$100 Kindle WiFi on Black Friday to match Nook WiFi?

Thanks to Lucy S. we know that Best Buy will offer the Nook WiFi at $100 on Black Friday.

The Nook WiFi normally retails at $149, $10 more than the $139 Kindle WiFi, so a $100 price is a huge bargain. Best Buy’s Black Friday flyers pretty much confirm the Nook WiFi will sell for just $100.

Given that it’s Black Friday and the start of the most important retail period of the year it’s hard to imagine Amazon will not match this offer by offering Kindle WiFi for $100 or $110.

$100 Kindle WiFi – Why Amazon might not have a choice 

On paper the Kindle WiFi outpaces the Nook WiFi. Kindle WiFi comes with the new eInk Pearl screen, it has text to speech, performs better, and now even has Kindle Apps of two different types to back it up.

However, the Nook WiFi supports ePub, supports library books, and is available at a lot more retail stores than the Kindle – including at WalMart and at every B&N store. At $100 it clearly becomes a more compelling option than a $139 Kindle WiFi – even though users would, in a few months, probably regret choosing the older generation eInk screen.

$100 is a magical figure (marketers would say $99 and $97 are more magical) and a $100 Nook WiFi would completely decimate Kindle WiFi sales – Amazon doesn’t really have an option other than to go with a $100 Kindle WiFi.

Why we have a $100 Nook WiFi

B&N, with the help of Best Buy, is creating very interesting market segmentation –

  1. $100 Nook WiFi for value conscious readers. It’s almost certainly going to stick with this price throughout the holiday season.
  2. $199 Nook to appeal to hard-core readers. The price for Nook might come down to $170 or even $150.
  3. $249 Nook Color to appeal to the ‘it has to do more than just read/books look better in color’ non-purists.

The $100 Nook WiFi totally undercuts the $139 Kindle WiFi and the Nook Color steals away casual readers. B&N could complete its attack by cutting the price of the Nook to $150 and creating a deeper integration with Google’s offerings.

It’s a much smarter way to attack the Kindle than Sony’s strategy last year of introducing a pocket edition and a daily edition to supplement its core Sony Reader Touch Edition.

Apart from the strategy benefits B&N has to unload its stock of Nook WiFis. Very soon after the Nook WiFi was released the Kindle WiFi was released with the newer generation eInk Pearl screen and lots of great features and a lower price. It probably destroyed Nook WiFi sales and B&N might have a few hundred thousand lonesome Nook WiFis withering away in their warehouse.

With one stroke of Black Friday magic B&N gets rid of its surplus stock and attacks Amazon’s Kindle WiFi sales.

$100 Kindle WiFi vs $100 Nook WiFi

What if both Kindle WiFi and Nook WiFi were at $100 – Which one should you get?

  • If you really need ePub support or support for Library books or the B&N store features then the Nook WiFi is a good choice.
  • In almost every other case the Kindle WiFi is a better option as it’s a third generation eReader while the Nook WiFi is a second generation eReader.

Even at $110 or $115 the Kindle WiFi is a better option than the Nook WiFi (unless you need library book support). At $120 to $139 for the Kindle WiFi it becomes a very tough decision – Then it comes down to what you think of eInk Pearl and which eReader features are most important to you.  

In either case it’s great for readers and ebooks

Regardless of whether users buy a $100 Nook WiFi or a $100 Kindle WiFi it’s great for all of us readers. More eReaders = More eBook sales = More power to readers.

$100 truly is a magical price – The minute people see $99 it seems not that much more than $90 or $10 and a lot less than $149 and $110 and $100. Instead of sweaters that get worn only at funny sweater parties and ties that only decorate moth-eaten cupboards people will be handing out Nook WiFis and Kindle WiFis and hoping they will be cherished gifts – and they probably will.

B&N is bringing us the $100 eReader and Amazon will have to play along. So, it’s quite likely that this Black Friday we’ll have a $100 Kindle WiFi competing with the discounted $100 Nook WiFi.

9 thoughts on “$100 Kindle WiFi on Black Friday to match Nook WiFi?”

      1. OK, thanks. I didn’t realize it was advertising, I was just looking for a info on said Nook (haven’t event read the specs of that device, so wanted to see what it’s like).

  1. Actually, the info I had was for Nooks being sold at BEST BUY on Black Friday.

    Did you see another adv., that is for this sale price at Barnes & Nobel’s, too?

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong but these are Best Buy doorbuster sales, ie only ten per store at the discounted price. Best Buy takes a margin hit to get people into their stores.

    Anyway B&N are selling refurbished Nooks at some crazy prices through third party vendors recently. One ebay sale moved over 3900 3G Nooks at a price of $99 each!

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