seriously considering the Kindle wi-fi. I suspect the Kindle 3 appeals more to Kindle upgrades (if not the DX…)

  2. I ordered a White one. I don’t like the too obvious presence of the graphite boundary.

    I like a black border or background for photos but not for text.

    On the Kindle forums, many have been ordering White ones instead. Some feel the graphite leads to a total appearance of gray, despite the added contrast against perceived lighter-color background.

  3. I think it is limited by the supply of the e-ink display parts, regardless the actual models of the Kindle.

    I suspect other e-reader manufacturers such as Nook would be feeling the parts shortage as well, since basically everyone is fighting for the same supply line.

  4. It’s no surprise the Kindle 3 sold out so quickly. I think it should be noted that a lot of people (if not all) that had bought a Kindle 2 when it was out of stock are probably getting a Kindle 3 instead, and that likely accounts for some of the supply, instantly gone. Glad I ordered over the weekend.

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