new Kindle 3 orders now shipping Sept 10th, $99 Kindle cries grow louder

It seems the Kindle 3 and Kindle WiFi are continuing to sell really well. New preorders will now ship only on September 10th (thanks to Joe S. for the news).

Past preorders are safe – If you ordered in the first few days (think the cut-off is July 31st, 7 pm) then your Kindle 3 should ship August 27th and if you ordered in the next few days after that you should have your Kindle 3 shipped on or before September 4th.

The slowly increasing delay of new Kindle 3 orders

We’ve seen shipping dates slowly pushed further and further out – August 27th to September 4th to September 8th to September 10th. It seems that people are buying enough to keep pushing out the date a little bit at a time.

Once the Kindle 3 is actually out and reviews and videos start being published we might see the Kindle 3 sold out with delays much longer than the current 2 weeks. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

Slate gets on the $99 Kindle bandwagon

It seems almost everyone is beginning to subscribe to the theory that we’ll soon see the Kindle WiFi and other eReaders at $99.

Farhad Manjoo at Slate writes a rather up and down post on the $99 Kindle

Does it make more sense to wait a few months for Crazy Jeffy to go even lower?

I think so. I rarely make predictions about the tech business, but here goes: Before the holidays, Amazon will cut the price of the Wi-Fi Kindle to $99, and the 3G version will go for $150 or less.

Why am I so confident that the Amazon will slide under the $100 threshold? For one thing, because it probably can.

There are some interesting claims in the article – that there will be a $99 Kindle well before Christmas, that Kindle 3 will drop to $150, that Amazon will have enough stock and won’t sell out of Kindle 3 during Christmas 2010, that there will be ‘unbelievable demand’ for eReaders when they’re under $100.

Have to admit Slate has a point – it’s looking likelier and likelier that we will indeed see the Kindle WiFi at $99 before 2010 is over.

8 thoughts on “new Kindle 3 orders now shipping Sept 10th, $99 Kindle cries grow louder”

  1. I would be very surprised if Amazon didn’t drop the price of the Kindle 3 wifi to 99 around Christmas. It just makes too much sense in terms of marketing. Time will tell….

  2. I joing Damaso in thinking a $99 price point is just going to happen. It will spike demand.

    From the article:
    that there will be ‘unbelievable demand’ for eReaders when they’re under $100.

    100% agree. At $99, I’ll give one or two away at Christmas. It is a ‘game changer’ price point.

    The $99 e-reader will be the tipping point. Now Amazon needs to make giving an e-book as a gift easy. At that point ‘brink and mortal’ stores will really fell the pinch.


  3. I can easily see the Wifi model hitting $99. This year? I dunno about that. Maybe as a one day Woot price or something, but I’d be very surprised if it were any kind of permanent price that quickly. And I don’t see any reason to hold off for several months just to maybe save $40. If you wouldn’t use the Kindle enough in those months to make that $40 worth it, I question whether you really need one at all.

  4. If you wouldn’t use the Kindle enough in those months to make that $40 worth it, I question whether you really need one at all.

    I agree with that. Then again, I paid over $300 for my Kindle (and consider it well worth it).

    But for gifts, there is a huge difference in the market size between $139 and $99. E-readers should be a very elastic market. I can see the volume of e-readers at $99 being 300% of the volume at $139.

    It might only be on Woot… but we’ll see it by Christmas. And it would be more than 1 day prior to Christmas on Woot (say four or five days).

    Now for a $99 ruggedized e-reader so I can give one to my daughter… She’ll still break it, hence why the price has to also be low. 😉


  5. If the 3G/WiFi Kindle3 were to drop to $150 before Christmas, well, Happy Christmas to me! That would settle my internal dilema about whether to buy it or not.

    I am still so in love with my Kindle2! I tweet about it all the time. My twitter friends probably think I should get therapy or a boyfriend…or both. I don’t do much on Follow Friday but I always have my #FridayReads listed!

    and has anyone else seen Roger Ebert’s (@ebertchicago) “rants” yesterday about ebooks? He was really on a tear about them, first comparing them to near beer.

  6. I agree. <$100 Kindle 3 is probably coming by the holidays. It seems to me that Amazon isn't big into the bundle sale concept, but it sure seems like it makes sense to package the Kindle wifi with a $20 Amazon gift card for $119 as a cyber Monday sale after Thanksgiving.

    My comments about the reading experience on the Kindle DX 2.0 can be found here.

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