Tuesday Morning 2 kindle free books, Kindle 3 crashes + freezing

We have two free kindle books this morning courtesy Happy Reader “Joyce” –

  1. Bake Sale Murder by Leslie Meier. It’s rated 4.5 stars on 10 reviews.

    In Meier’s disjointed 13th Lucy Stone mystery (after 2005’s New Year’s Eve Murder), the Tinker’s Cove, Maine, newspaper reporter has a whole subdivision of peculiar neighbors around her once peaceful farmhouse, and anonymous letters are arriving at her office.

    The unknown penman alleges that the new football coach, Buck Burkhart, is condoning unsavory behavior by the high school’s senior football players toward the junior players and the cheerleaders, one of whom is Lucy’s daughter, Sara.

  2. Demonfire by Kate Douglas. Seems to be a mix of romance, adventure, and the paranormal.

    Eddy is a no-nonsense reporter who leaves stories of alien races to her father and scoffs at such notions as the town statue coming to life. Until said statue attacks her home.

    According tothe mysterious Dax, demons are crossing over to Earth, determined to disrupt the balance between it, Abyss, and Eden, and to destroy them all. Eddy and Dax know they can’t stop this catastrophe on their own, and luckily for them, alien races aren’t merely the stuff of fairy tales after all.

6 books on Monday and 2 today – quite nice.

Modifying my Kindle 3 Review with the caveat of Freezing

One of the things no Kindle reviewer seems to have picked up on is the fact that the Kindle 3, for some people including me, freezes more than the Kindle 2 does.

Not quite sure how to describe it but there’s a freezing/crashing problem with the Kindle 3. It’s not common enough or frequent enough (if your Kindle 3 has it) to be a deal breaker but it’s noticeable enough to be a bother.

Updated my Kindle 3 Review to include a reference to the sporadic freezing.

Here are a few of the situations that lead to freezing or a crash/restart (also including a bug in there that might be related) –

  1. Certain websites, especially complex ones, lead to a crash or freezing (freezing usually). This is somewhat rare.  
  2. Certain websites lead to the url bar being left behind as an artifact on the screen – you can see it on the Kindle home page. This is pretty rare.
  3. PDF files sometimes freeze the Kindle 3. Am also getting this strange bug where any PDF crashes the Kindle 3. Have only heard of one other case of it so it’s probably an edge case bug picked up due to opening up all types of PDFs and testing them. 
  4. There have been days when it didn’t crash (mostly days focused on reading) and days when it crashed multiple times (mostly testing days focused on browser and PDFs). 
  5. It crashed once when testing photos for manga on Kindle 3. There’s one menu item that is clickable though there’s nothing there and either that or all the changing of options caused the crash.  

It’s enough days and haven’t loaded very many books on to the review unit so am reasonably confident this is not a ‘first few days’ bug or indexing bug and is in fact a software error (perhaps related to WiFi or to handling very complex tasks) that needs to be fixed in the next update.

Here’s a thread at the official kindle forum trying to figure out what the culprit for Kindle 3 crashes is. Well, it’s releasing a ton of great features in one release which guarantees there will be some issues. It’s the nature of software and as long as Amazon fixes it in the next upgrade it’s not a deal killer or even a big negative.

Note: Most of the crashes have happened when testing out really complex websites and strange PDFs. There also seems to be a thread of using WiFi though some people are seeing crashes on 3G too. So you might not run into the freezing/crashes – However, do let us know if you’re seeing crashes too so we can ascertain whether this is a common complaint.

It’s not like the freezing on the Nook (which was more frequent and was accompanied by bugs and sluggishness) – However, it’s big enough to warrant a downgrade in my Kindle 3 review score from 8.9/10 to 8.7/10. If it’s not fixed in the next release would probably drop the review score down to 8.5 because it really should be a Priority Zero fix. Kindle 2 didn’t see crashes/freezing and Kindle 3 shouldn’t either.

29 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning 2 kindle free books, Kindle 3 crashes + freezing”

  1. Hey, a little bit off topic, Switch11, I would like you to explain how library books work for Nook or Sony e-readers. I go to an Ivy league school and we have an enormous library. I also live very near the town’s public library. With a Nook or a Sony e-reader, would I be able to download any of their books into my e-reader? Only to be read there, or to take them out of the building too? For a limited amount of time or for as long as I need?


    1. Your library can help you with that. They use a system called Overdrive that lends out ebooks with DRM in ePub format that disappear after the loan period. You just sign up and then you can log-in through your computer and download the books. I think Overdrive or Adobe Digital Editions authenticates your device and authenticates the library ebooks for your device and then you can read them for whatever time period is allowed.

      Have never used the system myself so that’s the extent of my knowledge.

  2. I’ve had the freezing happen twice now. The first time was when downloading books from the Archives. The second time is more disturbing. I had just been reading. Put down the Kindle and didn’t come back to it for 20 minutes. Was surprised no screen saver had kicked in. Tried to use it – completely frozen.

  3. Just wanted to thank all contributors for the links to and reviews of free books. Every day, the first thing I do is look to see if new books are posted! I also appreciate being introduced to new genres and authors that I probably never would have found on my own. So thank you, and please know that you have appreciative readers out here!

  4. I’m one of the ones that’s experience what I would call “severe” freezes and resets trying to use PDF’s on the K3.

    I ended up yesterday doing a reset to factory settings (losing all of my loaded books, etc.) and had to reset my Kindle user name on the Managing My Kindle page as well as reinstall everything from scratch.

