Comparing Kindle, Nook interest on Twitter, Kindle lists

What goes well with your Kindle?

Kindle Lists.

One of the hidden gems of the ‘Kindle Community’ at Amazon is the Kindle Lists & Guides section. If you go to the official kindle forum, there’s a tab/link near the top that says ‘Lists & Guides’. It’s between Discussions (which is the forum itself) and Images.

There are a variety of lists there (submitted by Kindle owners) –

  1. Two 10-book lists, and a 40-book list, of books that are lendable.
  2. A list of backlist titles from famous authors. 
  3. Lists in various genres. 
  4. Lists of great $1 kindle books.
  5. Lists of children’s books. Some of them are even age-specific.

This was in just the first 5 pages – There are 152 pages in all. There must definitely be some real gems to be found.

Kindle, Nook, Nook Color interest comparison on Twitter

There’s a survey trying to use number of tweets about iPad, Kindle, and Nook on Twitter to draw various conclusions about how eReaders are doing.

It is perhaps the most inaccurate survey we’ve ever looked at –

  1. First, the very idea of using number of Tweets per day to determine anything is a stretch. As opposed to search engines which clearly indicate when there is intent to buy, Twitter only indicates that people are talking about a device – not that they’re buying it.
  2. Secondly, by measuring for a 28 day period they limit it to a small window of 2010. It tells us nothing about what might have happened in the rest of the year.
  3. Thirdly, the graph clearly indicates a 3 : 1 : 0.8 ratio between Kindle, Nook, and Nook Color. However, the survey claims another ratio – 2 Kindle Tweets for every 1 tweet mentioning Nook or Nook Color.
  4. Fourthly, there’s no mention of whether filtering was applied – Were people talking about reading apps or the eReaders? Did they account for misspellings like ‘kindel’ and ‘nookcolor’? Did they weed out tweets about Sergio Kindle and other terms unrelated to eReaders?
  5. Fifthly, and this is perhaps the strangest part of the survey, their figure for ‘conversation volume’ for iPad as an eReader is ridiculously low. They came to the conclusion that daily tweets about using iPad for reading were just 120, while they were 1,000 for Kindle, and 500 for Nook and Nook Color combined. That’s really hard to believe. Were they mistakenly counting Kindle for iPad conversations as Kindle conversations?

You can find the details and a graph at Fast Company’s article on Kindle, Nook, and iPad tweets.

There were two findings in the survey that seemed to make sense – Nook Color is doing very well, library books are a big reason people choose Nook over Kindle.

Amazon keeps pushing Kindle reading apps forward

Lots to report –

  1. Kindle for iPhone got an update. The update includes the ability to side-load books into the Kindle app, the ability to download books while the app is in the background, and improvements like better image zooming.
  2. Support for side-loading means all the public domain books available online are now readable in the Kindle for iPhone app.
  3. Kindle for Mac arrived in the new Mac App Store. Apple hasn’t yet released iBooks for its Mac App Store, but Amazon’s Kindle for Mac app is available. It’s apparently doing very well – It was at #5 yesterday in the free apps list.

Amazon continues to put a ton of effort into Kindle reading apps. It makes you wonder what the ratio of Kindle Sales to Kindle Reading App installs is.

3 thoughts on “Comparing Kindle, Nook interest on Twitter, Kindle lists”

  1. “This was in just the first 5 pages – There are 152 pages in all. There must definitely be some real gems to be found.”

    Thinks for mentioning this. Unfortunately, readers of those lists rarely rate them, so it isn’t possible to sift out the low-rated beforehand. However, using tags it is possible to narrow things down a good bit.

    1. Can you get to the official kindle forum? There is a link called ‘Discussions’ on the top right of EVERY Kindle Store page.

      On the official kindle forum page, there are a bunch of links at the top – including Discussions, Images, Guides & Lists. Click on Guides & Lists.

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