Kindle Store addition, Sudoku disappearance, kindle book deals

First, the kindle book deals –

  1. The Blades of the Rose Bundle: Warrior, Scoundrel, Rebel, & Stranger by Zoe Archer. Price: $9.99. Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Romance Compilation. $10 for 4 romance novels is a pretty good deal. There isn’t really a description.
  2. Seven Pillars of Wisdom by T. E. Lawrence. Price: $1.05. Genre: Literature, Classics, Lawrence of Arabia. Rated 4.5 stars on 2 reviews. You might be able to find this free outside the Kindle Store but not sure it’s worth the hassle. Here’s a description from the physical edition of the book.

    This is the exciting and highly literate story of the real Lawrence of Arabia, as written by Lawrence himself, who helped unify Arab factions against the occupying Turkish army, circa World War I.

    Lawrence has a novelist’s eye for detail, a poet’s command of the language, an adventurer’s heart, a soldier’s great story, and his memory and intellect are at least as good as all those.

  3. A Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi. Price: $0.95. Genre: War, Strategy, Martial Arts. Rated 4.5 stars on 36 reviews.

    The Book of Five Rings (Go Rin No Sho) is a text on kenjutsu and the martial arts in general, written by the samurai warrior Miyamoto Musashi circa 1645. It is considered a classic treatise on military strategy, much like Sun Tzu’s The Art of War and Chanakya’s Arthashastra.

    There have been various translations made over the years, and it enjoys an audience considerably broader than only that of martial artists.

Next, we have an appearance and a disappearance.

Top Rated Books List added to Kindle Bestseller Lists

The Kindle Store Bestseller Lists now sport a new arrival – the Top Rated Kindle Books List.

It’s a great idea – there are a lot of books on the list that seem really good but haven’t been in the Bestsellers List recently. It’s great to get another 100 slots for deserving books and authors. Plus you can dig into individual categories and find even more gems.

It’s not totally clear to me how freshness, average review rating, and number of reviews have been factored in – that would be an interesting algorithm/formula to figure out.

Sudoku Appears and Disappears

There’s a thread on the official Kindle forum talking about how EA Sudoku appeared and then magically disappeared.

It seems that there really was an EA Sudoku, it was available long enough to garner 6 reviews, and then it became unavailable. The Sudoku product page is still up and most of the reviews are positive. Due to the unexplained disappearance someone gave it a 1 star review and dropped the overall rating to 3.5 stars.

This app, once it’s available again, should be a bestseller. Here’s the description –

EA Sudoku contains thousands of built-in puzzles, as well as the ability to enter and play a puzzle from your favorite newspaper or magazine in “Newspaper” mode.

With five difficulty levels from “Easy” to “Insane,” Sudoku offers plenty of fun for Sudoku players of all skill levels. Built-in game features let you make “Notes,” “Undo” moves, and apply “Error Checking.”

One of the best features is that you can input a newspaper puzzle yourself and then solve it. Quite cool.

It uses the qwerty row as numbers and thus avoids the Kindle 3 madness of having to use the SYM pop-up or Alt+QWERTY to type in numbers.

It’d be interesting to find out why it’s disappeared – Amazon has been featuring Scrabble and Texas Hold’em on the main Kindle Store page so you’d think EA Sudoku would get the royal treatment too.

3 thoughts on “Kindle Store addition, Sudoku disappearance, kindle book deals”

  1. “It uses the qwerty row as numbers and thus avoids the Kindle 3 madness of having to use the SYM pop-up or Alt+QWERTY to type in numbers.”

    Hi, here’s a repeat of a comment I posted here a couple of days ago. (Amazon still hasn’t acted!):

    In one important situation, there’s no need to type Alt, because the context is sufficient to inform the Kindle that only numerals are valid input. Namely, when filling in a Location number, keypresses in the upper row should be interpreted as inputting the numbers associated with the keys being struck. Amazon should not require users to needlessly press Alt in this situation.

    I suspect Amazon’s programmers, ridden by the hobgoblin of “a foolish consistency,” were unwilling to make a much-needed creative exception here. I suspect this was also the reason why they didn’t move the cursor down to the next entry after a user had Added or Removed an item from a collection. (Because then what would they do when the item chosen was the last on a list or page?)

  2. Hey! You can now give Kindle books as a gift! I saw the button this morning:

    Frequently Asked Questions about Giving Kindle eBooks
    • Do I have to own a Kindle to give or receive a Kindle ebook as a gift? No. Kindle ebooks can be given and received by anyone with an e-mail address. Kindle ebooks can be read either on Kindle or on your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, or Android Phone using one our our free reading apps.

    • What if the recipient doesn’t like or want their gift? Kindle ebooks received as gifts can be exchanged for gift cards.

    • Are all Kindle ebooks eligible to be given as gifts? All ebooks available for purchase in the Kindle Store can be given as gifts.

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