Kindle for Kids thoughts, bestselling kindle children's books – 88 cents

On your Kindle, for your kids and grandkids, loads of deals –

  1. 4 Curious George books are available for 88 cents each. The link goes to the author page – You can click ‘Kindle Books’ and 3 of the books on the first page are 88 cents. They are all very well rated. Written by Hans Augusto Rey.
  2. 9 Berenstain Bears books are on offer for just 88 cents each. Most are rated 4.5 stars or 5 stars. The link goes to the Author Page – Please click on ‘Kindle books’ to see the Kindle editions. 7 of those on the first page and 2 of those on the second page are just 88 cents. They’re written by husband-wife pair Stan and Jan Berenstain. 260 million copies have been sold so far.
  3. 5 books in the A to Z Mysteries Series are on offer for 88 cents. Most are rated 5 stars. The link goes to the Author’s Page and again you’ll have to click on ‘Kindle Books’. The first two pages have 4 88 cent books and you might find a few more by searching for ‘A to Z mysteries’ in the Kindle Store.
  4. 8 Magic Tree House books for 88 cents each. It’s the same trick again – The link takes you to the author’s page and you click Kindle books and you get 8 very well rated books for 88 cents each. Written by Mary Pope Osborne.

It’s impressive that for $23 you can get 28 really good children’s books. Anyone who thinks physical books are going to have 75% of the market in 2015 has his eyes wide shut.

Thanks to Petrona at the official kindle forum for the update.

Kindle for Kids thoughts

  1. Breakability is probably still the #1 concern. Both the Kindle screen and the Kindle innards are still too fragile. As Kindles get thinner and compacter it’s even more of a concern.
  2. Lack of Parental controls is probably the #2 concern. Your kid might find something totally inappropriate like one of those werewolf ultra-romance novels. Not only would you have to explain the facts of life you’d have her/him having nightmares about mediterranean princes who turn into werewolves hiding under the bed.
  3. The inability to password protect book purchases is the third big concern.
  4. There are a few games in the iPhone App Store that try to link rewards to good behavior – Life as a RPG. It’d be good to get an app that keeps track of kids’ reading and rewards them with something – perhaps new games to play, perhaps gold stars.
  5. There’s obviously a huge opportunity for apps that teach reading and help improve kids’ vocabulary.
  6. Price-wise we’re getting close enough – $139 is almost low enough for a Kindle for Kids.
  7. The Internet is a concern – It’d almost be a good idea to have an option to turn WiFi and/or the browser off.
  8. Simplified Menus and options. Actually, the Kindle is already close.
  9. Better text to speech quality and more options in terms of speed of speaking. Perhaps even a pronunciation guide.

Can’t decide whether having a Kindle as a kid would be the coolest thing ever or it’d be better to have a library and lots of bookshelves. Perhaps kids should have both – Books lining up the shelves of their rooms and Kindles they can take to school.

Nook Color is actually making a very strong push in children’s books. Ran into yet another review that starts with ‘wasn’t expecting much’ and ends with ‘it’s good and it’s half the price of an iPad’. Both Steve Jobs and Mr. Bezos need to start getting their answer to the Nook Color in place.

6 thoughts on “Kindle for Kids thoughts, bestselling kindle children's books – 88 cents”

  1. I have to agree that children’s books is a huge area of potential. I very, very rarely buy a book for myself — instead opting for free books — but I thought nothing of forking out a few bucks just now to get some 88-cent books to read to my 5-year-old.

    True, a picture book on the Kindle isn’t the most exciting thing ever, but I guarantee my son will be more than happy to have picture or chapter books read to him from the Kindle. This will be especially nice when we are away from home and don’t have much in the way of entertainment on hand.

  2. My kids love all these series. Highly recommend A-Z Mysteries and The Magic Tree House for kids in first grade or older.

  3. My daughter loves physical books. Part of me thinks it would be great to have a Kids Kindle (something in colour as younger kids especially love colour pics, something very durable and fun) but then how would you replicate something like a pop-up book?

    A touchscreen kindle would be useful so kids could tap on a single word and have it read back to them. This could help with learning to read. My daughter is at this stage and gets me to repeat words over and over which can get a little tedious at times but useful for her! A kindle that could do stuff like that would be awesome but I think it really needs to be very well thought out to appeal to children of all ages.

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