Kindle Tablet might be coming, 2 free kindle thrillers

First, the 2 free kindle thrillers –

  1. Velocity by Alan Jacobson.

    Starred Review. Jacobson’s third thriller featuring FBI profiler Karen Vail (after Crush) sizzles with nonstop action and startling details about drug trafficking. When Karen’s lover, Det. Robby Hernandez, disappears in California’s Napa Valley while she’s busy catching John Wayne Mayfield, the notorious Crush Killer,  Karen is horrified to learn that she may have blown Robby’s cover. As part of a DEA operation, Robby was investigating drug cartel kingpin Carlos Cortez and his associates …

  2. The 7th Victim by Alan Jacobson.

    Jacobson’s third novel (after False Accusations and The Hunted) has all the ingredients for a best-selling psychological thriller: strong female lead, multifaceted serial killer, compelling plot, and just enough secrets and surprises to keep the adrenaline racing. The hunt is on for the notorious Dead Eyes killer who is preying on young women.

    Karen Vail is a gritty yet vulnerable FBI profiler with a precarious personal life. As Vail and the task force pursue the serial killer, readers are drawn into the inner sanctum of a profiler while simultaneously privy to the killer’s crazed thoughts.

Amazon’s certainly feeling generous today – 9 free books in 1 day.

Next, we explore the possibility that the Kindle 3 soon gets a new family member.

Kindle Tablet around the corner – so says TechCrunch 

TechCrunch talks about a Kindle Tablet tip it got last week –

last week, before we knew that, we got an interesting tip that such a move was coming soon — this week, actually.

And that tip came with a bonus attached — the tipster also heard that Amazon was going to be releasing an iPad competitor alongside the store


A Kindle Tablet and a Kindle Android App Store in the same week. That seems a bit of a stretch. If we really get the Amazon Android App Store this week and it’s accompanied by a Tablet that would be the biggest Amazon release since the Kindle.

It’s interesting that TechCrunch only remembered its anonymous tipster after various developers confirmed they had been approached by Amazon for an app store. It’s also interesting that the tipster provided zero details about the tablet.

For all we know it might just be Amazon recruiting developers for the Kindle App Store. Still, it’s fun to speculate.

There are lots of interesting comments at TechCrunch –

* I wonder if the Kindle is being secretly upgraded to Android in support of this app store venture.

* I knew this (Amazon Android App Store) was linked to an Amazon device. It was the only thing that made sense.

* I can see them selling/renting tv shows through their app store. That would be super awesome.

* The Android Marketplace is somewhat of a mess. Walled gardens can keep out weeds. VCast (Verizon’s Android App Store) will be more of a walled garden, and I bet so will Amazon’s store too.

It’s rather unlikely that the Kindle would move to Android. The far likelier possibility is that Amazon wants to replicate for movies and TV and games the Kindle model that has worked so well for books. It has probably decided an Android tablet is the way to do it.

If TechCrunch is right then we might soon find out exactly what the Kindle Tablet is and exactly what it’s capable of.

6 thoughts on “Kindle Tablet might be coming, 2 free kindle thrillers”

  1. So, Amazon makes a commercial touting how the Kindle is easy to read in sunlight and then proceeds to unveil an LCD based device difficult to view outdoors?

    Hey, you saw this coming based upon hiring news at Amazon, but frankly, I was hoping it wasn’t so. There’s enough tablet PC’s coming out as it is. After everything’s said and done, historians will look back at the Kindle as being more significant a development than all the new oversized smartphones and underpowered netbooks out there.

  2. No one says the rumored device will be LCD. I’m hoping for a Mirasol tablet. Qualcom is rumored to have tied-up a major partner for their Mirasol screen technology. I’m hoping it’s Amazon, because:

    a) the iPad is too expensive
    b) the Android tablets are all over the map as regards functionality and battery life, plus they’re LCD’s
    c) I’ve had a good experience with the Kindle 3 and am hoping Amazon can pull-off a win in the tablet category.

    I want to keep the K3 for reading, but I need a replacement for my aging HP notebook. I’d hoped it would be the iPad, but feel the iPad is to limited for the price paid, in my case over $900 with iPad, case, dock, tax and Apple Care.

    I think Amazon could and can do a better job.

    I’d rather not be tied to Android apps, but if anyone can pull off an Android app store, Amazon can.

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