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For your Kindle 3 (or Kindle 1 or Kindle 2 or Kindle DX – though perhaps only in the US) we have a very interesting sounding free kindle book.

  • Billy Boyle: A World War Mystery by James R. Benn. Rated 4 stars on 21 reviews.

    Soon after Pearl Harbor, Billy Boyle escapes a combat tour because his Southie family pulls strings to place him on the staff of a distant relative by marriage, a general named Dwight Eisenhower, whom Billy calls “Uncle Ike.”

    Billy’s untried detective skills are soon put to the test in London, where he’s assigned to unmask a spy who may compromise Allied plans to drive the Nazis out of Norway. When one of the chief suspects turns up dead, an apparent suicide, Billy displays a knack for forensics as he uncovers medical anomalies that suggest homicide.

The cover really stands out – it’s like a war movie poster.

A Kindle Book Deal

Well, let’s see –

  1. 2009 Photographer’s Market Complete by Editors of Writer’s Digest Books is just 44 cents and rated 4 stars on 29 reviews. It seems to be a book that helps photographers find markets to sell their work in or perhaps shoot photos for. All the other books in the series are $9 and $10 so it’s quite a steal.

    With 1,500 market listings, 2009 Photographer-s Market is the essential resource for freelance photographers looking to market their work. No other book contains as many market listings for magazines, book publishers and stock agencies all over the world. Easy to use with clearly marked sections and four indexes …

It’s even tougher to find book deals now as the Movers and Shakers section has disappeared.  

New Bestsellers Archive

We now have a Bestsellers Archive in the Kindle Store that lets us see what the bestsellers were for any week of any month of any year (starting November 2007). You can also see the bestsellers when collated across all months of a year or all days of a month. It’s quite a lot of fun to play around with.

The authors with the bestselling books for each year since 2007 are –

  1. 2007 – Ken Follett.
  2. 2008 – Stephen Windwalker, followed by Stephenie Meyer and David Wroblewski. It’s impressive that Stephen had the #1 Kindle Book for the entire year.
  3. 2009 – Dan Brown.
  4. 2010 – Stieg Larsson at 1, 2, and 3. That’s just ridiculous – the top three spots all for one author.

It’s a very cool feature but would love to get Movers and Shakers back.

It always seems like it’s forever since the last free Kindle book offer

Updated the 50 kindle free books page and was surprised to see there were free book offers on the 24th of August – just 3 days ago.

It seems more like a month.

It’s funny how non-stop Kindle free book offers have trained us to expect 3 to 4 free books every day and when there are no offers for 3-4 days it seems the well has dried up.

Try out the Sans Serif Font on the Kindle 3

There’s a thread discussing this at the official kindle forum and have to agree – the new Sans Serif Font on the Kindle 3 is pretty amazing. The font is a little thicker and bolder (just a tiny bit) and might switch to it as my default font.

Here are the comments –

[Polperro] … was surprised at how the sans serif font appears to my astigmatic eyes: very clear and very restful. The screen background seems to me much the same as the K2, but the letters are much sharper and darker in all fonts

[Roxanne] OMG I just tried this font and what a difference for these old eyes!!!

The Kindle 3 Photos page has a photo of the Sans Serif font (it’s the 5th photo) in case you don’t have a Kindle 3 and want to see what it looks like.

Surprised that some people don’t see a contrast difference with Kindle 3

Not sure whether it’s a batch of Kindle 3’s not having great eInk Pearl screens or something else – There are multiple people who are saying they don’t see any difference between Kindle 2 and Kindle 3 screens. One user claimed he saw no difference between Kindle 1 and Kindle 3 – which falls into the realm of the absolutely unbelievable.

Have any of you found that the difference is not significant?

For me the difference is so stark that the Kindle 3 is clearly the better choice. The Kindle 3 screen is also easier to read in low light and in my opinion it’s almost as good as paper.

What’s missing? Why are there people who see no difference?

Perhaps we only see what we want to see – Perhaps some people are approaching it as ‘couldn’t really be better’ and some as ‘must be a lot better’. The first group are seeing just a 10% difference and the second group are seeing a 70% difference. It’s easily a 40% to 50% difference in my opinion and am certainly interested in finding out what you think the difference is.

There’s always the possibility that some Kindle 3 screens aren’t as clear.

Update: Actually that might be the case – The Kindle 3 review unit seems to have a slightly better screen than my Kindle 3 which has a clearly better screen than my Kindle 2 International. Have to wait till daylight tomorrow to confirm whether the two Kindle 3s have different screen quality.

There was variation in screen quality of individual Kindles with Kindle 2 and that might happen with the Kindle 3.

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  1. That will be disappointing if the K3 has the same variation in screen quality. It was my only major issue with the K2. I have 2 K2 US and one K2i in the family and the contrast different between the three is amazing.

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