Kindle Freezing Fix works for one user, 3 Kindle Book Deals

A lot about the Kindle 3 to cover in this post.

Kindle 3 Freezing Issue solved for one user, fix might be arriving soon

Thanks a ton to John for a new update on the Kindle 3 Freezing Bug and news that the fix that’s being tried out worked on his Kindle 3 –

Amazon also contacted me yesterday regarding an earlier conversation on the freezing issue and asked if they could upload an update to the firmware which they did.

I think he mentioned that the update would soon be released to all kindle owners.

My Kindle version software is now 3.0.1 (525120101).

Since the update there have been no “freeze ups”.

This is really good news – It’s working and hopefully it’ll work for all Kindle 3’s.

Contrast Effect due to Graphite Kindle Casing

Courtesy Wikipedia we get a good explanation for why the Kindle 3 Graphite is better for contrast than the white one (thanks to Sawyer for the information) –

Simultaneous contrast identified by Michel Eugène Chevreul refers to the manner in which the colors of two different objects affect each other. The effect is more noticeable when shared between objects of complementary color.

In the image here, the two inner rectangles are exactly the same shade of grey, but the upper one appears to be a lighter grey than the lower one due to the background provided by the outer rectangles.

The image shows two rectangles with outer rectangles framing them. The inner rectangles are both the same color but the one that has a darker rectangle circling it seems lighter.

That’s exactly what’s happening with the Graphite Kindle 3. Its screen seems whiter than the screen of the white Kindle 3 because of the graphite casing.

You could argue it’s perception but it’s more than that – Since there is dark graphite casing around it our eyes can better appreciate the whiteness of the ‘white’ eInk screen and in turn the darkness of the ‘black’ eInk lettering.

So, with the graphite Kindle 3, we start with a dark eInk to white eInk contrast ratio that is 50% better (mostly due to the black being richer and darker) and add on the effect of the Graphite casing – It’s really very powerful.

Kindle 3 Book Deals

Here are 3 Kindle Book Deals –

  1. The Invasion by William Meikle is rated 4.5 stars on 13 reviews and just $1.99.

    It started during a winter storm on the North Eastern Seaboard which brought with it a strange green rain. Where it fell, everything withered, died, and was consumed. The residents of remote outposts in Maritime Canada escaped the worst of the early damage, but that was a blessing in disguise, for they were left to watch as first North America, then the world, was subsumed in the creeping green carpet of terror.

    And that was just the beginning. New life forms began to arise from the ooze, simple organisms at first, but multiplying with ever-increasing complexity. The few human survivors are faced with a full-scale invasion… and only radical measures will guarantee the survival of the human race.

  2. A Death at the North Pole by Joel M. Andre is rated 4 stars on 18 reviews and priced at 70 cents.

    Detective Lauren Bruni has dealt with death for her entire life. She has watched it ruin lives, and brought people closer together. Her job taught her to separate fact from fiction.

    But on a cold December day, all Lauren had believed in would be shattered and tossed aside. Thrust in a world unlike any she has seen before, she investigates a prominent figure’s grisly murder, and searches for answers along a strange new set of people.

    With a killer watching her every move in the background ready to strike again at a moments notice

  3. Where You Belong (None) by Patrick Dilloway is rated 4 stars on 8 reviews and priced at $1. A book inspired by The World according to Garp.

    Frost Devereaux’s odyssey of self-discovery spans three decades and takes him to every corner of America. Guiding him along his journey are the twin loves of his life: Frankie & Frank Maguire. Through his tempestuous relationships with them, he learns who he is and where he belongs.

Getting 34 free books this week is making me wonder whether it’s sustainable – Could we really have an ebook/book world that provides 30-40 free book offers every week?

There was a time when we had a few free book offers a month and any Kindle owner you told she/he would be seeing 34 free book offers in a single week would have laughed at you.

3 thoughts on “Kindle Freezing Fix works for one user, 3 Kindle Book Deals”

  1. As I am dowloading more and more books I am wondering if there is a “synopsis” feature on Kindle that I don’t know about. Kind of a back of the book description of what the book is about.

    1. Yes, press right on the 5-way when on a book and it gives you options. One of them is ‘Book Description’ – It takes you to the book page in the Kindle Store.
      If you mean when shopping in the Kindle Store – the book page has a description and a link to reviews.

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