Kindle vs iPad – Hello, I'm a Kindle and I'm an iPad

The Kindle 3 finally gets an Ad that’s got bite and it’s beautiful.


It’s so much like an Apple ad it’s awesome the joke’s on an Apple product –

  1. Apple uses a ‘cool’ guy as a Mac and an awkward, out of shape guy as a PC. Kindle’s Ad goes one better because it shows a pretty good-looking, in shape, stylish woman as a Kindle user and an awkward, mid-life crisis stricken, delta looking man as the iPad.
  2. To make things better they actually bestow him with the capability of asking inane questions.
  3. Being by the pool gives them a chance to give the Kindle owner a magic flat stomach and the iPad owner the hint of a paunch. It’s so unfair.
  4. They throw in the $139 and ‘my sunglasses cost me more’. 
  5. It’s true – the iPad really does reflect your face just like that in sunlight. A lot of the things in the ‘Hello, I’m a Mac’ ads were exaggerations – However, readability in sunlight and low price are both solid and valid Kindle 3 advantages.

The ad gets a lot right – the man being a bit out of shape but not too much, the woman being good-looking but not unrealistic, the man having the sense of style of a Greyhound bus, the woman having a lot of social intelligence so she isn’t condescending, the man making all the facial expressions required to cement him as someone you wouldn’t want to be.

My favorite aspect is that they never make it too stark – the guy doesn’t have a big pot belly and the girl isn’t unreal beautiful and the conversation is not condescending and it’s just very, very well done. There’s not really any nastiness except at the subconscious level.

Who would have thought Amazon would finally start using killer advertising for the Kindle 3.

Best Comment Ever about ‘iPad can read in the dark’ at CrunchGear

The typical ‘iPad can read in the dark’ nonsense started creeping in amongst the comments at CrunchGear’s Kindle vs iPad ad article.

First, we get a couple of valid responses to ‘reading in the dark’ –

Jack: If you purchase the cover available for the new version of the Kindle, it has a built-in LED light. It is much easier on the reader’s eyes and much less likely to affect a bed partner.

Posh: Yeah, the new Kindle cover with built-in light is almost better than the new Kindle itself.

Posh is so right – the lighted cover is almost better than the Kindle 3.

And then we get this amazing comment –

Some morons are saying that the Kindle is hard to read in the dark.

How often do you find yourself reading in the dark dumbass? Unless you’re a Chilean miner trapped in 500 feet below ground trying to catch up on his Marquez, you wouldn’t be reading in the dark.

It’s typical Apple fanboy attitude to start exaggerating the importance of reading in the absolute dark. We shouldn’t really be surprised Apple and Apple people have been promoting ‘reading in the dark’ as a super big advantage. It’s exactly what you would expect from a company that talks about using ‘aircraft grade aluminium’.

With the Kindle Lighted Cover even their exaggerations can’t hold up. Hopefully we can get them to stop hammering on the fact that iPad has a backlight and bleeds out your eyes.

9 thoughts on “Kindle vs iPad – Hello, I'm a Kindle and I'm an iPad”

  1. And let’s not overlook the fact that the babe is reading the Kindle held one-handed, while the iPad guy has to rest his on his beer-gut.

    Of course, he’d have the same problem if he had a DX…

  2. Switch 11-
    Really delightful synopsis and clever observations re: the subtleties of the Kindle/IPad advertisement. One thing though…there has been a lot said over the past few weeks about the futility of comparing the Kindle to the Ipad; they are two entirely different things. Do we have David attacking Goliath here? Should Amazon (Kindle) even be tempting comparison with Apple (IPad) considering everything it (Kindle) can’t do?

  3. It’s a good ad but I wouldn’t say it resembles the Apple Mac ads in any way except that there are two people present.

    And you all are judging the guy pretty harshly. He just looks like an average guy to me: not overweight, not buff. He has a little of the Steve Carell helmet-hair going on but that’s the only “negative” I could see. “Beer gut,” indeed…

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