Kindle 3 arriving already

It seems the Kindle 3 has already arrived for some people.

Well, mine got here about an hour ago which is quite ridiculous since it was shipped yesterday and the shipped email arrived only last evening. There are at least two people on the official kindle forum who’ve received their Kindle 3 and a few who have their Kindle 3 ‘out for delivery’.

My K3 and the two covers I ordered for it are out for delivery,

Oh, yeah! My new one comes today! One day before the official release day!

mine’s out for delivery too! Funny that my K3 is coming via Fedex and my case is coming via UPS.

Hopefully, you get your Kindle 3 soon.

What’s going on with the various Kindle Shipping Waves?

There are enough people with supposed later Kindle 3 shipping dates who are getting their Kindle 3 early to make one wonder – 

  • Is Amazon just exceeding expectations and shipping earlier?
  • Were the delays just a safety measure to make sure Amazon could deliver on time?  
  • Did Amazon just mess up?

Consider a few examples (all from the official kindle forum) –

UPS just delivered my Kindle 3-ordered 7/28 with free 2 day shipping-wifi & 3G-graphite 

Ordered 2nd week in August (the 15th of August IIRC), am prime. Delivery estimate: August 27th.

 3rd waver here – ordered 8/14. Delivery estimate is 8/27 after I got antsy and switched to one-day shipping

It’s all very strange – Why are some people, who ordered very early, still waiting for a shipping email while other people, with later Kindle 3 orders, are already getting their Kindle 3s? If people are getting their Kindle 3s much earlier than the supposed ship dates why is the current Kindle 3 ship date (for new orders) listed as September 17th?

It seems that Amazon has sold so many Kindle 3s that it’s having a hard time coordinating the Kindle 3 ship dates. As long as people don’t get their Kindle 3 later than promised it’s not really an issue.

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  1. I talked to staff of Amazon by chat and asked him about the early shipment. He said that no shipment would be done before 28th, so I wander who is right.

    1. Mine come tomorrow. I’m right outside of Dallas, and the statuses for both (and one of the cases) show them to be in the big distribution center in Mesquite, TX, about 9 miles away. I was thinking of doing some unboxing pictures when I get mine tomorrow.

  2. I’d be kind of bummed out if I received my Kindle *after* people who ordered later than me. I ordered on July 29!! Some of these people ordered MUCH later!

    1. Hey Andrea, me too. I ordered early on the 29th and have yet to receive a shipping email. However, beginning the day before yesterday, when I check “My Orders” on Amazon it alerts me that this shipment is being prepared and the order cannot be changed… like i’d EVER DREAM of changing it!! LOL

      I have a sneaky suspicion that i’ll receive it tomorrow even though it had 2-day shipping, as all my Amazon orders come from Delaware and I live in Maryland.

      GOOD LUCK on your shipment and best wishes to you and everyone else on enjoying your new Kindles!

    2. Andrea,
      I did order on July 28 and chose Prime, 1-day.

      As of 3pm today (Thursday the 26th) my order page was still saying they needed time to get me an estimate, and two customer rep on the phone said nothing was happening on it yet though it was “being prepared” for the last 2 days for shipping.

      My credit card $ were ‘reserved’ but not taken.

      The rep told me I would get an email “shortly” to let me know what was happening. Then he told me that meant one or two days and I’d get an email.

      So after 2 calls to Customer Service I replied to their survey email that always comes after a support call and had to say No, I wasn’t super satisfied.

      Pre-orders are done on the premise of first in, first out. That didn’t happen this time. People ordering later had received it already and those ordering today were told they could have one shipped in two days. This was not a super organized distribution based on ordering-time.

      However, they got most of them to be shipped as of the release date, so with what has obviously been a heavy ordering time for them, they did meet their planned release time. Meaning released for shipment though they sometimes used the word “delivery” which raises expectations.

      After writing my no-satisfaction email, I did get an email notice not very long after saying that mine was shipping now, from Delaware (to northern Calif) and I’ll get it tomorrow.

      The frustration was over website wording that gave no info whatsoever and said only that they needed time to estimate delivery time when so many on the forums were getting them in-hand and had ordered later than I did. It’s not so much the Time but finding out it wasn’t done by order-date (not even by 1-day added payment).

      Nevertheless, it was no doubt a mammoth undertaking and despite bad communication on early orders, they -are- meeting the date if you take 8/27 as a shipping rather than delivery date.

      I think more Kindle 3’s were produced recently maybe sooner than later and one customer rep told one customer that they have enough to fulfill orders. But it’s hard to know what the support reps know because most of them were telling forum members that none were being even shipped until Friday when some already had them in hand and were doing dances on the forum 🙂

      One rep even asked for proof of an order # for anyone getting a Kindle 3 already. . I felt that it would have been better if customer support had a way to track where our order was being (not) fulfilled from if the webpage couldn’t be updated and no e-mail was coming.

      But it seems that one warehouse at least just got them in today. So it’s probably been very difficult to organize this.

      And except for expectations of priority, they are getting the new Kindles out.

