Saying goodbye to Kindle 2

The Kindle 3 is still 23 days away and already the thought of not reading on my Kindle 2 is beginning to bother me.

It’s been a year and 5 months. Books. Checking up facts for posts. Comparisons, Reviews, Photos and Videos.

Playing around with the KDK Beta. KDK Apps are the silver lining – because will still have to test apps on Kindle 2.

Here are the things that are hard to let go of –

  1. The fact that it’s linked to the pleasure of reading.  
  2. The whiteness.
  3. The row of number keys. In an alternative universe Kindle 3 probably still has them.
  4. The slider that almost doesn’t work.
  5. The 5-way that keeps going left instead of down. 
  6. Spending way too much time on Folders and then finding out there’s a way to add all the books at once.
  7. One handed reading in bed.
  8. Pressing Home thinking it’s Previous Page.
  9. Figuring out how to highlight across pages and the disproportionate joy of it.

It’s strange how every purchase seemed wrong – the iPhone, the iPad, the Nook. The Nook seemed the worst of all.

However, the Kindle 3 is – well, it’s the only wrong purchase – because it’s meant to replace my Kindle 2.

9 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to Kindle 2”

    1. Karin,
      You press right when on a collection. Then in the details page click on ‘Add/Remove Items’.
      Then you get a page that lists every item on your Kindle (books, documents, everything) and the ones that are in the collection have a checkmark and those that aren’t don’t. Then you simply click on the ones you want to add to the collection.

    1. Cheryl, when you’re on a Collection press right on the 5-way to get a page with details and various options.
      Choose ‘Add/Remove Items’.

      This gives a list of every item on your Kindle and you can add/remove whichever items you want.

  1. I’ll bite…

    How do you highlight across pages? The only way I have ever figured out is to change font sizes to a ridiculously small size, highlight, then change the font size back.

    I also guess you could go to a location somewhere between the first and last numbers, moving the text up on the page.

    But I sure don’t know an ELEGANT way to highlight across pages…

    1. >>How do you highlight across pages?

      I just click to the next page and the highlight continues until I stop it.

      Yes, I’ve done that with collections. I thought maybe you meant something easier! I have 35 pages of books so it takes forever, but only 5 pages of collections, which is easier.

      1. Clicking, next page, and then end-clicking the highlight DOES work, and it IS elegant. I just tried it and it works.

        But I was thinking Kindle App for iPad. Which doesn’t have the click-enable concept.

    2. SC, start a highlight and when you come to the end of the page – Don’t close it.

      1) Press Next Page
      2) Press down on the 5-way and the highlight will continue.

      Then you can close it and it highlights across the pages.

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