Various Kindle 3, Amazon updates

There’s not very much going on – No Nook 2, No Sony Reader 650. There are, however, some Kindle 3 related updates that are quite interesting.

Kindle 3 might be set for a release in China

Marbridge Consulting has an update on Kindle 3 in China –  

According to a file allegedly leaked from Joyo-Amazon, Amazon’s China subsidiary, approval has been given by Amazon to introduce the Kindle e-book to the Chinese market. Preparatory work has already been completed, and the Kindle’s official Chinese name is reportedly “Jin Du.”

According to Sohu IT, Joyo-Amazon registered eight “Jin Du” related trademarks with China’s Trademark Office in late 2009. According to the file, the version coming to China is the Kindle 3.

Amazon had bought Joyo a long time ago and it’s pretty obvious it will sell Kindle 3 through it. Kindle 3 is supposed to be named Jin Du which probably means Golden Rooster standing on One Foot (Actually, that’s jin-ji-du).

Amazon expected to post higher top line growth than Google?

An interesting article from the International Business Times that says Amazon may exceed Google in top-line growth –

Online retailer, Inc (AMZN) may surpass Google’s top-line growth in 2010, an analyst with Benchmark Capital (Frederick Moran) said.

Wall Street is expecting 35 percent revenue growth for Amazon at $33.19 billion, and 21 percent top-line growth for Google at $21.16 billion in 2010.

Amazon’s revenue growth rate has reaccelerated despite high unemployment and cash-strapped consumers. Amazon has outpaced the ecommerce market, retailers and even Internet leaders like Google meaningfully.

Who would have thought selling things is a better strategy than giving them away for free?

IB Times also has an article talking about how the Kindle 3 stands out when compared to its earlier siblings. It covers all the usual suspects (lower size, lower price, lower weight, new features) but doesn’t mention eInk Pearl anywhere.

Kindle 3 vs Google Tablet?

Google Tablet Rumors

Download Squad has a bunch of details on the Google Tablet (do note that it’s a rumor at this stage) –

  1. A launch on Black Friday 2010 (November 26th). 
  2. Verizon will subsidize it – presumably there’ll be some data plan requirement. 
  3. It’s based on Chrome OS.
  4. It’s built by HTC.
  5. It’s supposed to be very well loaded – Nvidia Tegra 2, 1280 by 720 multi-touch display, 2GB of RAM, 32 GB SS, 3G+WiFi+BlueTooth, GPS (probably with free Google Navigation), webcam.
  6. It’s supposed to even have a multi-card reader.

Sounds pretty impressive and if Verizon really is subsidizing the Google Tablet it might sell very, very well. One of the comments points out that Verizon already offers a netbook for $19.99.

It makes perfect sense – Google is desperate to fight Apple and Verizon is desperate to reduce AT&T’s advantage due to the iPad.

Kindle 3 vs Google Tablet?

Every single device gets touted as a Kindle Vanquisher so why should the Google Tablet be left out. Add in the Verizon subsidy and we’ll probably have a lot of people who don’t read books start talking about how they bought a Google Tablet to read.

However, don’t really see readers very interested in a Tablet. It’s going to target the iPad and be far too bulky and big to be a good reader. Add on the LCD and the distractions and there won’t really be much reading going on.

iPad vs Google Tablet will be a pretty interesting comparison. Perhaps it’ll be like iPhone vs Android – All the people who like openness or apps for free or who dislike DRM will go with Google and everyone who likes to spend a lot of money goes with Apple.

Apple, supposedly, has 1% market share in mobile phones and 48% of the profit. With Tablets there isn’t really any Tablet apart from the iPad so it’ll be interesting to see what happens when Google Tablet arrives and whether it can scoop up a lot of users and whether those will be profit generating users.

Kindle 3 vs WiFi battery life differences?

For some reason I’m absolutely fascinated by the difference in battery life between Kindle 3 and Kindle WiFi. Check out either of the new Kindle product pages and you get this –

  1. Kindle 3G + WiFi and Kindle WiFi both have up to 1 month battery life with wireless off.  
  2. With wireless on Kindle 3G lasts 10 days while Kindle WiFi lasts 3 weeks.
  3. More than double the battery life if you’re using WiFi. Really?

What’s so special about 3G (or the wireless chip in the Kindle 3) that makes it uses double the amount of battery life?

10 thoughts on “Various Kindle 3, Amazon updates”

  1. Is there a way on the Kindle 3 to turn on wifi but leave 3G off?

    I wonder if the battery drain comes from it constantly searching for a better connection.

  2. Somewhere in the Kindle DX manual, I read Amazon’s recommendation to leave the kindle’s wireless off as much as possible if you live in an area with poor wireless coverage as the kindle is trying to constantly re-connect. I live in a rural area in western nebraska where the wireless coverage can drop from 5 bars to 1 bar just by rotating your chair. I have noticed that if I leave the wireless on, I’m charging the DX every day or two, and if the wireless is off, I’m charging once a week.

    On one of the kindle blogs (here?), I remember reading that the kindle 3 wifi + 3G will default to a wifi network and use 3G only if wifi isn’t available. I won’t know this for sure until my K3 arrives.

    Although currently I have noticed that if I use our wifi to download apps for my android phone, downloads are faster than when wireless is used. On the android phone, using wifi does seem to run the battery down faster so it will be interesting to see if the K3 battery really does last longer with wifi.

  3. I prefer to keep my wireless turned off as much as possible to save battery.

    I wish there was a way to schedule syncing and updating on the Kindle. So that you could leave the wireless turned off, but the Kindle would wakeup and connect at predetermined times, perform any downloads/syncing, and then turn the wireless back off again .

    That way I could have it sync before I get up in the morning or before I get off work. All my daily delivery stuff would be available automatically. This would be especially nice for daily newspapers.

  4. Distance from the user to the base station is more likely further for 3G than for WiFi … larger distance, larger propagation loss, more power – especially if you’re at a cell border and you need to shout.

    If you think about WiFi, you may have a base station in your house right beside you … the mobile operator has a base station down the street or further.

    Just a thought/possibility.

    1. … if you need to shout over all the iPhone users downloading fart apps and YouTube videos of cats skateboarding. 😉

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