  3. I ordered the Kindle on July 28th so I was hoping I would get it by Friday or Sat. I called Amazon and was told that it will be shipped on Sat and I should get it on Tuesday.

    It is puzzling what Amazon is doing and I find it hard to believe that they are having trouble scheduling delivery. They should be masters on how shipping should be done to get purchases to people by a particular date.

  4. Are they just replying faster to squeeky wheels? I ordered on Aug. 8, and haven’t been notified of an expected ship date. (But they are shipping the cover to arrive tomorrow, so at least I’ll be able to pretend to have a Kindle.) Wonder what might happen if I call them?

  5. I’m a little perplexed, as my lighted cover is marked as “shipping soon” (for 8/31 delivery), while my K3 graphite wifi+3g has no estimated shipping date, and I ordered both items early on the 31st of July. As I’m IN the Seattle area, I will be royally miffed if others who ordered in early August receive their units first.

    I’ve been tempted to change the shipping from two-day to one-day, but a) don’t know what the difference in cost would be and b) don’t want to throw a monkey-wrench in the works…


    1. Okay, so I checked my order again and there was still no estimated delivery date for the Kindle, just for the cover. I changed the shipping speed to one-day to see what the effect would be: $20 extra dollars and an 8/31 estimated delivery date.

      I changed it back to two-day (saving the extra $20) and now the delivery estimate for the Kindle is 8/30, one day before the estimate for the lighted cover. That extra $20 would have gotten me nothing. Glad I changed it back to two-day.


    2. I just changed my shipping status, too, with no additional cost and instantly got an estimated deleivery date of Aug. 30. As I suspected, the squeeky wheel gets the grease. Watching this blog made all the difference.

    1. I went in and changed the shipping to 2 day and then back to super saver and now it says its going to be shipped tomorrow. Interesting.

      1. I did the same, ordered Aug 2nd and it says it will ship tomorrow… wonder if it’s a glitch or it will end up being true hehe one can hope

      2. Well my cover shipped but the kindle is back to will send e-mail when ship date is known. 🙁 I tried changing the shipping option but it did not work again. This kind of stinks so many people who ordered after me have gotten theirs but I have no clue when mine will come. Bummer.

  6. Did anyone receive the Kindle cover with light yet? Not sure if I should go ahead and buy it or wait until other companies start making new ones to fit the new Kindle. This is my first Kindle so I don’t know who used to sell the best covers for the previous models. Thanks!

      1. Thanks! If you add the price of a light (which I really need) to a cover it ends up to close to that price. I like that the light can be totally hidden when not in use. Just received an email that my Kindle just shipped! Now selecting the perfect first book to read on my new Kindle 🙂

  7. I ordered my Kindle 3 on July 28th w one-day shipping and JUST GOT IT NOW!!! My cover, though, i just did the 2-day free Prime, and so it shows I won’t get it until the 30th — so I’ll have to be careful.

    What a change from my Kindle 1! 1st thing I am going to do after checking over the basics, is learn how to organize my books!


  8. I emailed amazon since I hadn’t gotten a ship date and got the following response:
    Your Kindle will be shipped according to when it was ordered:

    Orders placed before 8 p.m. Pacific Time on August 1st are expected to ship by the August 27th release date.
    Orders placed before 10 p.m. Pacific Time on August 5th are expected to ship on or before September 4th.
    Orders placed before 12 p.m. Pacific Time on August 12th are expected to ship on or before September 8th.
    Orders placed before 11 p.m. Pacific Time on August 19th are expected to ship on or before September 10.
    Orders placed after 11 p.m. Pacific Time on August 19th are expected to ship on or before September 17.

    However, when I toggled the ship speed as others suggested above, I got an estimated ship of 8/27 (tomorrow.) Curious.

  9. Ordered mine on July 28 with 2-day shipping and still no shipping e-mail, though for the past day my account has indicated that my order is being prepared for shipment.

    I was EXPECTING Amazon to ship a little bit early, so I was not surprised that some are already getting theirs. Just wish that I was one of them!

  10. Oridered Kindle 3 3G+WiFi on 8/11. Before reading the comments posted here, had the same “Order not shipped / We’ll email with estimated shipping date” status message.

    As some other have done, decided to try changing shipping method from the free 2-Day option to 1-Day. (As a Prime member, the 1-Day cost an additional $3.99.) Got the following changes:

    Shipping estimate: August 27, 2010 [Tomorrow]
    Delivery estimate: August 30, 2010 [Monday]

    Then switched back to 2-Day shipping — the dates stayed the same, as listed above. Perhaps because it’s shipping out on a Friday, either 1- or 2-Day will both arrive on the following Monday?

    At any rate, as someone else mentioned, the additional cost for the 1-Day in my case as well appears as if it would have been a waste. Looks like I’ll be getting my very first Kindle before the original Sept. 8 estimated ship date!

    1. UPDATE 8/27/2010: Well it was fun while it lasted. Checked order status on and now it’s back to:

      “Not yet shipped —
      We’ll notify you via e-mail when we have an estimated delivery date for this item. It will ship separately. You can cancel at any time.”

  11. Ordered mine on 29July, got the email saying it’s shipped. Estimated delivery is the 2 September, I guess it takes a fair while to ship halfway round the world to New Zealand.

