Oprah Kindle – Oprah #65 on Kindle for $7.99, Oprah Kindle Redux

The Kindle price for Oprah’s 65th Book Club selection is $7.99 – You can preorder it already at the Kindle Page. The paperback is $13.60 (ISBN: 9780142196588).

That’s the biggest sign yet that another Oprah Kindle endorsement might be on the way to help the Kindle and Amazon.

The Kindle 3 was looking all set for the holiday season but now there’s analyst speculation that 1 million Nook Colors might sell by end 2010 and iPad vs Kindle comparisons are being brought up. Basically, it’s a repeat of the climate in 2008 when multi-purpose devices were being flogged by the Press as the better choice for reading.

Perhaps the only person who can fight off a ravenous Press is Oprah and it’s looking increasingly likely that Oprah will again endorse the Kindle.

Update: At the official kindle forum a user is saying she saw a preview of the show with Oprah waving around a graphite Kindle – 50% it’s her telling people what they’re getting for free, 50% it’s Oprah bestowing Kindle with love and her recommendation.

Sign 2: December 6th Oprah Show audience got Kindles

We’ve covered how audience members got Kindles from Oprah during the taping of the December 6th Oprah Show.

Why would Oprah give Kindles right before the Holiday Season? Would she give Kindles without endorsing them as the best eReader?

Just the fact that she’s handing out Kindles is a big, big publicity coup for Amazon. All Oprah has to do is add on ‘The new Kindle is my favorite device for reading. Now it’s just $139’ and Kindles will sell out.

Sign 3: Oprah’s endorsed the Kindle before

Oprah endorsed the Kindle 1 in 2008 when it was over $300 and just beginning to catch on. At the time there was talk of her being good friends with Mr. Bezos and being genuinely excited about the Kindle.

It should be just as true today – If anything, a $139 Kindle WiFi and 9% market penetration for ebooks are far more exciting than a $300+ Kindle 1 and 2.5% market penetration.

It’s commitment and consistency too – If Oprah’s already endorsed the Kindle at $350 it’s very easy for her to feel it’s an even better recommendation at $139 with the new eInk Pearl screen and features like text to speech.

Sign 4: Recommending Kindle fits in perfectly with Oprah’s 65th Book Club selection

Rumors are that Oprah’s 65th Book Club selection will be revealed on the December 6th Oprah Show. It’s published by Penguin. The show will feature Jonathan Franzen and this would be the perfect time to bring up an Oprah Kindle recommendation.

  1. Here’s the 65th Book Club selection – and the new Kindle is the perfect device to read it on.
  2. This is Jonathan Franzen and he’s sold over 350,000 ebook copies of Freedom – most of them to Kindle owners.
  3. Kindle WiFi is just $139 – the perfect gift for yourself or for the book lover in your life.

You know what makes for an interesting conspiracy theory – that the $89 Black Friday Kindle 2 deal was a test to see demand for a $100 Kindle WiFi. Perhaps that would be part of the Oprah endorsement too.

Let’s take another quick look at our Sign #1.

Why would Oprah #65 be $7.99 on Kindle and Oprah also be giving away Kindles?

We’re seeing a lot of coincidences here –

  1. Oprah’s going to announce her 65th pick and also give away Kindles on the same day. 
  2. The paperback price for her 65th pick is $13.60 while the Kindle edition price is just $7.99. It’s a book published by Penguin (an Agency Model Publisher) – There has to be something up for the Kindle edition to be $5 cheaper than the paperback.
  3. Oprah’s endorsed the Kindle before.
  4. An author who has sold 350,000 eBook editions of his recent release just happens to be on the show.
  5. It happens to be the best possible time for the Kindle to get Oprah’s blessing.

The Kindle is quite likely to get a huge endorsement from Oprah on December 6th and Oprah’s Kindle recommendation will probably help sell a million Kindles or more by end 2010.

4 thoughts on “Oprah Kindle – Oprah #65 on Kindle for $7.99, Oprah Kindle Redux”

  1. Oprah will sell a lot of Kindles as she did previously but she will also sell a lot of iPads.

    On her 2 part “Favorite Things” show, she declared the iPad her favorite gadget of all time and specifically mentioned her magazine being available on the iPad and that she used it for reading newspapers and for writing (I don’t recall her mentioning books). She gushed about Apple.

    She gushed about the Kindle the first time around, hopefully she still feels the love.

  2. If the book is Franzen’s Freedom, better look at the reviews. There are a handful more of 1 ratings than there are 5 ratings and the same hold true of 1 and 2 ratings vs 4 and 5 ratings. Mixed at best.
    I found it tedious, with caricature characters. I heard Franzen discuss Freedom and read from it. I was taken in by his reading, which was excerpts, and, therefore, much less tedious than the full book.

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