Kindle 3 Manga Photos

The Kindle 3 handles images really well – But can Kindle 3 handle Manga?

K and 4rc wanted to find out about Kindle 3’s Manga capabilities and also how well Mangle, the Manga Program for Kindle, works with Kindle 3. Well, this post has some photos to show you that Kindle 3 does fine – The Kindle 3 Manga photos are after the jump (second part of the post).

Do note that after taking a bunch of photos of Manga on Kindle 3 and trying out the various options the Kindle 3 crashed. So there’s only so much messing around with settings it can take. The second time it worked fine when it wasn’t being asked to change settings every few seconds – So you should be fine once you’ve finalized settings and are reading your manga. Zoom works well without causing any issues.

Kindle 3 Manga – Setting Things Up

Well, here are the basic steps –

  1. Go to
  2. Download and install Mangle.
  3. Follow the instructions – They are in a section called Usage Instructions and are pretty easy.
  4. Do note that the instructions for creating picture folders are simplified. Here are detailed instructions –

    1. Connect Kindle 3 via USB to your PC.
    2. Go to the Kindle 3.
    3. Create “pictures” folder on your Kindle 3’s main folder. That’s the folder that has Documents folder in it.
    4. Now create sub-folders for your photo albums.
    5. Put in images into these sub-folders. Here, you want Mangle to let you help you and just specify a name and for folder choose the main ‘Pictures’ folder. Mangle creates the sub-directory automatically – with the name you chose for your Manga book.
    6. The images that you put into a sub-folder will become part of the photo album.
    7. Unplug your Kindle 3 and go to the Home Page.
    8. Press Alt-Z on home page to see photo albums among books. On Kindle 3 you don’t have to press Alt-Z.
    9. When you select one of these photo albums, the experimental Image Viewer starts.

  5. Once you’re in the Photo Album (Manga Book) there are some shortcuts. Please note that pressing Aa brings up a menu and the size setting in that Menu tends to default to Actual Size = True. You have to change it to Actual Size = No to be able to zoom. The shortcuts –

    1. Zoom In on the Picture – Q key.
    2. Zoom Out – W key.
    3. Reset Zoom Level for the Image – E key.
    4. Toggle Picture to Actual Size – C key.
    5. Toggle Picture to Full Screen Mode – F key.
    6. Pan Photo if its larger than the Kindle 2′s screen – With 5-way controller.
    7. Rotate the Image – R key.

  6. Here are the options you get by pressing Aa – Actual size or not, Scale Image to fit to screen or fit to width or fit to height, Screen rotation. The scale to fit to screen/width/height setting will sometimes cause problems (leaves behind image artifacts).
  7. Your settings are preserved if you exit.
  8. If you re-open a Manga you start with the image/page you were last looking at – so it’s just like reading a book.

It’s quite easy to figure it out and use it – The description is long because there are lots of settings and some nuances. The Mangle software is really good and easy to use – You MUST read the usage instructions though.

Kindle 3 Manga – Settings and Features

Here are the various features, shortcuts, and Menu settings –

  1. Choose to see only the actual size of the image or enable zoom.  
  2. Fit the manga page to fit the screen or fit by width or fit by height.
  3. Press ‘F’ to go full screen. 
  4. Press ‘Q’ to Zoom. This will not work if the Actual Size setting in the Aa key Menu is set to ‘true’.
  5. Press ‘Q’ multiple times to zoom multiple times. Press W to unzoom and press E to go back to original size.
  6. Toggle to Actual Size with C.  
  7. Please see the shortcuts list in the previous section for more options.
  8. You can choose the screen orientation. This didn’t work particularly well for the one manga tested.
  9. Rotate the Image with R – this leaves the background behind and doesn’t work well either.
  10. You can pan around when zoomed into a photo using the 5-way and it works well.  
  11. In the menu you can disable dithering.
  12. You can also enable full screen mode in the Menu (‘F’ key is the shortcut).
  13. There’s an interesting ‘pan to next page’ feature – couldn’t get it to work.
  14. Page turns in manga books are quick. That has to mean Kindle 3 loads images much quicker than Kindle 2.
  15. The Zoom feature allows you to zoom in and read the text if it’s too small.

There are also a few errors – when you unzoom or change the screen fit setting or change the rotation the old image is left behind in the background. You can remove this ‘image artifact’ by exiting and re-entering the Manga Book. Kindle 3 remembers what page you were on and also your zoom settings.

Page turns are usually very quick which is impressive since it’s loading photos. Loading the manga pictures the first time can be slow. If you go into sleep mode then Kindle 3 might fail to re-load photos when you come out of sleep mode. Simply exit to the main menu and re-enter the Manga – it’ll work fine.

Kindle 3 Manga Photos next …

After the jump lots of photos of Manga on the Kindle 3.

Kindle 3 Manga Photos

Let’s start with the cover for the Manga –  

Cover of the Manga Book
Do Judge this Manga by its Cover!