    My biggest annoyance so far is the zoning of the kindle store getting tired of seeing “..this book is not available in this area asia pacific…’

    The book i was interested in is even written by a New Zealander its ridiculous.

  12. Well, as an update… My lighted case, which was estimated to arrive on Tuesday the 31st has shipped TODAY (the 26th) for delivery TOMORROW. My Kindle WiFi+3G is still listed as estimated arrival on the 30th or 31st. Here’s hoping it ships TODAY, though probably not much chance of that. Evidently the covers and Kindles ship from different warehouses.

  13. Well, finally, some encouraging news:

    “Shipment 1 of 2 (Kindle)
    Shipping Soon
    Delivery Estimate: August 30, 2010

    “This portion of your order is being prepared for shipment and cannot be canceled or changed.”

    So, it looks like the original order estimate was correct, i.e. that my order placed on July 31 would ship “on or before Aug. 27”.

    My cover will arrive tomorrow and my Kindle on Monday. At least I know now instead of having no dates. This is about the longest I’ve ever had to wait for a pre-announced product to ship, well, I think I had to wait longer for my Handera 330. Remember THOSE?

  14. To add more data to the pile, I ordered on the 28th of July, chose one-day shipping, and received my Kindle today, the 26th.

  15. Ordered July 28th, free two day shipping. Graphite 3G version. Finally got my email this morning, and the UPS site has the “Billing information has been sent to UPS. ” But no status or expected date. Sounds like Tuesday to me.

    Cover shipping notice came as well. That will be here Tuesday – which I expected since I choose free super saver shipping

  16. I think everyones happiness, including me, about them toggling the shipping date to get an earlier shipping was cut short this morning. Amazon changed it back to the deathly,” Not Shipping Yet”

    1. Me too. But my cover is to arrive today, so I can spend the weekend at the pool pretending to read from my Kindle. Nuts.

      1. Haha! They would be like,” You got a kindle, let me see!” You: Um* closes cover* I need to charge it.

        I have to wait till the Saturday after this one to get it >_<! I want to start reading already

  17. I wonder if the difference in shipping has to do with the K3 type ordered. Wifi, G3 graphite, 3G white. if more of one were ordered than another, there might be a longer wait.

  18. My K3 finally has shipped…

    Been following the site all day and just got the “shipped” email. Delivery set for Monday, the 30th. Even though I’d selected 2-Day delivery, this ends up being 1-Day delivery, as the weekend generally doesn’t count unless one pays extra.

    Can’t wait, and already have a bunch of items purchased from the Amazon bookstore to sync and read when I get it charged-up on Monday.


  19. Cover arrived yesterday. Nice leather grain red, no odor, but of course can’t test the light yet because it runs off the Kindle’s power and I still don’t have an estimated delivery date for my Aug. 8 pre-order of 3G Graphite. Thinking of creating a real sensation at the pool by cutting out a color porn picture and taping it inside the cover — how many posts might show up announcing the new color display Kindle “P”?

  20. It ended up that through a strange turn of events, both my lighted cover AND Kindle arrived at my office yesterday afternoon, within one hour of each other. What’s strange is that the tracking for the cover said it had been delivered, but the order info for the K3 continued to say that it was “in process for shipping” A FULL 6 HOURS AFTER IT ACTUALLY DELIVERED!

    The cover delivered at 1pm (Seattle time) and the Kindle delivered at 2pm, but I didn’t find out until 8:30pm that the K3 had not only shipped, but had also been delivered! Could I wait till Monday morning to make the 30 mile drive? NOT ON YOUR LIFE!

    I drove down to the office, brought it home and immediately started playing. My info was already in the unit, and as soon as it established a link, it sync’d all of the items I’d purchased on Amazon’s bookstore that had been waiting. All I had to do was change my user name and fully charge it.

    Having spent some time with it, I have some observations:

    The lighted cover weighs more than the K3, but I am happy to have protection for the Kindle as well as not have to carry a separate light, nor worry about replacing batteries for a light, ever.

    I have large hands and it’s somewhat easy to press buttons inadvertently, especially those around the 5-way controller, as has been noted in reviews. Inadvertent button-presses are LESS FREQUENT when using the Kindle IN the cover than without.

    The red leather of the cover is (thankfully) not as bright as pictures on the website made it out to be. I wanted a bright covers so I could easily find my Kindle on a black workstation. The red works great and is tastefully elegant.

    Downloading books and newspapers is easy on the K3, but I think that extensive searching will be better on a real computer: it’s simply quicker. The single issue I bought of the International Herald Tribune is nice enough that I may subscribe.

    As has been noted, the browser is improved over the K1 and K2, but still not as intuitive as a real computer or even an iPod Touch (my PDA). HOWEVER, I’m VERY glad to have it,for those rare occasions when I’m out and about and need some quick info, but have no WiFi connection for the Touch.

    All in all, I’m a happy camper right now.


    1. That’s hilarious – they were processing it for shipping after delivering it – That’s too much customer service.

      It’s really cool to not have to worry about batteries.

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