Various Styles of Kindle Cases, Recommendations

As the Kindle continues to sell well a ridiculous amount of Kindle cases have materialized – It seems everyone from people at Etsy to established Case manufacturers are vying to cover up your Kindle’s nakedness and protect it from prying eyes and sharp edges.

Let’s take a quick look at the various styles available. This isn’t a post about which case is best/sturdiest/most reliable – It only looks at the different styles of cases available.

Existing Kindle Case Styles

The Kindle Store offers the following –

  1. The standard boring case from Amazon. It looks good and it’s leather but even if you love it you have to admit it’s more Clark Kent than Superman. There’s also the little matter of there not being a groove at the back for the strange string protector thing.
  2. A Kindle sleeve from Belkin that people love. It’s interesting – not sure what the aim of the big block in the middle is but it’s alright. These are the most popular option after the default Kindle cover.
  3. M-Edge executive jacket. It’s pretty unremarkable – It’s good and it looks alright and it’s well reviewed. It does do a good job of holding the Kindle very securely.
  4. A Neoprene Kindle Sleeve from Belkin – One of the winners. A few very pretty patterns and the design is interesting too – They make the case curve in a bit at the middle to improve its grip on the Kindle.
  5. M-Edge Go Kindle Jacket – This makes the standard Kindle case seem exciting.
  6. Belkin Pleated Kindle Sleeve – Quite a unique design.
  7. M-Edge Trip Kindle Jacket – Finally something from M-Edge that looks interesting. There are a variety of colors and the Navy and Navy Blue versions are perhaps the best.
  8. M-Edge Latitude Kindle Jacket – M-Edge is on a roll as it manages another cover (sorry, Jacket) that doesn’t put you to sleep. There’s a little bit of roughness to it which actually looks quite good.
  9. Belkin Knit Kindle Sleeve – Belkin keeps coming up with these interesting designs. This has a strip along the top like knitted gloves and mitts sometimes do – It looks quite appealing.
  10. Marware Eco-Flip – One of the winners. While everyone is going horizontal MarWare goes Vertical – It lets you flip up your Kindle Case to open it. It also has some great twists – You can run your hand through a strip/slot at the back to get an iron grip and the Kindle itself is held in a straitjacket-like grip. The fact that it’s only available in black is disconcerting.
  11. MarWare SportGrip Fitted Case – Not a fan of this. It is, however, quite a different design and the most compact. Available in a range of colors – some of which go surprisingly well with the Graphite Kindle.
  12. Timbuk2 Quilted Kindle Envelope Sleeve – Don’t really have anything to say about this. It’s the 39th most popular case and it still has 69 reviews. How many Kindles is Amazon selling?
  13. MarWare Eco-Vue – This is a case that opens horizontally. Not interesting at all.
  14. Kate Spade Canvas Kindle Cover – This one is really good and really expensive. $85 for a case – why not go all-out and make it $139? The Jubilee Stripe Print version has red and pink stripes and looks great and is probably something a man should definitely not carry. The Hello case has Hello on the Front – thankfully it doesn’t have Kitty on the Back. If the price weren’t $85 the Jubilee Print version would be one of the winners – Perhaps it still is.
  15. Built Reversible Neoprene Kindle Sleeve – Very intriguing. It’s a good concept – they mess up the execution and don’t have a version which has interesting patterns or pretty colors on both sides of the reversible sleeve.
  16. Diane von Furstenberg Canvas Clutch – No, DvF couldn’t bear to call it a case. Darling, If I’m going to put my name on it – it better be a clutch. The Price is $85 and there are 4 designs – 1 is spectacular, 1 is good, and the remainging two are better suited for carry-on luggage.
  17. M-Edge Convertible Kindle Sleeve – A useful sleeve/case hybrid where you can either keep your Kindle inside the sleeve or mount it on the outside of it.
  18. Kate Spade Great Gatsby Canvas Cover – This one is very well done. One of the winners if you’re a woman. There’s also a Great Expectations version and an Importance of Being Earnest version – However, both fail to meet the expectations set by Mr. Gatsby. This is a ‘designer’ case so it too has to be $85.
  19. Am leaving out a few MEdge cases because they’re beginning to look like failed sheep cloning experiments. Must they build all their cases off of the same few, boring design elements?
  20. Cole Haan Hand-Stained Pebble Grain Cover. This is quite a beautiful case – despite the try-hard name. Wish they wouldn’t put a Cole Haan on the outside of the case and let the quality speak for itself. Not one of the winners because a few of the other Cole Haans are exquisite.
  21. M-Edge Leisure Kindle Jacket – Protects your Kindle from sand and moisture but not from dashes or boring designs.
  22. A few of the Cole Haan cases. They’re all $100 to $130 and most of them are beautiful. We’ll discuss the two winners later. There isn’t really anything especially remarkable about the design but there doesn’t need to be – they are just every elegant and well done.
  23. Kate Spade Patent Leather Kindle Cover in Fire Engine Red. This is just beautiful. Also available in snapdragon pink, and black. By the time the ‘naming expert’ got to black she was out of ideas. Martian Black … No… Moonlit Black … No no … let’s just go with black.
  24. Cole Haan cases in Floral Print – These are beautiful. Definitely amongst the winners. You get your choice of brown or green – both are to die for. Nothing for the men though – unless you’re into gardening.
  25. M-Edge Touring Sleeve – Interesting and looks quite good in Orange.