The cover looks quite nice – though my lack of experience with Manga leaves me unable to comment on the man’s fingers being nearly as thick as the girl’s upper arms.

Next, we have this photo showing a full page without zoom –

A Page without Zoom
The original page - no zoom.

Notice that the page has a remnant image from the prior zoom (on the right, in the background).

Next, we look at the same page zoomed in (we zoomed in a lot by pressing ‘Q’ multiple times) –

Zoomed in Page of Manga on Kindle 3
A little too close for comfort

The zoom works remarkably well though it’s not instantaneous. You can pan around using the 5-way once you’re zoomed in.

Let’s look at a page with the Flash on –

Photo of Manga on Kindle 3 with Flash
Kindle 3 Manga with Flash

This next close-up photo is a macro mode photo of the lowest panel after a little zooming in –

A close-up of manga on the Kindle 3
When she blushes her nose disappears

Have to say – the story is getting rather interesting. The mysterious, tall, Fernando Torres doppelganger she ran into turns out to be her teacher. Who would have thought Manga are just like romance novels.  

Here’s a zoomed in full-page photo of the girl –

Zooming into a Manga
zooming into a Manga

As you can see from the languid pools of her eyes the zoom works rather well.  

Overall, things work really well. There are, of course, a few bugs and errors.

Kindle 3 Manga – Errors and Rough Edges

First, we see a bit of a struggle with Landscape Mode –

a landscape mode image that doesn't display well
Sometimes Landscape Mode doesn't come out right

Sometimes Landscape Mode comes out looking much better –

Landscape Mode
Sometimes Landscape Mode works well

The errors usually occur when you switch orientations or zoom out – they usually take the form of artifacts in the background. Basically, there’s a partial image left behind framing the pages of the manga as you flip through them.

On the plus side there are lots and lots of options.

Kindle 3 Manga – Features and Settings

First, we see the options the Aa key brings up –

The options you get for Manga when you press Aa
Aa Key = Just a few options. There are lots more.

Next, we see the options in the Menu –

Kindle 3 Menu Options
Lots of Menu options for Manga in Kindle 3

Clicking on that blank line reset my Kindle 3. These two sets of settings combine with the shortcuts we discussed earlier to give us a lot of flexibility.

Overall, Mangle lets you view Manga as Manga books on your Kindle 3 easily and well. It’s just like reading a book since your place in the Manga and your settings are preserved. The ability to zoom in a lot means you can read the text even if it’s too small and you can also zoom into individual frames.

The Kindle 3 does a pretty good job with Manga. Hopefully, some Manga Aficionados can jump in and confirm that.

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  1. Hi, switch11! I’m doing a series of posts on Kindle for I’d really like to link to this post and feature one or more of your images. Can you get back to me at the email I’ve included, or on twitter at @tcarmody? Thanks!

  2. FYI for anyone interested in using CBR/CBZ Comic Book archives on the Kindle:

    From playing around with Mangle, it looks like it is basically just taking a directory of images, in one or various file formats, and converting them to a series of .GIF files labeled “00000.gif”, “00001.gif” etc. (plus a “*.manga” and “*.manga_save” file — for what???).

    Not sure if this is preferable to just numbering image files manually, especially if the images are in JPG format.

  3. I have been reading mangas on kindle 3 by converting the images to a single pdf file. They look pretty good to me. If there are any small texts, I zoom in to 150% and use de shift and 5-pad to work around the page. The best converter I could find was foxonic express.

  4. doesn’t kindle have a image viewer to view jpg natively? Why can’t we just create a sub directory for a manga and drop all the jpg in it and then just read the manga that way and cycle thru the images. Why does it need to be converted to another format. Seem time consuming

  5. I print the images to a pdf file with irfanview and the following settings:
    Image DPI: 167
    Width: 114mm
    Height: 185mm or whatever you need

    In kindle, landscape view, zoom to “actual size” and you can use a soft scroll in pdf files with: SHIFT + direction in pad.

  6. Instead of exiting and going back into the manga when artifacts are left in the background, you can simply Alt R to refresh the screen. (At least on the Kindle 3)

  7. With the new models (Kindle and kindle touch) with no keys, i wonder how much of this is possible… I mean how are you zooming in and out with no Q key…

    Can anyone reply? Was thinking on buying a kindle touch thinking that zooming would be easier while reading manga but some people in other forums told me that you can’t zoom with the touch screen…

    So know i am confused… Can anyone help me with this? Thanks

      1. Do you ever plan on testing Mangle on the Kindle Touch anytime time at all? I was planning on buying the Touch but I wanted to know if it will work with Mangle very well.

        1. I wasn’t planning on it but I’ll try it and update this post. Just not sure how long it’ll take. Try a forum like Mobileread to see what people think. They have a section for Developers and tools developed for Kindles – someone will answer your questions there on whether Mangle works for Kindle Touch.

  8. Ohh man, this is so much of just what I’ve been looking for! Thank you, thank you! And thank the creator of Mangle as well, for such an amazing act of greatness!

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