for your kindle a free short story preorder

Well, here it is, courtesy Happy Reader Joyce –

  1. Crossing the Line by Stephen Jay Schwartz (who’s supposedly a Los Angeles Times Bestselling author). Price: $0. Genre: Crime, Detective. It’s a short story written to promote his book Beat. Courtesy Murderati we get a little on the short story –

    And my publisher had me write a Hayden short story that we’ll be giving away FREE as an ebook. Called “Crossing the Line,” the story takes us back to Hayden’s early days as a rookie on the force, when he’s just starting his time in Vice. It depicts the moment his addiction first rears its ugly head. A little ditty designed to introduce new readers to the world of Hayden Glass.

My assumption would be that the book Beat features a detective/cop Hayden Glass and the short story is an introduction to him.

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  1. I own a Kindle and use it, but if anyone does not have an e-reader yet, and if you want a Nook, I did see mentioned that there will be this sale for the holidays:

    $99 Nook at BEST BUY (not Barnes & Noble)

    10 per store on Black Friday.

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