A cool thing to do with your Kindle 2 if you’re getting Kindle 3

If you’re getting the Kindle 3 and don’t have need for your Kindle 2 then you can give it to the ‘Kindle 2 for Troops’ program.

At the Donate a Kindle 2 page you can donate your working Kindle 2 and it’ll be sent to a soldier deployed overseas who’ll almost certainly treasure it highly.

Details of the Kindle 2 for Troops Program

Here are the important details –

  1. To participate you must be a US citizen living in the US.  
  2. The Kindle 2 US or Kindle 2 International you donate must be in good working condition with battery charger.
  3. Kindle DX and Kindle 1 are. unfortunately, not eligible. 
  4. You’ll have to de-register your Kindle and erase the content before you send it out.
  5. You’ll get a receipt for your donation.

A lot of people deserve credit for the program –

  1. Len Edgerly of Kindle Chronicles and Ken Clark – They’re the co-founders.  
  2. M-Edge are donating a Kindle case and a Kindle light to match every donated Kindle 2.
  3. Probably others.

The program started on February 9th, 2010 and a few Kindles have already been sent to soldiers. The mission page has details on what the program is about.

The mission of E-Books for Troops (EB4T) is to provide U.S. military personnel with free e-book readers and quality reading material in order to enhance their opportunities for recreation and renewal while defending our nation at home and around the world.

It’s in the early stages and if a few of us help it could really take off. They’re pretty straightforward about what happens to donations –

The majority of your donation goes directly to e-books, e-book readers, or related accessories for our troops.  

No one involved with E-Books for Troops takes salary or other compensation for our work.  It is completely voluntary, and we operate as lean as possible.  

We use a percentage of the donations to pay for administrative fees to run the non-profit such as domain ownership, PayPal processing fees, required legal filings, etc.

They mention that they have applied for 501 (c)(3) status but until the application is approved (or not) they won’t know whether your donation will be tax-deductible.

2 Responses

  1. Abhi–

    Thanks for the mention! The response has been great so far, and Len and I are very excited for the new program. We appreciate it.


  2. […] in your Kindle 2 and we’ll distribute it to a soldier in Afghanistan. Thanks to Mike Cain, iReaderReview, TeleRead, and Stephen Windwalker for helping to spread the […]

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