6 Kindle free books for Friday

For your Kindle 3 or Kindle 2 or DX or 1 here are 6 kindle free books –

  1. Divorced, Desperate and Dating by Christie Craig. Rated 4.5 stars on 22 reviews.

    A mystery writer is forced to reconsider her policy against dating when she is protected from death threats by the sexiest cop she’s ever seen.

    Review: What a delightful sense of humor! Christie’s style would even get someone hooked that wasn’t really into reading. She gives her readers a mixture of romance and suspense with a big dose of humor!

  2. The Accidental Demon Slayer by Andie Fox.

    Prim and proper preschool teacher Lizzie Brown is on the verge of her thirtieth birthday when her hitherto unknown grandmother shows up, quickly followed by a demon erupting out of her toilet who Lizzie surprisingly manages to blast into “a million flecks of light.”

    Raised by distant adoptive parents, Lizzie had no idea that she was born to be a demon slayer.

  3. Triple Exposure by Colleen Thompson. Rated 4.5 stars on 9 reviews.

    Photographer Rachel Copeland has been formally acquitted of the murder of Kyle Underwood, a young man who stalked her, but she remains disgraced in her adopted Philadelphia community, where many still believe she seduced and killed him.

    Rumors and harassment follow Rachel as she flees to her hometown of Marfa, Texas, where she butts heads with her stepmother, Patsy, and other locals. One of the few people willing to support Rachel is Zeke Pike, a woodcarver with a secret of his own, and they soon wrestle with romantic feelings for each other as mysterious stalkers threaten and try to separate them.

  4. Crimson City by Liz Maverick. Rated 4 stars on 33 reviews.

    From the extravagant appetites of the vampire world above, to the gritty defiance of the werewolves below, the specter of darkness lives around every corner, the hope of paradise in every heart.

    All walk freely with humans in a tentative peace, but to live in Los Angeles is to balance on the edge of a knife. One woman knows better than most that death lurks here in nights of bliss or hails of UV bullets. She’s about to be tested, to taste true thirst. She’s about to regain the power she’s long been denied

  5. Eternal Pleasure by Nina Bangs.

    … the Gods of the Night are incarnated for the first time in 65 million years, summoned to protect humanity from an all-encompassing evil that is coming in 2012, at the end of the Mayan calendar. While currently incarnated as deadly, handsome men, they have the ability to assume their prior forms—those of gigantic dinosaurs.

    One of them, Ty Endeka, develops a powerful attraction to his driver, Kelly Maloy. She never expects to be drawn into this world of demons, vampires, werewolves and otherkin, but when she is, she handles it with aplomb, even when the Eleven’s mysterious leader, Fin, tells her she has a crucial role to play in the coming fight.

  6. Darkness on the Edge of Town by Brian Keene. 

    One morning the residents of Walden, Virginia, woke to find themselves cut off from the rest of the world by an impenetrable wall of darkness.

Amazon has really pulled out all the stops this week when it comes to free book offers. We now have 34 free book offers in the first 5 days of this week. Love it.

You can find the remaining 28 free offers for this week at the 50 Free Kindle Books post. Please note that a few might have already disappeared.

4 thoughts on “6 Kindle free books for Friday”

  1. Thank you so much again! I got all 6 of these books today.

    And…about covers for Kindle 2:
    I was at my local Target store, and I saw that some of their Kindle 2 covers were on clearance for 50% off.
    There were Belkin zipped covers, that the royal blue ones were 50% off; but the black ones, and the purple ones were still full price.
    There was also a type of hard-skin cover that was 50% off, too. These were plaid.
    These are all for Kindle 2 only; they are NOT for the newer Kindle 3 model.

  2. After dropping my kindle and breaking the screen I made myself a cover. I got a skin and then the KlearKase and put that into a leather cover I got from Staples that was a planner. I velcroed the Kindle into the leather case. I feel like it’s really protected now.

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