Kindle DX 2 thoughts + free book

First, the free kindle book –

  1. Sheltering Hearts by Robyn Carr. Apparently, it’s written as a sort of introduction to some charity and talks about the life of the founder. 1 1 star review and 1 5 star review.

    New York Times bestselling author Robyn Carr takes readers back to her beloved Virgin River country in this heartwarming tribute to Rhonda Clemons, founder of Zoë Institute and a winner of a Harlequin More Than Words award.

Next, here are some thoughts on the Kindle DX 2 collated in the process of playing with it to prepare for a full Kindle DX 2 Review.

Kindle DX 2 – Very Good and Very Caught in the Middle

There are a lot of good things about the Kindle DX 2 – the eInk Pearl screen, the large screen size, the mostly good PDF support, the thinness.

There are also a few negatives – the price, the awkwardness (it’s just a little too big), the fact that it hasn’t got all the software features the Kindle 3 has, it being quite close in price to multi-purpose tablets like the iPad.

There are two definites – Kindle DX 2 is a very good large screen eReader, it’s firmly caught in between the $189 Kindle 3 and the $499 iPad. The latter (it being stuck in a sort of no man’s land) gets in the way and Amazon really needs to find a way to cut the price down to around $250.

Kindle DX 2 – The benefits and disadvantages of size

The size adds a lot – you get more words per page, PDFs look great and even better in landscape mode, newspaper are better, you have to turn the page less often, the browser displays webpages better due to there being more size.

The screen size is 2.5 times the screen size of the Kindle 3 and Kindle 2 and it make a big difference.

The size also adds a lot of problems – one-handed reading becomes nearly impossible unless you rest it against something, two-handed reading can also tend to get tiring, carrying it and holding it are both slightly awkward, the larger size makes it hard to pack and hard to fit into bags and purses.

Overall, the Kindle DX 2 is a very good eReader at the wrong price. Perhaps in the course of writing out a full review my feelings will change.

2 thoughts on “Kindle DX 2 thoughts + free book”

  1. amazon needs to change their culture of not updating old hardware. One thing that made Apple so successful is that their hardware constantly receive software updates to improve a little something to the hardware. Its been weeks after the kindle 3 launch. The old kindles need a software boost

  2. One reason the DXG is so expensive is that Amazon is less willing to subsidise the device, given most users won’t necessarily be buying many books from the store. They could reduce the price by making a wi-fi only version, or perhaps rethinking the whole 3g pricing: how about selling 50Mb data bundles (for example) but allowing users to download PDFs onto the device from the web at their leisure.

    Other than that, it really comes as a matter of choice. Having compared the size of the 6″ screen with a DX, I know I would never be interested in a small kindle, exactly because I am primarily using it as a way to read PDFs. The only way the price would lower is if a competitor launches a good alternative with ePUB support and better handling of PDFs.

    In fact, the main complaints I have with the DX are all about the handling of PDFs:
    – most PDFs don’t look as good as they could on the DX, because of lack of contrast feature already implemented in the K3 – when will they add this?
    – lack of support for annotations in PDFs as in the K3 – why?
    – lack of support for TOC and links
    – lack of a configurable smart zoom option to make best use of space and crop page numbers and things like that
    – failure to recognise if a document was originally in landscape mode (slides are a good example) or option to manually rotate it in the kindle

    No wonder people buy an iPad – it’s not good for reading, but at least
    software availability improves on a daily basis.

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