Kindle 3 – Should you buy a Kindle 3?

The Kindle 3 is available at Amazon for $189 and the Kindle WiFi is available for $139. This post will help you figure out whether you should get a Kindle 3 for yourself.

Should you buy a Kindle 3?

First, let’s get familiar with the Kindle 3 –

  1. There are Kindle 3 videos at the Kindle 3 Videos page. 
  2. There are daytime Kindle 3 photos at the Kindle 3 Photos page.  
  3. There are also nighttime Kindle 3 photos and Kindle 3 comparison photos (where Kindle 3 is contrasted against most of the other eReaders). 
  4. Here’s a comprehensive Kindle 3 Review – This was written after an hour with the Kindle 3 so it isn’t exactly perfect. 
  5. A more detailed Kindle 3 Review is in the works – Will update this post when it’s done.

After looking at these posts you ought to have a really good idea of whether the Kindle 3 is right for you.

Kindle 3 – Who it’s perfect for

If you answer yes to one or more of these then the Kindle 3 will probably be a great fit –

  1. Love to read.  
  2. Want to read more than you currently do. 
  3. Don’t like reading on LCD screens.

If you are completely unaffected by LCD screens and can read entire books on them without getting tired then you don’t really need an eReader. If you want a device that does more than just read then also you don’t really need an eReader.

Basically, the Kindle 3 is perfect for anyone who loves or likes to read and wants a device that’s easy on the eyes and very similar to reading a book.

Which Kindle should you get?

Should you get Kindle 3 or Kindle WiFi?

You need 3G or WiFi only when downloading books and even that can be done via your PC. So the difference between 3G and WiFi comes down to where you need to be able to download books and browse the Internet.

With Kindle 3 you’ll be able to do that anywhere you have access to the AT&T network or access to a WiFi hotspot. With Kindle WiFi you’ll be able to do it only where you have access to a WiFi hotspot.

Here’s a full Kindle WiFi Review and here’s a Kindle 3G or WiFi discussion.

Should you get Kindle Graphite or white?

The Kindle Graphite is a better choice for screen contrast as the graphite casing helps to really bring out the contrast of the eInk Pearl screen. Here’s a post discussing the various nuances of Kindle graphite vs white.

Unless you have an extremely strong reason to prefer the white Kindle 3 my recommendation would be to go with the graphite version.

What about the Kindle 3 being out of stock?

There’s a 3 week delay at the moment. The delays have been increasing steadily and it’s quite likely that as videos and photos and Kindle 3 reviews come out sales will go up.

When users start getting their Kindle 3s and Kindle WiFis at the end of August a lot of user reviews will go up and lots of people will see the Kindle 3 in person. The eInk Pearl screen is excellent and the Kindle 3 is pretty amazing – We’re likely to see a lot more orders once people get to actually see and play with the Kindle 3.

If you’re pretty sure you want to get a Kindle 3 it’s best to avoid the likely rush at the end of August and buy the Kindle 3 now.

4 thoughts on “Kindle 3 – Should you buy a Kindle 3?”

  1. I could not find information about font size for Kindle. I
    am an elderly reader with a need for large print books. Does
    Kindle have a large print option?

    1. Well, here are the approximate font sizes for Kindle 3 –

      Kindle Font Size 1 = 7pt
      Kindle Font Size 2 = 9pt
      Kindle Font Size 3 = 11 pt
      Kindle Font Size 4 = 14 pt
      Kindle Font Size 5 = 17 pt
      Kindle Font Size 6 = 20 pt
      Kindle Font Size 7 = 30 pt
      Kindle Font Size 8 = 40 pt

    1. Kindle DX is very slow for browsing and it’s not good for browsing the web. It’s meant more for ‘once in a while’ browsing, not everyday or even every few days use.

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