M-Edge has really taken a toll on my not-so-delicate sensibilities. It has a gift for throwing together colors that never should be allowed near each other. For every good looking M-Edge case there’s another that looks scary.

My 7 Favorite Kindle Case Styles

While you can find all 25 Kindle cases discussed above at Amazon’s Kindle Store these are the 7 styles that get my strong approval –

  1. Cole Haan Floral Print Cases – If you can afford to spend $99 these are definitely the ones to look at first. 
  2. Kate Spade Jubilee Stripe Case. If it weren’t $85 it’d be perfect. 
  3. Neoprene Kindle Sleeve from Belkin. Both the Vine and Shadow Flower designs look great. Easily the best value for money.
  4. Kate Spade Patent Leather Cover. Way too expensive at $125 but how can you argue when it looks that good.
  5. Kate Spade Great Gatsby. Another ‘wish it were less than $85’ beauty. 
  6. Belkin Knit Kindle Sleeve – It just has such a comfortable look to it. It’s also great value for money.
  7. Marware Eco-Flip Case – It Flips open vertically and has the iron-hand grip. It does need more color options and perhaps a bit of polish.

Honorary Mention – Every Cole Haan case not on the above list, Belkin cases, Kate Spade cases.

A few of the best Kindle Cases aren’t available in the Kindle Store

In addition to the 7 recommendations above here are some beautiful Kindle cases –

  1. Oberon Kindle Covers. Have no idea why these aren’t in the Kindle Store. They’re amazing – you’ll want to buy 2 or 3 of them.
  2. Etsy – Just search for ‘Kindle Case’ and lots of beautiful hand-made covers will come up.
  3. Octovo has some good-looking Kindle covers.
  4. StrangeDog – The most beautiful and hard to get Kindle cases. Check out the 9 Kindle 2 cases listed on the Strange Dog site to see what I mean. Note: All covers were sold out as of December 3rd. StrangeDog cases would be #1 if they weren’t out of stock.

Those are the Kindle cases that come to mind. Oberon, StrangeDog, and some of the Etsy cases are as good as the best cases available in the Kindle Store.

23 thoughts on “Various Styles of Kindle Cases, Recommendations”

  1. “There’s also the little matter of there not being a groove at the back for the strange string protector thing.”

    But if there were one it would be directly behind the current groove, and thereby cut the cover in half. The only way a groove on the reverse side would work would be if Amazon used a sophisticated offset hinge in the spine, so that the second groove could be 1/8 inch offset (or more) from the first. It may not be practical to create such a hinge.

    “Have no idea why these aren’t in the Kindle Store.”

    Amazon’s 25% commission on Kindle Store items? (You can look it up.)

  2. thumbs down on the $25 Trendy Digital brown leather zipper cover
    – elastics on 4 kindle corners pop off,
    – zipper blocks access to paging buttons on kindle right side,
    – front cover doesn’t fold behind back cover (spoiled maybe by my k1’s cover?). Uncomfortable to try and turn pages AND keep the k3 attached to the case!

