Thoughts on disappearing offers, 4 free kindle books

First, for your Kindle, the 4 free books –

  1. A Horse to Love by Marsha Hubler. Price: $0. Genre: Horses, Childrens’ Books.

    Thirteen-year-old foster kid Skye Nicholson has become an expert at being an angry, cold, and defensive teenager. After breaking more foster home placements than she cares to count, and committing numerous offenses, she’s headed to her final resort — juvenile detention.

    But after a court compromise, hope finds her through a beautiful sorrel quarter horse named Champ and the tough love of Tom and Eileen Chamber, who offer her another chance at their home at Keystone Stables. There she’s introduced to a God who has the power to truly save her, no matter how much she thinks she’s not worth saving.

  2. Silent Screams by C. E. Lawrence. Price: $0. Genre: Crime, Serial Killers. Rated 4 stars on 16 reviews. 

    A Deranged Killer’s Twisted Urges
    In the streets of New York City, the Slasher chooses his victim–and makes his move. As he wraps his fingers around the girl’s pretty throat, his power increases. As he carves into her skin, his words become flesh. As he arranges her lifeless body in a loving tableau, his fantasies demand new, more violent sacrifices. . .

    A Profiler’s Cunning Plan
    At first, NYPD detectives suspect a jealous boyfriend. But criminal profiler Lee Campbell senses something darker, even ritualistic, about the murder.

  3. 25 Days, 26 Ways to Make This Your Best Christmas Ever by Ace Collins. Price: $0. Genre: Christmas, Self-Help, Christian. Rated 4 stars on 12 reviews.

    Christmas should be the most anticipated day of the year. But many people dread the shopping, financial strain, and extra activities they have to sandwich between the layers of their already too-busy lives.Bestselling author Ace Collins is the perfect guide to help them navigate the stress of the holidays. As he shares twenty-six easy ways to revamp Christmas expectations, readers will relax, refuel, and readjust their attitude toward the season. Each upbeat chapter contains easy to apply ideas for taking a fresh look at a holiday tradition or task and making it positive and meaningful.

  4. Huckleberry Finished by Livia J. Washington. Price: $0. Genre: Mystery, Woman Sleuths, Genre Fiction. Rated 4 stars on 8 reviews.

    Set aboard a Mark Twain–themed cruise on the not-so-peaceful Mississippi, Washburn’s snappy second mystery to feature literary travel agent Delilah Dickinson (after 2008’s Frankly My Dear, I’m Dead) shows how much mischief a tour group can get into while confined to a moving paddle wheeler.

    When one of Delilah’s charges, Ben Webster, causes a scene in the casino, the captain calls Delilah on the carpet. Ben later vanishes only to reappear as a corpse. Meanwhile, a charming onboard Mark Twain impersonator, Mark Lansing, takes a shine to Delilah, but turns out to have more than one identity to hide.

There were 12 books for this post and 8 disappeared somewhere between 11:30 and 12:30. So only 4 are included.

The Case of the Disappearing Free Kindle Books

At 10:45 am EST there were 26 free kindle books. Went through and listed 14 and then realized that the offers might go away so sent out the post with 14 free books by 11:30 am or so. At that time one of the books had gone missing. The rest were still there.

Began writing the post with the other 12 free books and comments started coming in that some of the books were missing.

It seems that there was some limit for the preorders or a mistake. Perhaps there was a limit at 1,000 free books or 10,000 free books. Perhaps it was a mistake. Perhaps it was a way to increase sales rank for these preorders. Whatever the cause, the book offers started getting pulled and by 12:30 pm we were down from 26 free offers to 8.

  1. On Monday and Tuesday it’s a good idea to check the blog (or if you have an email subscription – your email) as early as you can. If there’s a free book post it’s best to get all the books instantly.
  2. If there isn’t a post by 9 am EST it’s a good idea to head over to Amazon and search for ‘-public -breakthrough’ and then arrange books by Price: Low to High. Then the new free books will be listed amongst all the others. Alternatively, you can go to the official kindle forum and someone will usually have listed what free books are available.
  3. On Mondays and Tuesdays this would really help. On other days there usually aren’t a bunch of offers in the morning.

The blog and the official kindle forum are the best options. Have a search tool at one of my other sites but the forum works better and this blog gets updated almost as quickly as the forum.

This is the first time that the free book offers disappeared so quickly – Usually they’re around for at least a half a day. Didn’t get all 26 books myself (missed at least 10, perhaps more) – Just so you realize that the offers don’t usually disappear like this. From now on, will send out free book posts instantly and then add genre information and snippets later. That cost 30 minutes and ended up causing problems this time.

18 thoughts on “Thoughts on disappearing offers, 4 free kindle books”

  1. Thanks for the tips!

    I don’t think this is a good idea for Amazon, it creates ill will. I’d rather not have free books offered at all than to have them disappear so quickly. It’s very frustrating.

    Also, there’s no way I’ll be buying any of these, a lot of them have very high prices, I’ll stick with indie authors. So if Amazon was thinking that people will buy them when they discover they aren’t free, they are wrong.

    1. think it might have been a mistake or publishers trying to game the system.

      If they get something like 10,000 preorders they show up in the Top 10. Since free downloads are counted as sales it’s a loophole.

  2. thanks for the tips, and for working so hard to get these posted quickly. not your fault if amazon yanks them though!! I tend to buy the ‘publishers gaming the system’ theory, esp. on the preorders.

  3. Do your comments and announcements about Kindles and free ebooks refer only to the US market? Whenever I click on a free book it is always priced.

    1. I just wondering….
      why do people ask again and again about whether the free book offers are for USA customers only?

      The answer is “yes”! only for USA customers.

      So, for example, if you are in a foreign country, such as Italy (or where ever) – look within Italy, for an Italian blogger, who tracks free books for Italy.

      Every foreign country has different legal arrangements for publishing and payment of fees to authors, not to mention collecting any sales taxes. Someone selling a book in Italy would have to be set up to appropriately charge any taxes on the sale, too.

      The USA books sold by are set up to follow USA publisher’s legal contracts and be able to pay any appropriate USA sales taxes, too.

    1. It’s a search that excludes public domain books by using ‘-public’ and excludes Amazon Breakthrough awards books by including ‘-breakthrough’.
      After that when you order/sort it by Price Low to High you get the lowest priced books in the kindle store that are not public domain and not Amazon Breakthrough books.
      Net result = Current free book offers.

  4. That’s got to be a record for quick disappearances of free books. I have to agree that having books free for an hour or two only generates ill will instead of positive interest in those books. Nearly all of the books that were free for a few moments this morning have gone up to $12.99 or $14.99 or so.

    Thanks for giving us all the tips for finding the freebies and for giving us all those links!!!

  5. Thanks for the work. “Free” is free, and I’m happy when someone wants to offer me a good deal, even if it’s only for a limited time.

  6. Interesting comments on the Silent Scream page about fake reviews. I definitely didn’t download it — even for free — after reading them.

    Thanks for posting all these freebies, though… make our Kindles much more enjoyable!

  7. we thank you for all your great kindle info. I was lucky and got the free kindle books. We all know these are sometimes done this way to boost the numbers. But in the great scheme of things Qmazon gives us a lot of free books.


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