Amazon launches two free Kindle Word Game Apps

Is this a precursor to the Kindle App Store?

There are currently two free Kindle Word Games available. On the Kindle they show up as ‘Active’ indicating Active Content –

  1. Shuffled Row – $0 and a word game/kindle app.  
  2. Every Word – Also $0 and also a word game.

This is certainly a hint that the Kindle App Store is close. Perhaps it’s just Amazon testing out Kindle Apps to see what the reception will be.

You’ve got to think that if Amazon are releasing free kindle apps it might set the wrong expectations in Kindle owners’ minds about what Kindle Apps should be priced at.

 Kindle App Store to add to the Kindle 3 momentum?

Amazon has a ton of momentum right now with Kindle 3 and Kindle WiFi. If it releases the Kindle App Store it might be able to put so much distance between itself and other eReader makers that B&N and Sony find it hard to recover.

We do know that the Kindle App Store might launch this year and that the Kindle Development Kit has been in beta since February 2010 with a limited set of developers allowed into the beta.

The appearance of these two free apps suggests that Amazon is thinking about launching the Kindle App Store soon or at the minimum is testing out the reaction. It’s certainly going to be interesting to see what happens next.

What types of Kindle Apps will we see? At what prices?

These are word games and free. However, it’s hard to imagine a lot of developers interested in releasing free Kindle Apps given that there is no advertising and that apps don’t exactly make themselves.

We’ll probably see a lot of apps in the $1 to $5 range. Electronic Arts is one of the known app makers participating in the KDK beta and it prices its iPhone apps between $1 and $10.

In terms of the types of apps there will probably be the usual suspects – Sudoku, Crosswords, Chess, etc. We might even see some interesting new apps.

7 thoughts on “Amazon launches two free Kindle Word Game Apps”

  1. It looks like they are not available anymore. I’m from México, so it could be the reason, but normally it says something like “this ebook is not available in your region: Latin Am. & Caribe”, now it is saying simply: “Not currently available”.

    Do you still see them available?

  2. I believe these *are* the start of the App Store since these are the first apps officially available for the K2/K3/DX/DX2 line. It’s quite possible that this is the way the app store works with us buying the products just like they’re normally available.

    What is probably next in store is an official app store homepage on Amazon and on the Kindle’s themselves – which would happen on the same day in order to pull this off smoothly.

    I’ve ordered the apps so they’ll be preloaded on my K3 when it arrives. Fun! Kind of a bit of torture to wait, but since they’ve taken my K2 back and are sending me a K3 instead i’ll have to suffer a month without my Kindle (that I use every waking minute i’m not working or doing regular life 🙂 …

  3. These look surprisingly good. Unfortunately I can’t download them as I’m in the UK but the graphics look a million times better than anything I was expecting from Amazon apps!

    Just looking at these makes me see that there could be great potential here. I really hope for a proper note-taking app as I can type pretty well on the k2 keyboard. Word games are great though!

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