Free Kindle Book, Nook 2 event on October 26th?

First, the free kindle book courtesy Happy Reader Joyce –

  1. Beyond Eden by Catherine Coulter. Genre: Thriller, Suspense. Price: Free. Rated 4 stars on 39 reviews.

    a crammed packaged romance featuring sex (bad, bad sex), family screaming, a tidbit of mystery, hasty glamorata, and real love–all set mainly in Manhattan.

    Lindsay Foxe is the ugly duckling daughter of Judge Royce Foxe, a mean-as-sleet womanizer who adores his other daughter, Sydney, a gorgeous Harvard Law School grad now married to an Italian prince.

    The 18-year-old Lindsay loves the prince, and he, unfortunately, loves little girls: Lindsay suffers a ghastly rape in Paris as a result, a mega misery topped off when sister Sydney arrives, pumps the prince full of lead, and then, later with dear old dad, blames Lindsay for leading the prince on. In the meantime, …  

Also just updated the 50 New Free Kindle Books post to weed out expired offers and add this offer – It now includes 70+ free books and 30+ free short stories and is definitely worth checking out.

Will Nook 2 arrive on October 26th? 

PC Magazine has news that B&N has invited reporters to its Union Square store on Tue, Oct 26th for an event that might involve the unveiling of Nook 2.

It’s probably fair to say that Barnes & Noble will offer at least the 1.5 version software upgrade, an increase in the number of available titles, and probably some sort of a unique in-store promotion – if not an entirely new Nook itself.

Another sign that a Nook 2 might be around the corner is that a big Nook 1.5 upgrade was announced today. It’s eerily reminiscent of the big Kindle 2.5 update which was released just a month before the Kindle 3 was announced.

Nook 1.5 upgrade

B&N announced that there will be a big Nook 1.5 software update at the end of November 2010 with the following features and enhancements –

  1. Dramatically increased page turn speed.
  2. Improved search.  
  3. Customized B&N Library Organization.
  4. Password protection.
  5. Syncing across all Nook Apps and Nooks.

It certainly seems like B&N is sending out a big update to the Nook 1 to coincide with the release of the Nook 2. A sort-of fond send-off for Nook 1 owners.

4 thoughts on “Free Kindle Book, Nook 2 event on October 26th?”

  1. Nook 2 is the BN’s last chance to secure a safe second place. I think that if BN don’t deliver something good they risk it’s sweet place to Kobo and/or Sony.

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