  3. I have a Klear Kase that is suppose to be semi water proof. I also went to Staples and bought a Franjlin Covey Leather Journal and velcroed my Kindle inside it and then decorated it the way I wanted. So it is doubly protected. Oh and I have a skin on it

  4. The JavoEdge cases are great. Kindle is secure yet very easy to read and use all the buttons and access charger port.
    Blog is available at JavoEdgeBlog dot com.

    [Link removed – That photo is on the first page of the blog]
    I love mine!

  5. I love the Oberon Covers…..but I wouldn’t trade the Kindle cover with Built in Light!…It is perfect for reading in bed…..

  6. I bought a great case through British based inique/tuf-luv which is both durable and stylish (Apocalypse-Tree of Life design). They are also sold through Amazon, but sadly not connected to the Kindle store. Definitely worth checking out. Great reviews.

    [Link Removed] – Company is Inique

  7. Please Note:

    There are just too many comments linking to different Kindle Case companies.
    Am replacing the links with the name and dot com or just the name since can’t investigate each and every site to make sure it’s a legitimate site.

  8. Love the Oberon covers.
    Plan on getting one for my Kindle 3G/Wifi when it ships in 7-9 weeks.
    Lots of time to decide.
    Leaning towards Bold Celtic in black.

  9. You completely overlooked those that hold the Kindle upright for reading while seated at a table. The best design so far is from Acase, and several others are available, although so far, all of them hold the Kindle in portrait mode instead of landscape.
    Try the Electronics section at Amazon and search for Kindle case stand to see a much greater variety of cases than in the Kindle store section.

  10. I purchased from AmzonKindle a case for my Kindle 3. It took me two months, and two Kindles, to figure out that the case was shorting out my Kindles. When I clipped the Kindle into the case it would reboot the Kindle, and at times even while not being moved it would reboot the device. I sent back both of these Kindles thinking that they were defective. They sent me my third Kindle when I finally figured out that it wasn’t the Kindles that were defective but the case.

    I no longer clip my Kindle into the case, I just use in with the band to keep the device in place.

    Joseph E. Nowicki

  11. Based on this I checked out the covers and while they were sold out, I e-mailed them on the Contact Us form. Frank, I assume the one running everything, was great at letting me know when he was planning to make more covers, then when they were up on the site. He was even planning to hold one back in case they sold out before I got one.

    So, I just got the order placed today, 12/9. I can’t wait for them to show up.

  12. Shortly after receiving my Kindle, it was obvious I would need a case for protection and also to make it more comfortable to hold while reading. I found a few online (on Amazon, no less) by Crazy on Digital that were a fraction of what they cost in stores and on most websites. I did purchase their black leather case, which had excellent reviews, and was less than $20. One of the only negatives I found in the reviews (and only in a few) was that when you bent the front back around to the back to read, it seemed that the material layers were somewhat separating at the spine. They must have corrected that, because mine doesn’t do that. Another was that there’s a somewhat funky pocket on the inside front cover, and the material is thick enough that some reviewers were concerned it might scratch the screen itself.

    While I was on the site, I also found a stone-colored case that appeared to be so new there were no reviews yet. But based on the design, it seemed to address the only issues that any of the reviewers had about the other case, and it was only $10. So far it’s turned out to be my favorite, partly because of the looks, and it turns out to also have a stand on the back that I didn’t notice on the site. Oh – and both cases came with screen protectors, but I haven’t used them for two reasons. First, the reviews reported almost unanimously that the screen protectors weren’t as glare-free as the Kindle screen itself. Second, but probably first in importance, was that with a case, I didn’t feel it would need a screen protector, since the screen is covered except for when i’m actively using the device. This case has a couple slots in the inside cover, but the material doesn’t seem as thick as the black one, so I don’t think it will press on the screen at all.

    I also purchased a couple skins, also by the same company, not knowing if I’d be able to fit the device into the case with the skin, but I wanted to check them out, and one was only $0.01! Turns out the cases fit so well they won’t fit with either of the skins on, but I think the skins will still be useful for times when I may be reading for a long time and may not want to have the case on for whatever reason.

    Bottom line is I’m very pleased with both cases, and also both skins, although I haven’t had occasion to use either of the skins for an extended period of time yet. One was less than $10 (including shipping), and the other was just a penny ($0.01 – yes, only a penny!) plus $2.97 shipping. How wrong can you go for a penny?

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