New Kindle 3 Videos, Free Book, 4 $1 deals

More details about the Kindle 3 via some new Kindle 3 videos. The Kindle 3 Videos page now has 4 additional videos (they are the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th videos on that page) –

  1. Kindle 3 Fonts + Basics – This Kindle 3 video shows the three available fonts, the various font sizes, close-ups of the screen, and also some basics like using the Dictionary. 
  2. Kindle 3 Speed + Basics – This video shows how fast page turns are and goes through some basics.  
  3. Kindle 3 Browser – This is, unfortunately, a very rough one. It does help show that the Kindle 3’s new WebKit Browser can handle complex websites well. Will put up a better one in a day or two.
  4. Kindle 3 Basics – A rather basic video showing how to open books and showing close-ups of the text.

Also, soon that page will have –  

  1. Kindle 3 PDF – Video showing the new Contrast setting in PDFs, adding notes and highlights to PDFs (which is pretty iffy), and searching through PDFs. Apologize for the rough quality of this video. Will put up a better one in a day or two.

Please add in any requests you might have. Will definitely be adding better videos covering the new Kindle 3 Browser and Kindle 3 PDF Support.

Free Kindle Business Book

The Truth About Confident Presenting by James O’Rourke. Here’s the write-up –

All you need to know to make winning presentations – fearlessly and painlessly.

• The truth about preparing quickly, efficiently, and well
• The truth about managing anxiety and handling hostile audiences
• The truth about nonverbal signals, PowerPoint, microphones, and more

This book reveals 51 proven and bite-size, easy-to-use presenting techniques that work.

That makes it 5 free business books today. How boring – the one type of book that’s expensable is free.

$1 and $1.99 Kindle Book Deals – Lora Leigh, James Rollins, Michael Scott

Here they are and they’re all tearing up the charts –

  1. Reno’s Chance: A Navy Seals Story by Lora Leigh. 

    Ever since she was a little girl, Raven McIntire has secretly pined and longed for her best friend’s sexy older brother, Reno, a Navy SEAL who has just returned home from duty.

    What she doesn’t realize is that his only true mission is to get into her heart and get her into his bed.

  2. The Death of Joan of Arc by Michael Scott. It’s 99 cents and is ‘A Lost Story from the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel’.  

    Joan of Arc was not burned at the stake in Rouen, France in 1431. She was rescued from certain death by Scathach the Warrior.

    The truth about that day is revealed in the last will and testament of William of York, and it will leave you wondering: does Joan of Arc still walk the earth?

  3. Take the Monkeys and Run by Karen Cantwell. Rated 4.5 stars on 11 reviews.

    “A semi-finalist in the 2009 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest, Take the Monkeys and Run obviously pleased a few readers.

    While this is no literary masterpiece, it is essentially well-written with engaging, often larger that life characters, and most importantly is laugh out loud funny.” Reviewed by Jenny Mounfield at The Compulsive Reader (this review added by author).

  4. Map of Bones by James Rollins is just $1.99. Bought this one because it sounded really interesting.

    During a service at a cathedral in Cologne, Germany, a band of armed intruders dressed in monk’s robes unleashes a nightmare of blood and terror, ruthlessly gunning down worshippers and clergy alike.

    The killers haven’t come for the church’s gold and valuable artwork, but for a priceless treasure secreted within: the preserved bones of the Three Magi …

Hopefully one of the 5 books on this page caught your eye.

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