    I also printed an email to PDF and mailed that to the Kindle. It works, but it was translated to AWZ format. I have a suspicion that crashes might have something to do with the fact that my PDF’s (of varying sizes) were loaded into sub-folders (Collections).

    I will try reinstalling these PDF’s from a USB connection to see if they still crash the K3. If they do, bummer, but Amazon will have to find a work around for this. Some of these files are too big (22MB product manual) for them to convert to AWZ, or at least I’m guessing they are… TR

    1. OOPs, sorry, but I just looked again and one of the files RETAINED it’s PDF format after emailing. It works fine, but it’s file size is VERY small.

  5. So far my Kindle crashed 3 times. Twice when I was moving books into a collection and once when I was trying to sign into Google Reader. As a whole, I love my Kindle so far. Reading on it surpass reading on my iPod or Macbook!

  6. I also love my K3 but it froze twice while I was a reading books and once while adding books to a collection. I’ve haven’t opened a PDF or tried out the browser yet.

    The collection addition freeze was the first and I just left it alone and after about 5 minutes it became responsive again. I tried the same waiting game during the first reading freeze but about 25 minutes later it was still frozen so I reset it. I was too impatient to wait the 2nd time (I was at a good part!).

    During the collection freeze wireless was on. (I thought that might have something to do with it-synchronizing or what have you). During the other two freezes it was off,however.

  7. I’ve had my wifi K3 freeze & crash quite a few times. I’d say upwards of 20 times since I received it on Friday, Aug. 27th. Each time I was doing something complex such as renaming my existing Collections to try to get them back into some semblance of order similar to that on my K2 (symbols sort completely differently on the K3). I believe the wireless was on during most, if not all, of those crashes.

    I’d had my K2 since it was released on Feb. 23, 2009, and I honestly don’t remember it crashing more than a couple of times, if that. Here’s hoping a bug fix is released soon.

  8. No crashes here yet, but I have only had my K3 for 24 hours! And most of my kindle time is spent reading novels.

    Had my K2 for 1.5 years and never a crash. Crossing fingers!

      1. Yeah no complaint about your post. Demonfire is available for free. The Bake Sale book for kindle is not available in Australia at all (at any price)

  9. it crashes/freezes just like a buggy program does on your desktop/pc. Theres a memory leak somewhere, or the memory available is not high enough

  10. I’m also experiencing rather severe and frequent freezes and reboots, sometimes when actively doing something like adding a new item or removing one, highlighting or clicking for a definition, or hitting next or previous page, but also sometimes just randomly in the middle of reading a page. I’ve had at least four or five freezes/reboots a day since receiving it last Thursday, and on some day I have that many in a single hour; it’s making using it extremely frustrating. Earlier this evening, I was in a collection, hit the previous page button, and the Kindle reset itself and went into a reboot loop, resetting every time it would display the home screen; after the fourth time I managed to get it to stop by holding the on/off button for about 30 seconds. My Kindle also periodically forgets what time it is and displays a random time (at 1:00 am, an hour ago, it was displaying 4:35 pm), isn’t keeping track of my highest location read for some books, and sometimes displays my collections in a completely random order rather than by most recently accessed. I can count on one hand the number of times I had to reset my Kindle 2, which I’ve had for almost 20 months. I sent an email to Amazon CS and they asked me to call them; I’ll do so tomorrow and see if they have any suggestions.

    1. Kindle CS has asked for my phone number as well…

      I sent them a lengthy email yesterday on my experience with the K3 so far, both good and bad. Kindle CS seems to be really on top of the issues and genuinely wanting to help resolve them. We’ll see how this turns out. Good thing it’s a slow day at work today…

      1. I talked to CS today and felt largely brushed off. The rep told me that my reboot cycle yesterday likely was caused by a software update they were pushing (yet my software version hasn’t changed). I told him that since the alleged software update I’d had another bad freeze (which lost my page location and my two most recent highlighted passages) just 15 minutes before calling him, and he said that my hard reset should fix that and that I should wait 2-3 more days to see if everything was still ok. Needless to say, five minutes ago the K3 just rebooted itself again, while I was doing nothing more than moving the cursor within the text.

  11. “… also getting this strange bug where any PDF crashes the Kindle 3.”

    My Kindle 3 crashes reproducable. I loaded a couple of pdf’s and they worked great. A few hours later all of them lead to a crash. So this has nothing to do with buggy files at all. The only way to fix this was to set the kindle back to factory settings. One day later, exactly the same happens, but I won’t do a reset again. I’m sure it will only fix it for a couple of hours. So I got to live with the fact that all my pdf support is broken. I really tried to avoid anything that could provocate a crash – no complex surfing, no highlighting, no wifi, nothing. Hopefully Amazon fix this error quick. I buyed the Kindle to read some scientific pdf’s wich can’t be translated into another format.

  12. I’ve had issues with both the artifact URL screen and consistent crashing when opening PDFs or trying to connect to wifi. My new K3 has been pretty much useless since I got it because of this. Any suggestions on how to fix it?

  13. I got my K3 last evening and all worked well until I converted and email two .pdf;s and then downloaded them. The pdf’s opened fine, but then the browser constantly lock up requiring a hard re-boot. Finally, after reading some of the above posts, I deleted the 2 pdf’s and I seem to be up and running again.

      1. I’m pretty sure it is something like that. If one puts the same pdf’s again on the K3, it will immediately crush again – that’s what happend to me. Only the way back to factory settings helped. So it seems that it is something that tries to open the pdf’s in the wrong way and still remains after deleting them.

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