Kindle Education + Enterprise division, interesting Kindle jobs

Not much about the Kindle 3 happening this Sunday. However, there are some very interesting Kindle positions available at Amazon.

There even seems to be a Kindle Education and Enterprise division. Let’s start with that.  

Kindle Education & Enterprise Division

First clue is this position – Senior Product Manager for Corporate Segment.

It’s pretty clear from the description that Amazon is trying to find a niche for Kindle in the Enterprise – 

define and drive the product strategy and roadmap for Kindle services to the corporate segment, help improve the enterprise customer experience and help to establish our end-to-end businesses for Amazon Kindle within the enterprise market segment.

Dig a little deeper and turns out there’s an entire ‘Kindle Education & Enterprise’ division. Here’s a position for this Kindle Education & Enterprise team –

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer, Kindle Education & Enterprise

Are you inspired by the prospect of developing cutting-edge technology with the potential to transform education? 

Would you love to be a part of the team that innovates how organizations and corporations share information with their customers and employees across a diverse set of applications?

… evolve Kindle into an indispensable asset for students, educators, and a wide range of enterprise customers.

We knew Amazon was pushing into education. It’s quite revealing that it’s also focused on reaching Enterprise customers.

‘Brand New Kindle Program’, Kindle for WebOS, Kindle for Windows Mobile

There have been 45 Kindle positions opened in just the last 4 days. Here are some of the more interesting things gleaned from the old and new Kindle positions –

  1. What does ‘a new, customer-facing Kindle program’ mean? From a developer posting –

    This is a recently formed team tasked with delivering a new, customer-facing Kindle program. You will have the opportunity to work with a wide variety of technologies while writing Kindle device software and building large-scale back-end services.

  2. There’s another job posting that refers to ‘a brand new Kindle program’. Is a completely different Kindle about to debut?
  3. There might even be a new store. From a developer job position we get –

    a highly available, scalable, real-time ordering system for digital products.

  4. Shelfari is now part of the Kindle team. A Kindle job opening talks about Shelfari –

    Be on the forefront of scaling a social network inside of EC2. Take data entered by passionate end users and distribute it to and its family of products. Come make Shelfari a household name!

  5. Kindle Book Evangelist to work with authors and publishers to ‘facilitate and encourage title selection on Kindle’
  6. Kindle for WebOS? A few of the positions mention WebOS as a platform Amazon is developing applications for. 
  7. Kindle for Windows Mobile? One position mentions Windows Mobile as a platform Kindle team is developing an app for.
  8. Kindle Device Demand Generation position to drive Kindle sales.
  9. Programmer Analyst for the other ‘Kindle Apps’ –

    The Programmer Analyst team provides support to third-party developers including code level analysis, generic sample application code implementation, and common best practices.

You can find a complete list of Kindle related jobs at Amazon’s main site.

Particularly interesting is that there are 14 open positions in the ‘Kindle Digital and Mobile Platforms and Applications’ team and that there is a separate ‘Kindle Cross Platform’ team (that works on cross-platform SDKs) and a separate ‘Kindle Mobile and Tablet Applications’ team. It must mean Kindle Apps for PC, iPhone, etc. are doing really, really well or Amazon thinks they will be critical to its success.  

We also find out that the Kindle platform team is responsible for supporting MP3 downloads and Video on Demand. If that doesn’t scream Kindle Tablet don’t know what does.

Amazon is expanding Kindle in all directions. Including international.

Kindle for PC, iPhone, etc. going International Soon

Lots of random searching also unearthed a pretty strong clue that Amazon is planning on, or perhaps already working on, internationalizing Kindle for iPhone and other Kindle Apps.  

What’s the Clue?

Well, it’s this gem from Linked In –

Kindle Apps Internationalization Program Manager

Location: Seattle, WA (Greater Seattle Area)
Experience:Mid-Senior level
Functions:Project Management
Industries:Computer Software
Posted:October 12, 2010
Employer Job ID:124960

Linked In says the job is no longer available – It must have been filled recently because Google’s cache shows that the Kindle Apps Internationalization Program Manager job was open as of October 19th, 2010.

If Amazon is advertizing now it might take 3 to 6 months to fill the position and another 3 to 6 months for globalized versions of the various Kindle Apps to come out. That means in the next 6 to 12 months Kindle Apps will start to go international. Perhaps even earlier.

Kindle Internationalization Program Manager?

Here’s what Amazon writes about this Kindle related position –

Does the idea of working on Kindle, Amazon’s revolutionary wireless reading device, and other mobile platforms sound exciting and challenging? Then this is the position for you.

The Amazon’s Kindle team is looking for a world-class Technical Program Manager to lead the globalization of all Kindle applications on iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, PC, and Mac.

at least 5 years of Globalization/Localization experience;

Experience with iOS and Android SDKs is preferred

It’s pretty clear Amazon is looking to expand into other languages and markets. It’s also looking to hire 2 senior software developers that will probably work on this internationalization initiative –

to develop cross-platform SDKs that speed our products to market and enable the e-reading capabilities on all platforms that Kindle products run on.

That first ‘internationalization PM’ opening definitely confirms that Amazon is looking to expand Kindle for PC, Kindle for iPhone, and other Kindle Apps internationally.

Closing Thoughts – Kindle must be booming

45 positions opened in the last 4 days. 14 people in the Kindle Apps for PC, Mac, etc. team. A separate team just for Cross-Platform work. Lab 126 (the Kindle Team) is beginning to sound like a 1,000 person company.

Kindle for WebOS. Kindle for Windows Mobile. A ‘Kindle for iOS’ position. A Kindle for Tablets team. It seems like the various Kindle Apps are a runaway hit and Amazon considers them a vital part of the Kindle’s future.

My favorite three finds –

  1. This is a recently formed team tasked with delivering a new, customer-facing Kindle program. A new, customer-facing Kindle program sounds very intriguing.
  2. There’s a Kindle Education & Enterprise division.
  3. Kindle Platform team also handles MP3 downloads and Video on Demand.

Amazon probably has a lot of Kindle surprises up its sleeve. It’ll be interesting to see when it unveils them and what they are. Perhaps Amazon even has a brand new Kindle or a Kindle Tablet slated to arrive soon.

3 thoughts on “Kindle Education + Enterprise division, interesting Kindle jobs”

  1. With amazon’s paypal-like service (pay phrase) demonstrating their wider vision in the b2c enterprise arena I would not be surprised to find that they are looking to leverage their experience with the Kindle platform to expand the Kindle services to serving enterprise customers beyond their own site. It might start at Amazon using the Kindle as an electronic catalogue for selling merchandise other than books and then invite other companies to join the party.

    Imagine what might happen if (say) Amazon offered free shipping or a minimum of 5% discount for all physical goods as long as they are ordered using the Kindle. What would that do to Kindle sales and how might it accelerate customer acquisition for non-book items?

    Of course, for this to happen, the Kindle device needs to be more than it is now, but all the signs indicate that it will be or it will die. In competing with pads and developing the Kindle for the education market, Amazon could also be gearing up for a far more interesting use of ‘Kindle Services’

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